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    Wins awards for best natural botan (ANIME) look-alike. (no wigs, etc.)
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    Naturally looking JUST LIKE Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho (Hair color, and everything and its natural...)
  1. AngeloftheRain

    Art Rate the Sig Above You

    KeyBlade wielder, I like the light colored background on your pic. It makes the foreground pics stand out. The avvy is good but the fact it is stretched so makes it look kinda warped.....but I give you kudos on it not being pixelated.... P.S.- you said you liked the words on mine? Thanks! those words are from some of my poetry....
  2. AngeloftheRain

    Anime hey, any yaoi fans in the house?

    [QUOTE=Sandy][B]Bloodseeker[/B], when you say something as provocative as you did in this forum, you really need to explain why you think so. Otherwise you'll just look like a ignorant newbie, which you aren't really. (Just a friendly advice.) I'm gay (well, duh!), but I don't consider myself a yaoi-fan. Why? Two male manga-characters getting down on each other is [I]hawt[/I], but I really don't like the style of mating a gorgeous, tall-as-a-house popular guy with a short, awkward, big-eyed boy who looks like a girl without boobs. :/ That's just isn't [I]gay[/I], if you get my drift! In my opinion many girls love yaoi (over say gay porn), because the main character is almost always as girlish as them. And the yaoi-girliness is very far from the pretentious, overdone, "pink positive" behaviour that some Western gay guys favor. My point is, to me yaoi-manga looks very similar to "straight" manga, because the main character could very well be a girl personality- and behaviour-wise - just draw a few more curves at him and voilá! :P Take Gravitation for an example: in a purely visual and aesthetic p-o-w, I'd be more than happy to see the tall, handsome guys hitting it off with each other, if they'd erase that main character with his huge eyes and dressing-up fetish. Now, of course the main character is crucial to the plot of the manga, and makes it what it is, but does he [I]really[/I] need to be a girl with a wang? 8/[/QUOTE] Try FAKE.......none of the guys look like girls....ever....there may be some flower petals-floating-past-head action there but no girl look alikes...(excepting J.J who is a little boy and is given that exception..... :animeswea ) Anyway, I digress... check it out.... you'll like it.....I guarantee.... Part romance/ part drama/ part comedy set in New York P.D.
  3. AngeloftheRain

    Art Rate the Sig Above You

    Indifference, I like the contrast between the Avi and the banner ,using the same pic sort of unifes it but having different background colors breaks it up too much for that to count.... The sparkles don't really draw your eye to any specific part of the pic though they make it interesting ....I give you a 6/10..... :animeswea sorry....not trying to be mean just my opinion ....shoot me.....
  4. AngeloftheRain

    Rant Board

    This is for anything and everything you want to blow steam about.....for any angry people here you go...... a license to rant! ( not kill....rant.... :animeswea ) I hate the old version of Flash! HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!! DIE FLASH 2003!!! DIE!!! :mad: :animesigh I feel better all ready.... our teacher makes us use this ...its so outdated its not even funny and crashes every other minute......
  5. AngeloftheRain

    Request Blue Haired Angel banner/avatar

    Thankies! I'll save the URL and interchange them every so often!
  6. AngeloftheRain

    Request Blue Haired Angel banner/avatar

    Ah.....sooooo pretty..... :animesmil um.....how do I set it as my avvy/banner? :animeblus this is my first time doing this :animeswea
  7. AngeloftheRain

    Request Blue Haired Angel banner/avatar

    no... no specific set....I'm not picky..... (this is of course if you can find something like this :animeswea , also not a demand :animeblus ) I would like the angel to have blue hair and pink eyes....if you can..if you can't that's okay... :animeswea
  8. AngeloftheRain

    Request Blue Haired Angel banner/avatar

    :animeblus IF someone could be so kind as to do a avi/sig set of A Blue Haired Angel with the words "....take me to a place where dreams are real...." If you could help me please I would be indebted to you forever. PLEASE HELP ME!! PLEASE WITH CHERRIES ON TOP!!! :animecry:
  9. AngeloftheRain

    Art Rate the Sig Above You

    liquidous......is that you in the banner and avi? (If so....You're HOT!) :catgirl: anyway... :animeswea I like the black and white because it defines the tiny details well.... I also like the contrasting angles that appear to be a pair yet separate all at the same time. I give you a 10/10! :animesmil
  10. AngeloftheRain

    Anyone like Teen Titans?^.^

    My favorite character is Raven because when I am in the deep thinking, drawing, or poetry writing moods my friends say I act like her, ( But I totally agree that the plot is lacking, and there are so many loose ends left behind even after that specific conflict is "over"....) :animesigh They shouldn't cancel it though....they should cancel something like Bobo-bo-bobo-bo or whatever that cartoon is :animeangr ....(it supposed to be so stupid it's funny, but its not....its just stupid...)
  11. :animeswea Everyone tells me I look like Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho (my hair is blue and we have the same Mannnerisms I suppose...) It's Weird though.....I walked into an anime con a couple of months ago and somehow ended up getting nominated as "Best Natural Anime Look-alike" as Botan in the Female category...... :animestun I hadn't even signed up for this competition and wasn't wearing an outfit or anything.....How weird is that? :animeswea