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  1. [COLOR=Indigo][LEFT][SIZE=2][CENTER]Suppose something bizarre happened [I]*bizarre poof*[/I] Now your an anime character for the day! Who are you!? You can be either a bit of this person and a bit of that person or someone already![/CENTER][/SIZE][/LEFT][/COLOR]
  2. I'd have Sagara Souske! YAY! He'd help and stuff with his military skills =D Yay and then hopefully be saved by mithril and their Armslaves ^.~ WOOT WOOT :catgirl:
  3. :animeblus AWWWWWWWWWWWWW OMG thaaaaanx soooooo muccccchhh T_T OMG THANX THANX THANX THANX THANX times a million ^_____________________^
  4. Don't kill me!! Mine would have to be Yu gi oh because it's really lame that someone will go sooky because they lost a simple weak monster! The voices in it realy bother me too, they are plain. It sounds ordinary but just too ordinary that it's boring. Please don't kill me all you, Yu gi oh fans :animecry:
  5. Mine would have to be Azumanga Daioh, I couldn't stop laughing at the silly things going on and some of the very weird characters in the anime. I really got logged into watching it when they started playing volleyball and they were trying to play catch and Osaka and Chiyo kept trying to catch the ball and just got hit in their face instead! I really like comedies in anime that's for sure ! This is one of those!Chiyo the small cute one, Tomo the spastic one, Yomi the weight conscious, Sakaki the mysterious one and athletic, Kagura the atheletic and Osaka ( Kasuga Ayuma) the slow.... *correction* very slow !!! , the everyday people put together you get something silly! =) :animesmil Osaka was so funny and slow! She'd always make things interesting when it got a little bit boring!Like when she told the scary story! How Osaka was like Last night..... *everyone gulps* (Osaka): I smelt a fart that wasn't mine! That was hilarious!!
  6. I'd have to say anything already with a big head.. *imagine them trying to walk with such a big head* only joking! I'd like to say Chidori Kaname a cute little thing with a big personality it'd look so cute... Then again at the end of fumoffue there's already a chidbi her. Would that still count ?!
  7. [quote name='Meggido']Just watched Episode 75 - 76 and I must say that it appears the fillers may be coming close to a finish. AT least the Bountou section, not so sure about this thing with the introduction of Ichinose Maki and how far they are going to take that.[/quote] Is it coming to a finish ? I was told that it had been licensed and is no longer able to be downloaded or something. This really makes me curious about it all! :animeknow
  8. I'm curious how do you manage to put a wallpaper on myOtaku and things like the inner background will be transparent,I'm happy with everything else I've shoved on myOtaku but that. :animedepr
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