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  1. azn099

    Gaming Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

    [QUOTE=Bombu][color=darkred]Yes, there are predominantly good posts in this thread, but there are also those that don't quite match Otakuboard's standards, as in the ones which lack material, which only urges others to follow their lead. People posting about how awesome the game will be, or how they can't wait for it doesn't cut it. But, for some reason I deleted your last post regarding the characters in the game, which is a valid post, so I'll look into restoring it. Sorry about that. Oh, and I did intend to mention the off-topic Gungrave fiasco, just in a very in-direct manner. I never noticed it at the time, which is, granted, my omission, otherwise I would have said something, but seeing as nobody has mentioned it up to now, I figured it must have blown over. However, my post regarding post quality still stands, and I'd like for things to pick up in this thread. If you want to talk about this any further then you can send me a PM.[/color][/QUOTE] Oh ok. I'll just post longer more detailed posts then. I'm only 14 so I'm not exactly great in grammar but I'll do my best. On another note, Naruto Ultimate Ninja's release date is now June 26. Which really doesn't help me beacuse I don't have enough money anyways. Go to [URL]http://naruto.namcobandaigames.com/[/URL] if you want a more detailed and cooler explaination of the game.
  2. azn099

    Gaming Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

    What's wrong with the post quality? We're just talking about the elements of Naruto Ultimate Ninja? Like how many characters there are and how fast it can get old. Except for that time where the two people were talking Gungrave...
  3. azn099

    Gaming Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

    14 characters isn't really alot compared to 42 in Narutimate Hero 3 and over 100 characters are gonna be in DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2. Yeah if I have a friend play with me then it lasts a few weeks longer.
  4. azn099

    Gaming Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

    Naruto Ultimate Ninja is just a translation of Narutimate Hero in Japan. If you have ever played Narutimate Hero then it's almost the exact same thing except in english and with 2 new characters. I really want to get it too, but usually fighting games like this and DBZ Budokai get old really fast.
  5. azn099

    Gaming PlayStation 3

    I really don't care how much it costs because my dad promised that he would buy it for me. I think the controller is very comfortable. I like the curved shape of the PS3 more than the box shape of the 360. As long as they have the Dynasty Warriors series, I don't care what games they have.
  6. azn099

    Gaming Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

    The DUB series is only at around episode 40 and the chuunin exams end around 70 something. I'll take maybe 8 months or more for the 2nd one to come out. Considering they release one DUB episode per week... Yeah I'm looking forward to the english too.
  7. azn099

    Gaming Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

    Naruto Ultimate Ninja is finally coming to PS2 also known as Narutimate Hero in Japan. It has a rpg story mode and a 1v1 fighting mode. It has 14 playable characters from Naruto's first season. You can switch to different environment planes to fit your tactical needs. It's in english with the dubbed voices and the releases date is on June 20th. [B][U]Release Date June 20th[/U][/B] [URL=http://www.animegalleries.net/naruto.php]Naruto Ultimate Ninja Trailer[/URL]
  8. azn099

    Anime sub or dub?

    subs all the way :animesmil i h8 dubs when they cant say the names right and the voices dont match the character and the music is terrible and all the edits... they take out all the good parts sumtimes