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  1. Narumei

    Manga Life...

    I just finsihed reading a new manga called life...it was one of the best i have ever read!!! It was about a teenage girl stuggling with teenage problems and so she starts cutting herself...trying to punish herself...thinking she did something wrong...cutting isn't good but this manga is AWESOME....please read it!! :D
  2. Narumei

    myOtaku avatars

    [quote name='Petie][font=Verdana][color=blue]If it's a picture you found online that you want to use, right click on the picture (CTRL + click on a Mac) and click Save Target As (or something to that effect, depending on the browser). Save it somewhere easy to get to, like your desktop. From there, go to your backroom and click on edit picture, as described above, click browse, navigate to your desktop, and select your newly downloaded picture. Then, just click Upload My Picture and you're done.[/color'][/font][/quote] Thanks for the help but now it says it has to be in the JGB piceles or something ......what do i do now? GRRRRRRR!!!! i hate computers!!
  3. Narumei

    myOtaku avatars

    [quote name='Boo][size=1']Save them to your computer and upload them =\[/size][/quote] I'm kinda computer stupid....how do you upload.....
  4. Narumei

    myOtaku avatars

    I tried that but thats just uploading from the computer and i don't have any on my computer....
  5. Narumei

    myOtaku avatars

    Please help me....i've been trying to figure out how to get a myOtku avatar since i signed up....if you know how please reply. :confused:
  6. Narumei

    Rob Zombie: Creative Genius or just screwed up?

    Weel i think he's screwed up in the head but in a way its kinda cool. I mean alot of people hate him and he could care less. I think that's what makes his music so cool and his movies....really messed up. :D
  7. Narumei

    Discuss Hope of Revenge [M -- LV]

    [quote name='NekoSama101']If anyone has any questions about characters, plot line, setting, etc. post them here and i will answer them the best i can. :catgirl:[/quote] I'll ask if i have a question :D
  8. Narumei

    What's your favorite animal?

    [QUOTE=Up4anime][COLOR=DarkOrange]I have this obsession with dogs.My sister thinks it's from reading to much fruits basket.But i dont know why.I just love them.I dont wanna be a dog lady or anything.Butyi also like Rabbits. What do you guys like?[/COLOR][/QUOTE] Well i love wolves....their so mysterious and yet seem wise...i highly respect wolvesand how they act. I love how it seems that they move with such grace....i don't know but i just LOVE wolves. GO 3-TOED SLOTH!!!!!!
  9. Narumei

    I'm SERIOUSLY going INSANE . . .

    [quote name='ilovekyonkichi][COLOR=DarkOrange]:animecry: i need help because i'm in love with a fictional character by the name of kyonkichi and i cant get over the fact that he's not real and i know that it must seem really desprit 2 b looking 4 comfort on the internet but i don't care i want to know if anyone out there also has the same problem as me so please reply[/COLOR'] :catgirl:[/quote] Don't feel bad...really don't because i'm in love with Howl from Howl's Moving Castle and it breaks my heart to know deep down that he's not really...well real. That he's all fiction i don't know if it will ever stop hurtingbut your not at all alone ^__^.
  10. Narumei

    Are you jealous of your friends?

    [QUOTE=Up4anime][COLOR=DarkOrange]I have this one friend.Who is always better then me if i make a A she gets a A plus.If I like a guy he likes her.They only like her for her looks.She has so many siblings and a big family and i only have a sister and a brother.I always used to wish i had a big brother. I just anted to know if anyone else was secretly jealous of their friend or friends?[/COLOR][/QUOTE] WEll i sometimes am jealous of my friends when they i don't know....have respect and apperently people just don't think i deserve it!!! They speard rumors about me all the time...i just wish they would leave me alone like they do my frineds.