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  1. I had another one after I went to sleep about being an anime kitty. I was cute white kitty. And I got to lick Mustang-taisa. ^^
  2. Everyone's said Full Metal Alchemist. :animeswea I just thought the whole series in general was depressing. Especially the ending. Pita-ten was sooo sad [spoiler]when Shia finally remebers and realizes that its too late and that Taru had died waiting for her and when Shia dies and Kotarou and Misha cry and then when Misha has to leave Kotarou and he asks not to be able to see angels again,[/spoiler] so sad!
  3. I've had this weird dream with the character from Pita-ten. The weird part was that they were all manga version, and one colour. Like, Misha was all outlined in turquoise and Kotarou had a purpleish outline, and they weren't filled in. o_O I've had another with Pokemon crossing over with (strangly enough) Cardcaptor Sakura. The different characters ended up going after both Pokemon and Clow Cards.
  4. [QUOTE=Bláse][size=1][color=slategray] [B]Muse:[/B] Great European band. They have a soft, yet hardcore sound. I've heard/read harsh critiques for Muse, and I simply can't understand. The lead singer has such a sexy voice, too. I have more, but I'll come back later.[/color][/size][/QUOTE] Heh, I love Muse too. My favourite band actually. Don't you hate how they're compared to Radiohead all the time? I'm weird, I also like the Aquabats ^^
  5. [QUOTE=Boo][size=1]My most recent CD purchase was just today as I had this ?10 coupon I could only use on Cd's or DVDs. I spent it on Muse - Hullabaloo. Mostly for the B side songs on the first CD, but the live songs on the second CD are a nice thing to have too. Now I need to get Black Holes and Revelations so my collection is complete. I was planning to spend the coupon on Franz Ferdinand singles, just for the B-sides, but I couldn't find any in the shop I was looking. I'd have to go to those scary stores in some dark back alley, which I was too lazy for.[/size][/QUOTE] I absolutl
  6. 1. Bliss-Muse 2. The Fourth Avenue Cafe-L'acr en Ciel 3. Starlight-Muse 4. All These Things That I've Done-The Killers 5. Seize the Day-AX7 6. Melissa-Porno Graffitti 6. Rasen-Nana Kitade 7. Time is Running Out-Muse 8. Everything Zen-Bush 9. Golden Touch-Razorlight 10. Fake Plastic Trees-Radiohead 11. Give Me Novacain-Greenday 12. Headfirst for Halos-My Chemical Romance 13. Angels Losing Sleep-Our Lady Peace 14. Strawberry-SADS 15. Life Is-Antique Cafe
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