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    i love ninjas and samurais
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    all round rocker
  1. im irish and very vampiric hehe easy one to pick really :catgirl:
  2. irish vampire

    pirates vs. ninja vs. samurai

    its a tough decision to make samurais and ninjas are both skilled in their styles but i reckon both would be left standing. if i had to choose ... ninjas
  3. irish vampire

    Art Ezekiel's Studio

    hehehe oh yeah ronnies or sumthin cool i think al got hers on sale dammit and check out my siggie thing i need to resize it and havent a clue how ^-^ doh
  4. irish vampire

    Request lil help plz

    well i like the size yours is could i possibly get it a lil bit bigger than that from sumone :animeswea
  5. irish vampire

    Art Ezekiel's Studio

    jamie as always your art is amazing i am ashmed to even attempt to draw manga how are you sweety and how much where your markers again sorry ^_^
  6. irish vampire

    What's your theme song?

    omg has to be whever i may roam by metallica :catgirl: :D whoooooo
  7. irish vampire

    Request lil help plz

    [img]http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/4749/multipurposechemical2228dy.png[/img] hey there im new here and i was wondering can someone resize this for my sigge plz i havent a cklue how to do it thank you
  8. irish vampire

    Song You Are Obsessed With

    im so obsessed with metallicas aint my bi*** at the mo its jus awesome you can really jus rock out to it btw im new hi there :alcohol: :catgirl: