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  1. Kabato reached to his side and pulled out an ancient looking katana in its sheath. "Fine if time is the factor then i will end this here and now." Kabato grabbed the hilt of the katana and withdrew the blade from its cracked leather sheath. As it pulled out the shine given off caused the spawn to flintch and stop there movements and turn there attention to kabato. "My blade is judgement....i pass it on all who are invested with dark minds." As kabato shut his eyes he saw that the blade was giveing off an enourmus amount of chi. With out any further hesitation Kabato spun around in a circle cutting all of the spawn with in strikeing distance. In unison they all slummped over and twitched on the group. "Lead us to the armory.....i will deal with all the ones on the side and behind us. The rest of you simply concern yourselves with the ones in front. With all of your talents it should be no problem to clear a path." Kabato stepped behind everyone and held his blade above his blade slightly above his shoulder with the tip tilted down. A mass of swarm came pouring around the corner of the hall they were in from both behind and in front. "Just once i would like this to be easy." Kabato sighed and bent his knees slightly prepareing for the group of spawn coming right at him.
  2. Crap i didnt even see this thread here....guess ill start postin here to sorry everyone.
  3. Kabato raised his eyebrow watching the spawn die from Aliexia's touch. "Pretty flashy." He smiled and let his arms drop to his sides. Shutting his eyes the world around him began to glow wit Chi. The people Kabato had come down the stairs with all gave off a shade of blue chi. The spawns gave off a disgusting mix of Red and blue chi that made Kabato sigh in disgust. Kabato stepped in front of Alexia and pushed her back slightly. "Please deal with the ones about to come through the walls...i will deal with ones in front of us." Alexia raised her eyebrow, to the sides of Alexia and the others the walls exploded and various spawns began to stumble forward. "How did you kn....." Alexia ducked and grabbed one of the spawns from behind. The spawn let out a scream and slumped to the ground shaking. "Now is not the time....Please...i will clear the path." Kabato turned his attention to the swarm of spawn blocking there path down the hall way. "My blade will not be needed for the likes of you." Kabato spaced his feet out and bent his knees while raising his hands up in front of him. The spawns hissed and began to charge forward clawing at the air. The first spawn to reach Kabato swung its clawed hand down aiming for his chest. Kabato slid his feet back slightly and came down with his fingers pushing down on the clawed hand. The spawn stumbled forward and was met by the back of Kabato's heel sending him smashing into one of the other groups of spawns on the side. Two other spawns jumped forward as Kabato was back on his heels. Kabato fell back catching himself with his hands he pushed his feet up into the air, Rotating his body he drove both of his spinning heels into the chests of the two spawn sending them smashing into the roof. The spawns smashed off the roof and landed in front of the rest of the group who stopped short and looked at Kabato with absolute hatred in there eyes. Kabato landed back on his feet and went back into his stance. "The light.....guides souls back to the heart...of mother earth." Kabato's Chi shifted and the color changed to Pale green. The dirt around Kabato began floating around him. "Punishment......" Kabato blurred slightly as he pushed his foot forward propelling himself into the group of spawn. Kabato flashed into the middle of the group of spawn. One spawn tried to reach for his arm. Kabato shifted his weight and grabbing the spawn he threw it into two others sending them smashing into the wall. From behind another spawn tried to jump onto Kabato?s back, Kabato leaned his weight forward and stood on his hands. Pushing himself up he drove both of his into the spawns face sending it reeling to the ground. As he came back down a group of spawn were waiting to pile onto him. Kabato landed back on his hands, bending them he lowered himself slightly then began to spin himself by rotating his arms. Extending his legs out he spun driving his legs into the swarm of spawn around them. In a moment all most simultaneously there bodies seem to explode backwards as the group of spawn slammed into the walls and roof above. ?Is that all you have?..i haven?t even warmed up yet.? Kabato flipped back onto his feet and saw that the spawn in front were all on the ground not moving. Quickly he turned his attentions back to where everyone else was fighting to see if anyone needed help.
  4. Kabato was laying down on a bed in one of the random in the ridiculously over sized house. Waiting for everyone to go had caused him to gain a sense of wanderlust. Eventually he twisted himself around and just decided to call it a day. He figured the Chi emitted from this room was for him to begin with. It seemed odd to him that his room was already waiting for him. Kabato sighed as he laid with his eyes shut on the bed. It was quite comfortable and quite here. In most of the other rooms he heard the commotion downstairs. So many people so little interest. For the most part Kabato disliked those that weren't from his country. Most would call it a strong national pride but the truth was he didn't want to try and protect more then he could. His country he could handle but if he had to watch after anyone else it would become to much of a burden. "Sneaking around isn't very polite." Kabato opened one eye up to see Alexia standing in the doorway. "I wasn't sneaking, how nice of you to have found your room all by yourself you are a talented one." Alexia stood with her arms crossed leaning against the wall near the door way. "I can see better with my eyes cloths then i can with them open." Kabato sat up and shrugged. "That?s very interesting......we are somewhat pressed for time and you really should go meet the others." Alexia held her hand forward and a gold necklace with a large yellow jewel in it. "I?m touched but i think this relationship is moving a little to fast." Kabato rubbed his head and noticed Alexia wasn't smiling. "My mother lady Karma would like to speak to you, she also said that she would give you this if you came along." Alexia dangled the jewel in front of Kabato. "This lady Karma knows the way to a mans heart...jewelry...i suppose its the effort that counts. Lead the way ill listen to what good Karma has to say....haha good Karma..." Kabato rubbed his head again this time he managed to get Alexia to crack a smile. "Follow me." Alexia turned and walked out the door. Kabato shut his eyes and peered down the hall as she walked. Her body gave off a dark blue aura. "This might be interesting." he mumbled to himself opening his eyes as he stepped forward. Alexia led Kabato into a room where Lady Karma was standing gracefully. Alexia held out the jewel to lady Karma then instantly dissapeared. "An illusion.....i thought the chi was a little funny." Kabato waved his hand around in the area where the illusion once stood. "Yes...unfortunately Alexia is busy with the rest of our gusts and even i don't have much time at the moment.... I will be blunt with you because you are the type of person who dislikes beating around the bush." Lady Karma held out the Necklace. "A time is going to come where you are going to have to fight and protect people. People in this house, people in this world. Are you going to be able to deal with this?" Lady Karma continued to hold out the necklace. "Since we are being honest...no promises. Ill stick around here for a bit since it seems to be interesting but i can?t promise to protect that many people. If i deem the situation appropriate i will raise arms and fight." Kabato reached up and grabbed the necklace. Instead of putting it oh he wrapped it around the hilt of his sword. "Sorry im not much for jewelry." He turned around waving his hand. "I guess ill go make an appearance at the party." Kabato walked out the door leaving Lady Karma standing alone in the room with a perplexed look across her face. Kabato wandered around until he managed to find his way downstairs. As he prepared to enter the room Lady Karma appeared behind him. "You left quite a bit sooner then me what took you so long." Lady Karma gave Kabato a side long glace. "Lady your house is huge...I am pretty sure i crossed at least four differnt countries trying to find my way back here." Kabato slummped over fakeing exahustion. Lady Karma covered her mouth slightly to hide her smile. "You are a weird one. Shall we go in...everyone is waiting for us." Lady Karma reached forward opening the door. ooc hope this is ok sorry i got a little busy in real life.
  5. Kabato opened the two massive doors to his house and was almost immediately met by his Butler Avery. "I have a message from your father. He wishes for you to go to New York to attend a conference on military advancements. He says he is currently beind held up over in Berhain and will be unable to attend." Avery adjusted his sleeves and handed over the note to Kabato. Kabato grabbed it stiffly and crumpled it into a paper ball. "When do i leave?" Avery handed him an envelope. "Here is the money you should need for the trip and your fathers jet is waiting at the international airport across town." Kabato grabbed the envelope and went up the stairs to his room. With all the irregular activity of these worms he was worried about leavening his home. What worried him even more was venturing into a land he had not gone to often enough to consider it safe. As he entered his room he walked over to his dresser and opened the bottom drawer. Inside was a plethora of weapons ranging from blades all the way up to guns. Kabato began to pull out various knifes and placing them on top of his dresser. Finally he drew out a long katana covered by a leather hilt. The top was wrapped and tied tightly to secure the sword in the sheath. Kabato put down his current sword next to the one he had just taken out. From the top drawer he pulled out a large old-fashioned kimono that he enjoyed wearing. Though it made him look like an old fashion Samari it had practical uses. It allowed him to hide a variety of weapons he almost never left his city without. It also provided amazing movement with little to slow him down. After changing cloths and putting the various weapons underneath his kimono he walked back down stairs. "Ill be going...Take care of the place." Kabato walked past the nodding Avery.
  6. Kabato walked down the streets of Tokyo enjoying the beautiful sunny day. He yawned looking around blankly as each person passed by. "What a boring day..." A shadow passed by his face momentarily. "Quick things aren?t they.." In Kabato's right hand he held one of the spawn. As he tightened his grip it cracked and fell to the ground lifeless. As he continued down the street many people stopped to bow at him. It was annoying but he had eventually became use to it. His childhood was filled with over the top respect since his family was one of the more prestige?s families in town. His family had made there living off of dealing with military weapons and training. He rarely saw his farther or grandfather since they spent the majority of there time over seas or off on some army base training. Recently his 20th birthday came and went with little more then a hug and happy birthday wish from one of the maids in his house. Though he didn?t expect any gifts since he had everything he had ever wanted. It still would of been nice for more then one person to remember. Though he held no grudges for people forgetting he was a fairly easygoing forgettable guy. Lately he had been seeing these black worms trouncing around. Though many people seem not to even notice them they gave him a deep chill every time he spotted one. He decided to make it his person goal to walk the streets and make sure these things stayed away from the people in the town. Though he didn't show it he loved this city and the people in it. This formed a bond and need to protect the city from anything he felt was unhealthy for it. He got tired of being cooped up in his house all day training in books and various forms of martial arts forced upon him by his family. Though he did enjoy his training with various bladed weapons the rest beat out to just boring him. He was often scolded for yawning in the middle of lessons. Suddenly down at his waste his pager began to vibrate. "Guess its time to go pay a visit back to home base." Though it was simply his house he preferred to call it home base to give himself a feeling of importance. As he turned to walk back home he began to whistle and look up at the clouds. ooc i hope this is okay for now when i get a bit more to work with ill make it better oh and heres a PIC [url]http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/4166/bscap0190ix.jpg[/url]
  7. Seran stopped on a tree branch and turned around planting his elbow into the face of one of the ninjas following him. All the ninjas stopped and stood surrounding Seran. "Sheesh cant we talk about this..." Seran rubbed his head then sighed. This is going to be annoying he thought. Deria planted his fist firmly into Onimasa's chin knocking him back slightly. Onimasa rapped his leg around planting a kick into Deria's Rib cage. Both men quickly jumped back looking at each other. "Gates wont be enough." Onimasa began to form Seals with his hands. Deria smiled and began to dimmly glow red. Suddenly Onimasa stopped in mid seal as Deria had both his hands rapped in rings of fire. "Fire god seal of the black sun...Jutsu." Onimasa looked up and was in slight horror as he looked into Deria's eyes and saw fire. "What are you?" Onimasa struggled slightly with the fire seal watching Deria closely. "That which all fear stems from......the unknown." Deria pushed his foot forward kicking up the ground as he aimed for Onimasa's head. Onimasa jumped back still struggling with the fire around his hands. Strands of Onimasa's hair fell to the ground. Onimasa smiled...this will be intresting.
  8. "Gates to move this fast huh?" Deria spit blood on the ground. "I was still takeing my time...you are right i did under estimate you....." Deria slid his foot back "1st gate.......final release" A massive wave of chakra flowed how. Normal ninjas would be knocked to there knees and onimasa simply smiled. Onimasa looked up and saw the wounds on Deria had stopped bleeding and were beginning to heal. He was surprised by this and couldnt help but wonder why. "How?" Onimasa took a step forward. "Each gate has a name....Rest is the first gate. The speed you saw was nothing but my normal speed and chakra. I can devote the power from each gate to speed and strangth if i wanted to." Deria shut his eyes for a moment Suddenly Onimasa lifted off the ground he couldnt be sure where he was being hit from but as he looked over to where Deria was once standing he was no longer there. Suddenly Onimasa shot to the ground and stood up moderatly bruised up. "To be a true master you must be able to use the gates true power. Rest....means healing with this gate open i can heal most injuries and keep fighting. There are 6 gates left....i hope you brought more then speed attacks." Deria smiled going into a fighting stance. Seran was running while carrying drou on his shoulder. He caught glimpses off black shourded men following him. For a moment his thoughts lingered on how his brother was doing but he tried to force that idea out of his head and focus on the fact he was being chased. Seran decided he could not stop but he would have to fight while not loseing a step. He began to form seals "Stone jutsu." Off th ground stones began to rise and hoover above his head. He began to shoot them back in behind him. After a few stones he managed to hit one of the dark shrouded ninjas. The ninja made a grunting sound and fell down smashing into branchs until he finally crashed onto the ground. On the ninja's head a stone sat planted into his forehead. Seran continued to throw stones back behind him but with only glimpses to estimate where they were he was haveing some trouble hitting all them.
  9. Underestimating me.....Deria sighed he was going to have to get serious for the first time in over five years. He put his hands at his side... "1st gate...contain..." Deria released the first gate but no energy flowed out it all continued to stay within him. Deria smiles and held his hand out and opened it with his palm faceing upward. Pale red chakra began to rise off his hand visable to the normal eye. Onimasa rose one of his eyebrows "Visable chakra..." Onimasa took a small step forward. Before Onimasa could blink Deria was next to him giveing him a side long glance. "Visable....is nothing.....solid chakra....is a differnt story." Deria spun around bringing his right fist towards Onimasa's fist. Onimasa leaned back letting the hand pass in front of him. As the fist whistled by his fase Onimasa suddenly shot backwards smashing into a tree agian. Onimasa smashed into the tree and slid down landing on his feet he looked around. How...He replayed the events of what had just happened in his head. As Deria turned to hit him he clearly saw his fist go past his face. The visable chakra......Onimasa looked up at him slightly startled. "Your chakra is solid????" "Yes...i thought i told you....visable is nothing...solid is something." Deria Flicked his rest and the tree next to Onimasa shattered. "Enough chakra to create a solid force......The next move is yours Onimasa....." Deria flicked his wrist agian and above Onimasa's head the tree shattered sending splinters of wood all over.
  10. Deria rushed forward blowing through branchs until he had has brother in sight. Suddenly he saw Onimasa rushing towards his brother. Deria sighed to himself reaching down while still rushing he unstrapped stones that were tied to his legs similar to Seran's. The stones fell off and his a tree. For a second nothing seemed to happen suddenly the tree shuddered and snapped in half the weight of the stones. Seran saw Onimasa coming at him with his sword. He smiled and Onimasa hesitated momentarily unsure of why he was smileing. Seran ducked slightly and Deria tore forward over his hand planting a kick right into Onimasa's chin. Onimasa sailed back smashing into a tree but managed to stay on both of his feet. "Go brother.....i will buy you time." Seran nodded his head dissapeared from sigh moments later. "Onimasa i suggest letting us go, if we fight i will make sure i take you out with me." Deria cracked his neck.
  11. The flames hit Deria and seemed to spin around him. "4th gate .....Riseing Sun fire jutsu" For a moment everyone seemed to freeze the air around Deria began to grow hotter. Suddenly a massive ball of flame eurpted blowing everyone back. Deria shot into the sky and dissapeared moments later leaveing the ball of flame behind him. It steadily grew larger seemingly fueled by something.
  12. The fist collided with Deria's face but stopped short. Slowly Deria turned his head pushing Inu fist to the side. "Sorry.....we dont want you.....die" Deria lifted his hand "2nd gate....." As Deria was speaking Inu planted another fist into the side of Deria's face. "Open.....Black fire......jutsu." Deria's fist became black and the flames began to drip off melting the ground below. Deria reached up and grabbed Inu's hand. The electricity and flame began to intertwine. "This is only the second gate.......and only the shallow depths of its power. Do you think you can survive all 8.....you said no jounin could beat you. We arent jounin we are something that was cast aside and tried to be put to death simple because of fear of what we would do. Onimasa is going to kill you all...innocents....ninjas....i am going to stop him but i will not stop in takeing revenge on the ones who took away my only happiness. I suggest you either get out of our way or help stop him...i will kill you if you get in the way of me completeing either of these goals." From the ruff Honzo landed on the ground unscratched. Seran had only shot him into the air with his chakra to get him out of the way. "Tell your student to get out of the way before i kill him." Deria's grip tightened.
  13. Seran saw the mist rise and began to feel his body become heavy. He glanced over at his brother who nodded his head. Seran sighed and tensed his mucles releaseing the first gate. But unlike his brother Seran had absolute control over his gate release. No excess power slipped out and as far as any averge person could tell his chakra had not changed. But inside Seran his mucles began to shift and adjust them selves allowing for chakra to flow through his body differntly. Around him everything began to slow down. The mist that rose from the ground Seran could see it adjust and flow. As Inu came at him with his kunai Seran watched it comeing at his face. Seran reached up slowly and stopped its movement between his thumb and index finger. To everyone else watching it seemed as if Inu was about to end the match with a quick swift strike. The smoke rose off the ground making thouse around feel slightly drowsy as well though not to bad since they werent in the middle of the heavy mist. Then as inu was less then an intch from the seemingly sleeping Seran his hand rose and stopped the dagger. Inu jumped back unsure of what had just happened. Had he simply reacted by instinct alone or was he still awake some how. As the mist grew thicker people were unable to see in the middle of the battle. Seran who was still awake the rush of chakra from the gate being opened and the control over it allowed his body to keep in a semi awake state. Seran formed a few symbles and from the ground rose a stone clone of him. Inu began another string of attacks this time he felt them land as the rock began to be chipped away. Seran was no longer in the mist but over Behind the blue Hanzo. "Sorry we require your student this time i wont go easy on you." As Hanzo turned around in the slow motion speed Seran seemed to be watching everything Seran planted a kick into his chin sending him crashing into the ceiling and landing in the mist. The people around were unsure of what had occured. Seran Grabbed Drou and within a second was next to his brother. "Dont screw up there is still one more. If you run into you know who dont hold back or he will kill you, run if you have to." Suddenly Seran shimmered and dissapeard holding Drou. Deria folded his arms smileing as the mist began to clear waiting for everyone to comprehend what had just occured.
  14. Deria walked passed Inumori and gave him a side long glace. Inumori took a step back and realised he was actually visable shaken by Deria. Deria walked over to his brother and whispered "Kill him....." Seran was surprised and then realised that his brother didn't mean the Genin standing in the ring he meant the blue Hanzo. "Do it fast so noone sees with out there master around they are open to suggestion." Seran nodded and unstrapped two strands of pebbles on both of his legs and tossed them over the side. A massive explosion of dust occured as a giant crator formed where the pebbles were pilled up. As the dust cleared Seran was standing in front of Inu looking him up and down. "Pretty strong, stronger then the last one still." Seran shrugged and bent down on the ground picking up a rock. He flicked his wrist and the rock sailed forward. Inu caught it with his hand then flinched looking down. Where the rock had hit in his hand there was a gash and blood pouring out. Inu looked up and wondered if Seran had some how moved and done it to him. But SEran was still standing there smileing looking at him. "The next move is yours Inu."
  15. Deria glanced over at where Drou had looked before he had said no. "Blue hanzo....my brother told me about your ability. You must be detained by someone quite strong if you had to split yourself simply to give your recruits some support." Deria walked away putting space between him and Drou. "This is your last warning to quit.....the next move will kill you." Deria put both his hands at his side and took in a deep breath. "2nd gate......release" As did before a shock wave of chakra force erupted out. A few people not prepared blew off there feet while some dropped to one knee because the force.
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