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    I an out of the ordinary boy, I like music, DDR, movies, like to help other & making people happy hehe
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  1. [COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]LOLOMGWTF! I have waited for this *as of everyone else* for awhile dude I see enough pics for this to show how much it rocks yes it will be from the first season of Naruto but it's satisfying enough the Gamecube was ok Dragonball Z Budakai did'nt do pretty hot either but Clash of Ninja was more better looking & fluid now, Ultimate Ninja will it be on a rampage & [I]maybe[/I]*again*[I]maybe[/I] beat the Dragonball Z game frachise?...well we will see for ourselves won't we now?[/SIZE][/COLOR] :animesmil
  2. [COLOR=DarkRed]Im Most like Tenchi from the TenchiMuyo series the only diffrence that we have isthat I don't have a small pony tail T_T but it's ok my personality thought is a mix of Sasuke from Naruto & Alphonse Elirc of Fullmetal Alchemist[/COLOR]
  3. [SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Times New Roman][B]Sonic X It sooo ruined no annilated Sonic for me I had high hopes for it but no it sucks badly they don't evan have the original voices of Knuckles, Vector, & I think Shadow I was sooo dissapointed[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  4. [B][COLOR=Navy]As Bleach still remains in Japan but slowly comes to America a game has been already made for the popular Shinigami series this game is called Bleach heat of soul on the PsP, it is a fighting game with all the works so far already showing some images of the game & it looks very impressive 3d cell shaded graphics & it looks sooo good I see no mistakes so far in this game can Bleach be the 2nd most popular game in america cutting in front front of Naruto & catching up to the Dragonball series? let's hear your oppion on this[/COLOR][/B]
  5. [COLOR=Navy]*looks at post below* In other word the adventure is almost over there is definatly gonna be a Kingdom Hearts III for sure that's kewl :animesmil,but I hope it does'nt take a long time like the 2nd game that would suck[/COLOR]
  6. [QUOTE]Originally posted by [B]Tatsubei Yagyu[/B] [I] I'm hoping. Hoping with all of my soul that they can honor Samurai Champloo for a decent game. Please. Just please let this game be good[/I]...[/QUOTE] [COLOR=Navy]Hay dude I know what your saying I like Samurai's to but Bandai really blow at making games the only good ones that came out & that are comming out, were Drangonball Z Budakai 3, the .Hack games, & that's all, the new once that are good are the 3 new Naruto games coming out, & .Hack//G.U. so don't get your hopes up for Samurai Champloo ok?[/COLOR]
  7. Yo were can you find Sephoriath & fight Im dying to beat him again lol I beat him in the the first game but now I wanna beat him in the second game can someone tell me?
  8. I wasn't able to get it I hate myself but Im gonna get it tomarrow but I've seen the intro & it is superb Utada Hikaru is still my favorite japanese pop singer Simple & Clean was a master piece to keep for anyone but Passion...OMG! I was like no way I love it no dissapointment really was anyone able to get the game?
  9. I love Naruto of course Manga, series, game & all but the one thing that kills me is two of the english characters ovilous Naruto he's annoying in a bad way not in a good way like the japanee voice & *sigh* Neji I didn't expect him to be bad he sounds weak no~!, but for favorite character is sooo has to be Hinata not to follow a crowd but she a independent ninja she becomes more stronger after the chuunin exames evan after she[spoiler] lost to Neji [/spoiler]when her Naruto, Kiba, Shino was finding a bug called the Buikocuu she unleashed the best move I seen total range of attack she creates h
  10. [B]Well as we all know Love Hina is a romance anime "duh" but for those who don't know love Hina it's a anime staring 20 year old Kitaro Urishima who has no job & no future because he has failed two times to get into Tokyo U, he wantes to go there because of a promise a little girl made to him years ago, so later he's gets a job that's great but at a girls dormitory well that's all I'll say say what you want on it you like it?[/B]
  11. Hay ppl I dont mean to be negative but latly I seen it to be a girl's drama im not agenist it but it bothers me to see alot of "I love you" than "Im gonna kill you" soo uhh can someone enlighten me on this?
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