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  1. Dooxy

    Best guitarist of the new millenium

    haha, you guys drunk ? ;) [B][I]YNGWIE MALMSTEEN[/I][/B] Hands down this man is considred a god for his fusion of classical and modern guitar and playing in scales not many other do and not to mention his blisteringinginging speed :animenose . Everyone else mentioned is good but this guy has literally created a kickarse new style of guitar playing. I recommend you "aquire" some of his stuff it is AMAZING. Check out his speed metal symphony. Also. Idk wo exactly the guitarist is, but the band DragonForce has some AWESOME guitarist(s) xP Edit: DragonForce dude was mentioned above :P :D
  2. Dooxy

    Anime Filler episodes

    I think fillers are garbage and boring, like whats happening to bleach now. If it was me, I would stop making episodes until the manga went a bit further ahead. I wouldnt care if the fans complained it's for their own good, Its quality over quantity!! And plus in x amount of years when all the eps are out and someone else watches it they will think its the greatest thing since sliced bread, and tell everyone else about it. Stuff that owns like NGE and are still selling strong.. WHY? Because it was the perfect size and there was no fillers. I also think animes with 150+ eps are a waste of time. *cough* Naruto.
  3. Dooxy

    Gaming Final Fantasy VII Remake

    DoC revolves around vincent right ? And Ive seen some gameplay footage from the FFVII AC dvd. But.. Isnt Vince Valentine supposed to be invincible lmao? when he does that whole cape thing xD If i was him.. lmao screw the guns, haha i would just cape around the world and pwn everyone haha
  4. Dooxy

    The perfect day

    Lord Dante has the right idea, Everyday when I get to school, I sit there. And I think how perfect life would be,if i was at home, if i could get a few more hours of sleep, sit there watch a good movie on the big tv in my house :catgirl: sit on the couch and just play my guitar until like... 6. And then go outside, and the sky would be the most kick@$$ kind of dark purpley blue colour and there would be alot of stars. And I would walk until the sky turned a kick@$$ red colour :animeswea No one said it had to be realistic haha, but honestly.. who wouldnt want a day like that ? x]
  5. Dooxy

    Want to learn guitar...

    Ya I've been playing like half a year now, my fingers still hurt when I'm learning new chords ^^. because your fingers develope a callus where you play the most, so when you learn new chrods its a new place on your fingers. Bass is lower notes because the strings are thicker, if you want a song where you can really hear the 2 diferent guitars listen to Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades by brand new, tis a good song :D As for school you I wouldn't really be concerned, I'm assuming you are right handed so, it's your left fingers that will hurt. If you are a lefty it might be a bit more difficult to find a lefty guitar at a local store, with the strings reversed and a cutout on the opposite side. If you are buying an acoustic you don't have to worry about the cutout.
  6. Dooxy

    I wanna mohawk!!

    I guess it's just different where I live, there's no "prep" kids or whatever the hell they are, everyone here is into rap music and all that kinda stuff. If you walk down the street here you just see everyone with there buzzcuts :animeangr because its the "in" thing to do. I want a hawk because they are just different, and everyone has wanted one at some point in time xD But ya.. what I really needed to know in this thread is what should I use to make it stand again? and has anyone ever heard of using wood glue ?
  7. Dooxy

    Anime That empty feeling

    I felt like this after I finnished watching Neon Genesis Evanglion, the oddness of the series and the fact that things don't really go "according to plan"? I don't know I just felt depressed after watching it, and I finnished watching it the last saturday of spring break, so i had to goto school on monday feeling all wierd :S It sounds odd that someone would be getting all depressed over a "cartoon" but I dunno. Watch Neon Genesis, and the movies, and then you will know the feeling. But you're not alone xD
  8. Dooxy

    Gaming Star Wars Battlefront II

    I have this game for PSP I just started playing it, it's actually my dads ahaha cuz he has a PSP too :P But this game is wayyyy too cool. It's like an awesome RPG Strat, I have never played Number 1 but from what I've heard it's worse than 2. But yeaa, does anything happen after you beat the whole "Pwn one planet @ a time thing?" do you get more planets ? xD Cuz there's 10 there now... and that is by FAR my favorite mode :P Ya space battles are awesome, playing this game owns while you are watching Star Wars too xD. The one downside about this game is, theres like.. too many modes, I started playing like 2 days ago and I'm like "OK I'm just gonna turn this one, slice some people in half, chill with the wookies yadayadayada :catgirl: " 2 seconds later... "choose a mode" omfgwtfhax!!1!1!11!eleven!!11 theres was like 7 modes and after you click a mode theres like more subcatagories! It was a bit confusing cuz i didn't know where the hell to go again. And after you play a battle in the planet taking over one, why does it ask you to save twice ? anyone ? ^_^ ty :P =The numbers in the above post may not be accurate :D give or take that number times itself and you should be good=
  9. Dooxy

    I wanna mohawk!!

    Well it all started like this, My first year of highschool now, and I was pissed off because looking through the yearbook there was NOT ONE person with a mohawk :animestun .. something's wrong there, but because my school is predominantly into the whole "rap music is the coolest thing since sliced bread" thing. I wanna mohawk, and if my friend does it me and her will be the only ones with hawks, but i kinda got one smalll problem, my hair is curly, not afro curly xD its just curly, and I wouldn't want to be straightening it any time I wanna spike myself up. My hair is about 5 or 6 inches long? Took a fair while to grow about 7 or 8 months, and I just dont wanna cut it all off, seems like a waste to me :animesmil So I might as well do something cool with it. People always wanna do stuff but they don't have the balls. So when I'm 80 im gonna havs pics for my grandchildren and I wanna be able to say, I HAD A MOHAWK! I HAD LONG HAIR, IT WAS !!! :animeswea just stuff like that :P and lately the new "cool" hairstyle at my school is getting a buzzcut, psshh I had that last year.. before it was cool :P but it was really a haircut gone wrong and thats what I ended up with :P [strike]Or maybe I am just really craving attention! a self-deprived emotionless teen who just wants attention from ANYONE!!![/strike] :animecry: Scratch that last line, I'm good ;) And thx for all the replies guys :D
  10. Dooxy

    I wanna mohawk!!

    Hey people waattsaappp! Ok me and my friend are planning to get our mohawk on! Any suggestions ? Ive already tried to make my hair stand on end right now but i cant do it, so if I get a hawk what should I use ? and should I dye it ? =o xD. My friend said shes gonna do hers 3 inches, o well shes gonna look like a tard then.. But Im gonna keep mine what it is now, about 6 1/2 inches :D Anyone ever had a hawk ? got any cool pictures? and tips? hellp meeehhhhh!!!!11!1 plz :)
  11. Dooxy

    Want to learn guitar...

    It wouldnt hurt... u just might need to tune it more because everything has been broken in already. But I would buy cheap first partly because I'm broke and if you decide to stop playing u wont b cryin the blues cuz u spent millions on a guitar lmao :D but if u buy a decent guitar and an electric tuner all should be well :cool:
  12. Dooxy

    Want to learn guitar...

    Dude, I play electric, and I wouldn't rush into buying anything like a "fender strat pack" or something like that, I would look for a cheap starters guitar with an amp and some basic stuff, and make SURE to buy an electric tuner. Fender is a pretty big name in the industry so I wouldn't advise buying that first, could be a bit pricey. My first guitar was an ION guitar that came in a beginners kit was about $200 Canadian x) It worked just fine for me, had no problems with it so I wouldn't rush into anything too name brand. Ya and once you start playing a guitar and learn some scales you can play piano like nothing :D Edit: Thanks for the chord chart Boo :P
  13. Mwuahahahah I feel evil today... Create a new email add her and say you are him. If you add him on sum other email uve created observe his typing patterns ie. his greeting and whatnot xD, his fav emotions (:D), try to get in the habbit of typing like him. And commence with the impersonating! :D hope this helps ;)
  14. Dooxy

    Want to learn guitar...

    I currently take lessons :D Don't expect to get good fast either x) that's what I wanted to happen lmao, its been about 6 months and im OK... After I started learning I asked alotta ppl at my school how long it took them to get pretty good, most said aboit 1.5 - 2 years :animecry: But don't quit if you start! waste of money. I suggest you buy Hal Leonard books and learn the Linear msuic scale first, makes reading guitar music (not tablature) alot easier. :D Good luck if you start.