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    Grade nine freshie, Biggest nerd I know.Play alot of videogames fav company nintendo of course.
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  1. I really can't wait for this. It looks awesome and is another reason to get the new nintendo console, Also with the addition of Snake i'd have to say a pretty good move considering the amount of hype that has caused.
  2. It was a fun game I liked it~ I had little difficulty getting in to the gameplay and even though I just got it yesterday I've beaten it. That may also suggest that it's easy but it really depends on the player. I recommend it.
  3. Well it really depends on the series. If a series is transfered to anime it is seen in action and colour but the story may change causeing the character development the manga-ka wrote in change makeing the characters personality to differentl. In my opinion I like them both the same anime for the action and manga just for the story.
  4. Mostly because of the intersting characters. They all have an interesting background and traits that a cartoon character probably would never have. The story is also more serious and is almost like live action shows instead of it just being a random episode full of quirky jokes, even thought there are some anime out there like that.
  5. well when im away from anime im usually really bored. Like when I go to my cottage I sit out on the deck starring blankly off into the distance. Yeah but I usually make sure I got something with me to keep me entertained im not that much of an addict. :animeswea
  6. [QUOTE=indifference][COLOR=Indigo]It has nothing to do with either of you. The reason you do not see it Avenged666fold is because the posts were removed from the thread. You don't need to worry. So lets get back on topic all right? [B]On Topic: [/B]Personally I could care less if some one were to tell me I was a loser for liking Anime and Manga. The truth is that whether it?s sports, classical music or any other thing you enjoy, there will always be people out there who think you are a loser for what you like. So I see no reason to get upset. Rather I think it?s sad since they don?t know what they are missing. [/COLOR][/QUOTE] I totally agree, you could like almost anything to a certain exstent and someone will find a reason why you're a loser. :animesigh It actually confuses me... :animestun
  7. [quote name='Avenged666fold']A. a geek is a good thing. B. Your school is full of geeks(again a good thing). Oh and who were you refering to with the flaming thing?[/quote] Was that directed at me? Because i wasn't flaming anybody... :animedepr
  8. Saw the first episode fan subbed. It's a pretty cool show i'll keep watching.
  9. At my school theres tons of anime fans. They're never called nerds or geeks just obsesses anime freaks. I guess thats a little more harsh than being called a nerd tho.
  10. The show was funny. I really liked it besides the fact that it was only six episodes. My sister was really dissapointed when she found that out.
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