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  1. [SIZE="2"]I honestly thought I would hate the movie just because of its kind of childish theme but it actually added a bit of charm to it. And I though Jet Li made a pretty good monkey. Not worth a buy but definitely a rental.[/SIZE]
  2. [SIZE="2"]Yeah I have a question, are the characters going to have any interactions with the Force or are they not gifted in such things?[/SIZE]
  3. [SIZE="2"][B]Name:[/B] Kryos Ad'ur (KREE-ohs a-DUR) [B]Age:[/B] 20 [B]Order:[/B] Sith [B]Appearance:[/B] Kryos has the standard short Imperial military haircut with dark brown hair and grey eyes, one of the many punishments he received from his previous life. His body is toned and fit but has many scars from many confrontations. He is medium height. [B]Allegiance:[/B] Empire [B]Bio:[/B] Kryos does not know where he was born. All he remembers is the Academy, the Code and his name. He grew up in the slums of some backwater colony, that much he remembers. He made a living by steeling as a child, and lost his older brother when they decided to rb the wrong person. He had been taken off the streets as a child and forcefully recruited into the Imperial ranks. He rose quickly, and gained the admiration of his comrades and teachers. He has now become a lieutenant of an assault squad specializing in guerrilla tactics and espionage. Kryos has a face of stone and heart of steel. Nothing fazes him, as surprise is a sign of weakness. He was brought up by the Sith code; Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me. Kryos believes in the words of the code with all his heart, and believes that if he can tear apart the Republic he will gain a victory that will immortalize him.[/SIZE]
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    Yeah they're amazing. Every song on there rocks my socks. They also have another album called Leviathan about Mobey Dick. So yes whales do = metal.
  5. [SIZE="1"]"If you tend to the horses and see to the fire, I?ll see if I can find us a proper meal for tonight.? Before Adir could even formulate a response, Julile was engulfed by the darkness of the forest. [I]Bloody fool! [/I] Adir thought as he pretended to unsaddle the horses. [I]Why in the name of the light would he have us split up? Perhaps to get two of them to follow him? No, four of them could just as easily go after one and kill the other later.[/I] Adir tried not to let his emotions show on his face although he could feel himself getting redder by the second. Unstrapping the water flask from his intricately worked saddle, he poured the contents into a small brass kettle which he put on the fire. Adir walked back to his horse and grabbed a thick leather glove from his saddlebag and fastened it tightly on his left hand. Adir walked over to the fire and stared into the flames, feeling the heat on his face and legs. The water was almost at a boil. The sound of soft footsteps came from ahead. Adir raised his eyes but made sure to keep his head steady. Unfortunately he was fire blind and could see nothing. Then there were footsteps behind him. It took all the courage - or stupidity- Adir could muster not to turn around instantly. [I]There are at least two...[/I] Adir gave himself time to secretly search his surroundings. If another opponent came into to the equation Adir's advantage would be seriously weakened. Ever since Adir had picked up his sword and began training, he had always found the best way to enter combat was with a formulated plan of his opponents actions. If one knows the enemies actions before the enemy does there is less emphasis placed on brute strength and numbers. The only problem was if Adir was to miscalculate some part of the equation; like another enemy for instance. Although Adir was facing the now high flames of the fire he had created, he kept his eyes shut, as to prevent fire blindness. Now confident in his counting it was time to put the plan into action. Adir stood up and walked over to his white stallion Selis. He then proceeded to unbuckle his sword belt and put strap it around the horn of his saddle. [I]This is quite the risk Adir[/I], he thought to himself, [I]you'd better hope this works.[/I] After tightening the belt to its limit Adir headed back to the fire and sat down with his back to where he guessed the second man was. He could hear the water boiling in the bass kettle. Adir tightened the glove on his left hand and waited. Footsteps. Adir was surprised to find himself smiling, as expected,the man saw him remove his sword and saw the opportunity to strike, thinking he could sneak up behind him. Any man would do the same, Adir's sword was ten feet away from him, to the common eye, he had no chance. The man came closer and closer, Adir could hear the slow breathing the man was so desperately trying to hide. [I]About six feet...[/I] The man was preparing to lunge, now was the time. Adir grabbed the handle of the kettle with his right hand, quickly spinning on his knee to the right. Supporting the bottom of the kettle with his left hand, Adir made a throwing motion with the kettle, pulling it back before it could reach its apex, unleashing a burst of boiling water on his attackers face. The man leaped back, dropping his weapon and clutching his face with his hands. Adir had no time to see the mans face. Before the attacker's weapon had hit the ground Adir's dagger was through his throat. Adir twisted his dagger and removed it from the mans throat, spinning and letting the man fall to his knees, his hands still covering his scalded face. Adir searched for the other man he had expected to see but he was not there. He heard distant shouting and heard a reply from the nearby trees. The other man who had been hunting him ran down the path Julile had taken earlier, either help his comrades, or more likely, run away. Undoing the leather glove that had protected his hands from the same fate as the man's face, he dropped the kettle and stood. Adir ran to Selis and mounted the beast in one swift movement. [I]This is going better than could have been expected.[/I] He turned the beast around and set him into a gallop in pursuit of the man who no doubt thought he could find safety in numbers. Adir followed a winding path, ducking quickly, just barely missing low hanging branches. He could see the man ahead. He had stopped moving and had drawn a bow, which was aimed directly at Julile who seemed unaware of man. Before he had a chance to release his bowstring, Adir had unsheathed his sword and cleaved the back of the man's head down the center. Adir rode past him, letting his sword slide from the crevice it had made with ease. The shape of the blade was perfect for combat on horseback, being able to cleave, stab, run through and remove from flesh. Julile turned to his direction and yelled ?ADIR, ARM YOURSELF ? ASSASSINS!? "A little late for that my friend." Adir said smiling, leading his stallion over to where Julile stood. He could see the relief in Julile's eyes. Scanning the area Adir saw that Julile had made short work of the two men that had followed him. His skill as a marksman was evident, cleanly killing both men quickly and efficiently with fatal shots to the neck. [CENTER]~[/CENTER] "I think you're wrong my friend." Julile looked up from the rabbit leg he was eating, with a very puzzled look at Adir. "Wrong about what?" He asked. Adir took a swig of mead and looked through the fire at Julile. "They weren't assassins. Hired men yes, but not contract killers." "And how do you know this?" Julile asked, setting ripping a piece of the meat with his teeth. "We don't have the luxury of assassins hunting us." They both laughed at this, instantly feeling better of what they had just done. "Plus no real assassin would make the mistakes that these men made. I'm sure they were just a bunch of drunkards from a nearby village. But then again can we even be sure they were sent specifically to kill us. They could have been bandits or part of a local gang." "I doubt it," Julile said as he laid back against his rucksack, "They wouldn't have followed us for as long as they did just to steal the few valuables we have on us. Besides, there were many more opportune times to steal from us nearer to the road. Why else would they wait till we were farther from the road? They didn't want anyone to hear our screams." Although he could not see it, Adir knew Julile was smiling at that last bit of irony. "So I guess the only questions left are who's trying to kill us and why." Julile said in a voice riddled with tiredness. "Well I'd wager its something to do with the Amrylin and our mission." Adir said, taking another swig of mead and mentally preparing himself to keep the first watch. "This obviously means someone's watching us and expects us to be dead. Although I doubt we can convince them we're dead, we may be able to disguise ourselves. There are some plants back home that if you mix them with boiling water they create a sort of dye. Perhaps we could find some here." Julile murmured something that sounded like an agreement. Adir looked out into the darkness, and longed for his chance at sleep. [I]Of one thing I'm certain,[/I] he thought to himself, [I]this runs much deeper than a runaway novice. [/I][/SIZE]
  6. [SIZE="1"]Adir woke to the soft sounds of the birds the following morning. He had slept surprisingly well considering his bed was no more than a soft patch of grass. Sitting up and leaning on his forearm, Adir looked over to where Julile had been sleeping but was surprised to find he was not there. He quickly ruled out any negative possibilities for his absence, knowing that had any trouble come to Julile he would have woken Adir purposefully, or otherwise. Assuming Julile was hunting and seeing no reason to panic Adir put his hands behind his head, brushing his long dark hair and laying back to look at the morning clouds through the leafage of the tall trees. [I]Why in the name of the Light did I do that?[/I] he thought to himself as he replayed the scenario between himself and the Tower Guards again in his mind. [I]More importantly, how did I do it?[/I] He could see it clearly, he had only just begun speaking with the guards and already he had formulated what actions he was to take. Time had seemed to slow to a crawl when he unsheathed his sword. He knew that he was not about to kill the guards but to even strike them would earn him a severe punishment. If he were to strike them on their bronze helmets the blows would be rendered ineffective, but if he were to strike too low he would break their spines, killing them instantly. Striking them as high as he could without hitting their helmets, Adir brought both the guards to the ground on one swift movement. "I thought you'd be up by now from the way you were tossing in your sleep." Julile stepped into the little clearing they had designated as their camp site, startling Adir back to reality. Adir cursed himself for letting his mind wander. He shouldn't have let Julile sneak up on him like that, especially when he wasn't trying to. "How long have you been up?" Adir asked, sitting up and strapping on his sword belt. He never slept with his sword on as he had always found it difficult to find a comfortable position, and besides, he'd never be able to unsheathe it as quickly as he would need to in a dire situation. Although he kept the sword by his side, his father's dagger was always at hand, hidden up the right sleeve of his cloak. He had created a device made of leather to strap the dagger to his wrist, and the right amount of pressure would push the dagger slightly out of his cloak, hilt first. This had come in handy more than once in his lifetime but was useless on those hot days when he was forced to wear clothing without sleeves. Standing now, Adir noticed that Julile had not brought anything back from his "journey". "Where were you? I see you've brought nothing back with you." Julile straightened and stopped tending to the fire which had all but died. Taking a bite out of the apple he had brought back with him he replied, "Well I had been woken by your rambling throughout the night so I decided to explore our surroundings." Julile walked over to where Adir was sitting and dropped the apple he had been eating. [I]That was not like Julile...[/I] Though he had not known Julile long, he did know that he had just as quick of reflexes as he and would never drop something so clumsily. Julile knelt down to pick up the apple that had rolled near to Adir and quickly whispering under his breath just loud enough for him to hear, "We're being watched. There are at least four." Instantly all Adir's instincts and senses were elevated. "They don't know we know. Act casual." Julile stood up and laughed "This is the only one I could find that had no worm in it and now its covered in Light knows what." Adir put on his best fake smile and laughed with Julile, making a remark of how he would eat anything regardless of what was on or in it. Standing up and trying to look as calm as possible Adir readied Selis, trying desperately to find where the watchers were hidden. He wanted to inquire more but knew that Julile would tell him when he felt it safe. "Well lets be off." He said, and they both mounted their horses. Adir was thankful they had not camped too far from the road. It would give them enough distance to see their enemy coming - if they were enemies- but they would unfortunately still be within bow shot of the trees. The two young warders reached the road, free of the ears of the forest. Adir hoped Julile would elaborate on what had happened. "Well I woke and decided to go to the stream we saw on our way to the camp site. But came across tracks made by boots quite recently. I believe they've been following since we left the tower. I'm not sure what or who they are but I'll bet my sword they aren't friendly." Adir kept his eyes forward, searching his peripheral while Julile explained. "At least we can rule out the possibility of Trollocs or some other beast. I'm assuming they were the standard sized boots for a male?" Adir asked, finally looking to Julile on his right. "Yes. We can be certain we are dealing with humans. I'm not positive of their numbers but I guess around four from the number and placement of the foot prints. So what do you say we do?" "I believe we have the element of surprise on our side, contrary to their beliefs. We should continue this act of ignorance and lure them in. We will take turns keeping watch at night, but not to let them know we are watching." "And how are we to do that?" Julile asked, "I have this herb I received as a gift from a novice I had given some... assistance to. It will keep a man up through all hours of the night." Julile smiled as Adir said this, allowing himself to grin back. "And you're sure this will work?" "Tried and tested. Take my word for it. It works." They both laughed at this and continued down the road at a steady pace, ready for whatever they might encounter that night.[/SIZE]
  7. [SIZE="1"]Adir lit one of the lanterns hanging from the rafters in the stables, burning the tip of his thumb and finger on the match as it was nearly midnight and pitch black in the stables. Matches were a rare commodity, even in the tower, Julile had noticed the match as he walked to his horse and inquired about it. " Where did you get that?" "Oh this? A merchant by the docks, some crazy old coot was practically giving them away." Adir hoped Julile hadn't seen through the lie, he didn't want to deal with this now. He had always been told he was a good lier, not a quality he was particularly proud of but useful in certain situations none the less. The two young men went to work saddling and readying their horses for the journey ahead of them. "But why did she choose us?" Julile asked as Adir put his intricately worked saddle on Selis, his white stallion. Adir knew Julile had meant the question to be rhetorical but felt the need to answer it anyways. "Because of my father," Adir handed Julile a feedbag for his black stallion as he replied. "He's...an important man where I come from." Adir turned back to his leather worked saddle as not to make eye contact with Julile. The dim lights of the Tower Stables really did not do the florid design justice. "Important? How so?" Julile inquired, turning to face Adir's back. "It's of no real significance to the task at hand. Did you hear anything of Gayrin since our last encounter?" Adir asked, quick to change the current subject. "Funny you should ask. After you and I left the Amrylin and headed to our chambers I ran into Gayrin who had brought Master Lyander with him. He accused me of attacking himself and his comrades with "some strange black haired kid". Naturally I told Master Lyander that it was impossible for either you or I to commit this offense because you and I had been with the Amrylin seat herself. Lyander then gave me a warning that I would be severely punished if I used the Amrylin as an excuse. He brought both Gayrin and I to the Keeper and she acknowledged that I had been there. I said that Gayrin must have been jealous of our meeting with the Amrylin Seat and fabricated this story in order to feel superior. You should have seen the look on his face then! I thought he would bash my head in right then and there." They both laughed at this, remembering and imagining Gayrin's face. "So now Gayrin is on late night janitorial duty for the whole of the west Tower. Ah, sweet vindication." Julile leaned back against one of the stone stable walls and stretched his arms above his head. "I can't believe that Lyander believed the story so easily." Adir said, stifling a yawn. "Oh I'm sure he didn't. You could see in his eyes he didn't, but he had no way to prove we had done anything wrong. Light I'm tired." "Aye, so am I, but the Amrylin wants us to leave immediately." It had not taken long for the two to pack all their things necessary for the trip, but for some reason the Amrylin had wanted them to leave covertly under the cover of darkness. When she had said no one was to know of this she had meant it. Not even their swords master had heard of their mission. "Why do you think the Amrylin is keeping this whole thing under wraps?" Julile asked. "I assume to stop panic. The Aes Sedai have a bad enough reputation as it is. They don't need rumors of novices disappearing from the tower spreading." "I suppose." Replied Julile, seemingly content with that answer. Adir placed the last saddle bag across his horse and mounted up. "So where do we ride?" Julile asked. Adir pulled the parchment from his belt and opened it. "The supposed direction of flight was west, so we might as well head that way in hopes of picking up a trail of something, whether that be the novice or worse." Julile mounted and crossed the stable, bringing his horse in beside Adir's. The two looked at each other and rode out into the darkness. [I]OOC: Again, sorry that took so long. I'll try to make the posts more frequent and shorter.[/I][/SIZE]
  8. [SIZE=1]Adir could see that Julile was shaking as he handed him his practice sword. "Light! What were you thinking?" Julile said, still holding the hilt of the sword as Adir held the wooden blade. "Blood is never to be drawn in the tower! Ever!" Adir yanked the sword from Julile's grip. "I was only saving your hide." Adir knew he shouldn't have snapped at Julile the way he did. Julile had no knowledge of the memory that this event had sparked in his mind. Pushing the thought aside Adir sheathed both the swords he was carrying, turned on his heal and quickly walked in the opposite direction of Julile. When he noticed Julile was not following he turned his head and yelled "Coming?" Julile ran to catch up and fell in beside him. "What do we do know?" He asked "Nothing much we can do. As soon as they come to they will tell one of the Trainers if Gayrin hasn't already." Adir replied, checking his surrounding's to see if they were alone. He brought up a mental image of the conflict, which he always did, constantly surveying his environment. [I]No, there was no one else there...[/I] "What we need is an alibi." Adir was surprised by the calm and steadiness of his voice. "That would work, Gayrin is known for the lack of truth in his statements." [I]The only problem is where can we get such an alibi?[/I] Then it hit Adir, [I]The letter![/I] "Come with me!" he said quickly to Julile and sprinted off up the next flight of stairs. Julile caught up to him quickly taking greater strides than he. "Where are we headed?" He asked as they reached the next floor in the tower. "To our alibi." Adir replied. [I]Light I hope this works.[/I] The two companions walked a little ways down a corridor to where two double doors and a woman with a large staff stood. "I'm here to see the Amrylin." As Adir said the words he looked to Julile, but instead of seeing surprise on his face as he had expected, Julile seemed completely calm, showing no outward emotion. "Light we might actually pull this off." "One moment" The tall woman said and she disappeared through the large oak doors. As soon as the doors closed Adir turned to Julile, "I just received a letter from the Amrylin requesting my presence. Perhaps by the time she hears of the incident with Gayrin the times would have blurred giving us an alibi. I could say that you had accompanied me here and there was no way you could have done anything to Gayrin's men. I'm surly here for an expulsion, that doesn't mean you deserve one." As he had finished saying that the tall woman stepped back out into the corridor. "The Amrylin will see you both now." [I]...Both?[/I] [/SIZE]
  9. [SIZE=1][I]Light, what could this be about?[/I] Adir thought as he read the parchment he had just received. Normally he would have worried about how rude he had been to Julile, but there were more important matters at hand. The letter read: [I] [CENTER]Adir Hartlan, your presence is required immediately.[/CENTER] [RIGHT]The Amyrlin Seat[/RIGHT] [/I] Adir folded up the letter as his mind raced through all the possible reasons he could be called to see the Amrylin Seat herself. Adir had pulled a few pranks in the past but nothing large enough to earn him a punishment from the Amrylin Seat. Perhaps he was not making enough progress and was to be expelled? Whatever the reason, it was surely not a pleasant one. Adir reached into his pocket and pulled out the folded parchment to read it once more. He had to make sure this was some sort of mistake. Perhaps it was someone with a similar name to his own? He was so focused on the letter he knocked into a poor novice and did not even notice or apologize. "Adir!" a voice was calling to him from down the corridor he had just come from. It was Julile, running very quickly. Despite the current circumstances, seeing Julile made him feel slightly better. He turned and walked to meet Julile, and as he did so he could see the reason for Julile running. There were about three or four men chasing after him, one of which was the other apprentice Julile had fought earlier. Adir could see that Julile did not have any weapon of any kind. The heavy practice sword would have slowed him down, and fighting was not an option at those odds. Adir knew that they would not be able to escape the red-head and his men, and he was about to be expelled anyways. Planting his feat firmly Adir looked to Julile still running towards him. Somehow he could see in Julile's eyes that he knew what he was about to do. Throwing his practice sword to Julile who caught it with reflexes that Adir had never seen the like of before, fell in line beside Adir. [I]I have no choice...[/I] he thought as he unsheathed his father's blade. [I] OOC: Sorry that took so long dude I've been busy. Thanks for being patient.[/I][/SIZE]
  10. [SIZE=1]Adir sighed as he slowly sat down under an old oak in the Tower Grounds. His muscles aching from the intense exertion they had just been put under. [I]I swear that man is trying to kill me[/I] he thought to himself. His swords master Oradin had ordered him to run through every passageway in the white tower with his wooden practice sword held above his head, merely because he had shown up to training late for the third time. Not only was this task extremely physically draining- the practice swords were heavier than most real swords in order to build muscle-, but also very embarrassing on account of the Tower being filled with Novices. As Adir looked at his blade which was gleaming in the bright sunlight, he heard some sort of commotion off to his right by one of the practice rings. It seemed that two Apprentices were scrapping over something although there was so much dust he couldn't tell who. [I]At least I'm not one of those two[/I], he thought,[I] Lyander will have their hides for that.[/I] He looked back to his sword, the shadows from the leaves were dancing across the polished steel. His father had given him this sword when he came of age and told him it was a family heirloom that when drawn, could not be sheathed until it drew blood. Adir was obviously reluctant to unsheathe it, but on these rare occasions he could not resist a quick glimpse of the blade. As he looked up he saw Lyander pick both the students up in not the most gentle of ways. [I]Light this is going to be good![/I] But to Adir's disappointment Lyander let them off without a word. With all the dust cleared he could see one of the boys clearly now. He looked about the same age as Adir with shoulder length hair. His face looked gentle, but his eyes were quite the opposite. They burned with the fire of one who was possessed. [I]How have I never seen him before?[/I] Intrigued by this strange character and what could have infuriated him to this extent Adir stood up and hurried to intersect him before he stormed off. To his relief the student stopped and began practicing sword forms at the other end of the grounds. Adir was never very good on his feat and is prone to tire quickly when walking. Since childhood he had been raised riding horses and had learn to fight on horseback. This made the training at the Tower very difficult because the was virtually no training on horseback whatsoever. It seems that anyone outside Saldaea saw combat on horseback as a variation of that on the ground, when in reality it is a different art form altogether. Finally reaching the student Adir went to tap him on the shoulder to talk to him, but the student must have heard him coming because spun around swinging his sword at Adir's right ear. Luckily Adir raised his sword to parry before the wooden practice blade could do any damage. The other student's eyes widened in surprise. "Light I'm sorry!" He exclaimed, "I thought you were someone else." "Like that red-haired student?" asked Adir as he lowered his sword. "Yes, Gayrin," he said with more than a little disgust. "Now what had the two of you in that mess?" "Light knows. I'm Julile by the way." Adir could see his eyes becoming more and more friendly but still cautious. "Adir." "I'm sorry you met me under such bad circumstances." "Well-" Just as Adir began his sentence he saw a young man with a piece of parchment in his hands running towards them with a worried look on his face.[/SIZE]
  11. [COLOR=Black][SIZE=1]I think the reason we're experiencing this problem is because not many people have read the Wheel of Time series. You do not need complete knowledge of the series in order fully participate in the RP, as Adas has told me. I have only read up to the fourth book in the series so I have only a slight background. Maybe if you, Adas, were to give a short summary and background of the world in which we will be RPing maybe more people would feel comfertable in participating. I realize it would be difficult to summerize the whole world which Robert Jordan has created but it may be beneficial. Anyways its just a thought.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  12. [B]Name:[/B] Adir Hartlan [B]Age:[/B] 18 [B]City of Origin:[/B] Maradon, Saldaea [B]Class: [/B] Warder's apprentice [B]Physical Description:[/B] Adir has shoulder length black hair and ice blue eyes. He has a fairly muscular build and is quite tall for his age. Unlike most of his fellow Saldaeans, Adir does not have the mustache or the type of eyes common to his people. [B]Personality:[/B] As a child and well into his early teens, Adir was the center of his peers aggression. Because he did not look the same as his fellow Saldaeans, he would be called an outsider and told he did not belong, but his pride for Saldaea still stayed strong. Although his heart belongs in Saldaea, Adir has traveled to the White Tower, not because he could not take the constant pestering of his countrymen, but because he had an unfortunate encounter with a woman and the sa'sara. Adir is a riding prodigy, and never goes anywhere without his white stallion Selis, or his serpentine dagger at his side.
  13. Name: Liam Jackson Age: 19 Appearance: Liam has light ice blue eyes that seem to pierce your very soul. He has long, straight jet black hair that runs to his mid back. He can usually be seen wearing a band tee shirt, leather jacket and jeans. Liam is average height, and although not considered large in any means, he does have a fair bit of muscle. Country of Origin: Wales Element: Wind Starting Powers: Liam can move small lightweight objects with the wind he manipulates. Personality When he was younger Liam would probably be considered a class clown, always trying to make people laugh when in an uncomfortable situation and tries not to take life to seriously. Liam is not a very trusting person because of traumatic events suffered as a child, and prefers to rely on his own strength before others. Even so, Liam would put the wellbeing of others before his own any day.
  14. All Liam could remember before blacking out was the anger and hatred he felt towards these men attacking him and his friends...and the two arrows stuck in his chest. Waking from his state of unconsciousness that the pain had given him he saw that little girl sitting over him in the tent. Liam tried to find the wounds where the arrows hit, but couldn?t find even a scratch. Liam tried to sit up to see what was going on but was pushed back down gently by Coco. Even though he was miraculously healed it didn?t look like he had all his strength back yet. "Just relax dude, you just got pierced by two arrows" "Don?t worry, I feel just fine" And that was the truth. He was a little tired but all in all he felt completely fine. Liam heard like what sounded like a distant scream but was carried off by a large gust of wind. "What's going on out there? Are the others still fighting?" Liam asked Coco, but he found the little girl, Rorita he thought her name was, answered him. "Yeah. Looks pretty nasty. Severed limbs and heads everywhere. And large pools of blood." She looked pretty amped up and excited for some reason. "Well you're only the freakiest eight year old I've ever met." "I'm twelve. Jerk." Liam was taken back by the little girls attitude. "Alright well the big kids are going to talk now." He turned his back the little girl to talk to Coco. "Hey I'd be a little nicer to her from now on dude, she just saved your life." Liam leaned in closer to Coco. "...You mean did that crazy flower thing to me?" "Yeah, I guess so. It looks like our little friend here can heal people, not just plants. Looks like you owe Rorita one dude." They both looked back over to Rorita who had a very proud grin stretching from ear to ear. Liam stuck out his tongue. Rorita sighed and told Liam to grow up. "I don't have time for this, I have to help the others." Liam found his strength was returning to him as he got up to leave the tent. Coco grabbed his shoulder before he could leave. "Liam you can't go out there, you?re weak and could get hit again." "Hey don?t worry about it. If I do we can just get sparky magoo over there to use her flower power on me again." He saw Rorita roll her eyes at him. He turned back and stepped through the flap of the tent. It was absolute chaos outside. He saw the girl, Clyne he thought her name was, shock one of the men dressed in black while Jack cut another's hand off with what looked like air. [I]What in God's name is going on here?[/I] As he scanned the field he saw Cody struggling with one of the men in black and then some sort of thing that words cant explain slashed out at the man and he screamed in agony. Unaware to Cody, another of the men in black was sneaking up behind him with one of the strange blades they were carrying. Without hesitation anger overtook Liam and flames spouted from his first consuming his whole right arm. These flames that licked up his arm didn?t burn at all. In fact it was a very cold sensation. There was no time to think about this now though. Liam jumped forward and punched the man with all the strength he had in him. But it seemed like he had more strength, more power, because the man flew back and right into Cody, knocking him to the ground. The man scrambled to get up as Liam walked closer, moving in to finish the kill. This man had attacked Cody, who was like a brother to him. He would have no mercy. The man dropped his sword and tried to run but Liam grabbed him by the scruff of his cloak. Liam turned him around, he wanted to see the face of this man he was going to kill, this beast. He looked into the cloak and saw bright white shining eyes and a very pale face. Liam took his right hand, still engulfed in flame, and grabbed the mans face. The fire spread over the man's body almost instantly and engulfed him entirely. It did not take him long to stop moving. Liam waited for the fire to die out and threw the charred remains to the ground. [I]No Mercy...[/I] He leaned down to Cody to check and see if he was all right. It took a few moments before he opened his eyes. "Hey dude, what happened?" "I sorta shot a dude into you with...well my fist...my baddass flame fist." Cody sat up now. The others were busy with the other men in black and they seemed to have it under control. "Yeah, I took a dudes face off with a tendril thing." "Sweet." It was just as it was when the two of them were younger, and before all this happened. "Hey! What happened to those arrows!? How are you even moving right now!?" "That girl Rorita can do some pretty amazing stuff." "Wow. So how are you feeling then?" "Physically, fine. But you'd be surprised what a comment from an eight year old girl will do to the old self esteem." "She's twelve."
  15. Liam heard some nose from inside Coco's house, and what sounded like frantic scurrying. "What is that kid doing now?" Liam thought to himself. He'd known Coco for about three years now through Cody, who he felt the responsibility to look after when ever his father would have one of his days. There were quite a lot of those days, so Cody was over at his house most of the time. If not, he'd with out a doubt be over here at Coco's. "Hey Liam," Coco said as he opened the door. Something was different about him. He was obviously hiding something. Coco was never good at telling a lie, but he never [I]actually[/I] told a lie, he just wouldn?t tell the truth. It didn't matter anyways, there was something more important at hand. "Hey dude. Have you seen -" Stepping inside the house Liam spotted Cody standing in the living room. "There you are you little shit!" Liam rushed towards Cody, pushing Coco out of the way. "What the hell did you do to set him off this time!?" Liam had Cody pinned up to the wall. "He comes barging into [I]my[/I] house, yelling at [I]me[/I] for something [I]you[/I] did. He keeps saying I?m being a bad influence or something like that. I tell him I have no idea what he's talking about, and then he trashes my stereo! That?s a four hundred dollar stereo Cody!" "Dude I'm sorry but it wasn't my fault." "Well you or your old man owes me four hundred dollars for the stereo and another fifty for the trauma and emotional damage I've suffered." There was a pause, he could see Cody was waiting to see if Liam was joking, but then they both had a laugh and he let Cody go. Liam wasn't too serious, about things of that nature. He knew that when Cody got the chance he would find a way to make it right somehow. "So what were you guys up to before I got here? I heard some runnin' around, are you guys holding out on me? Cause' seriously, if you have a cold one I could [I]really[/I] use it right now." Liam noticed that Coco hadn't said anything this whole time and was standing off in the corner of the room. Even when he was in a dark room it still looked like he was glowing of something. "Must be the light." Liam thought to himself. But then, looking down at Coco's hand, he saw that it was clenched in a tight fist. "Dude Coco, your hand's glowing." Only after he said it, did the words sink in.
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