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  1. One time when the power went out I was taking a bath...And I happened to have a face mask on. It was pretty funny, my sister screamed bloddy murder.
  2. Man, the longest time I ever went without anime was three days. But even then I was a zombie. :animestun "mom can I watch Inuyasha, mom can I watch Naruto...Ect."
  3. yo! I prefer the sharingan, because the user has the ability it copy attacks and even cheat on tests by copying peoples hand movements...And it looks cooler. And I like the characters that use it. Especially Sasuke :animesmil
  4. Ohhhhhh. Ok. I was wondering what was going on with the black thing...Well, anyway, what were we talking about?
  5. I'm not gonna really reply to that because I don't know what you said...Soo yeah. UMMM...
  6. omfg...You are APOLOGIZING for being random??? :animestun What is this world coming to???
  7. Ino: Sakura, you can have Sasuke-kun Sakura: No you, I insist!!! :animesmil
  8. 1. You just ruined it... 2. I felt like it 3. I have no idea, but whatever.
  9. lol...I got one... Sasuke: I'M A BIG BALL OF SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Itachi: BROTHER!!!! *hugs Sasuke* Sasuke: BROTHER!!!!! *Hugs Itachi*
  10. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Evenesence- Not for your ears[/COLOR] I love that CD!!!!
  11. :animedepr I was...Wrong? :animedepr ... :animecry: WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
  12. lol, that sounds like me. Sometimes I bump into doors that are wide open,
  13. An otaku is someone that is obbsessed with anime, has all the DVD's, has a bunch of costumes, everything.
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