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  1. Nuriko_Haruhi

    Anime What are You Watching/Reading Now?

    [COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Courier New"]These past few days I've been watching Kiniro de Corda or La Corda de Oro. And now I'm done watching it...I'm just wondering around and searching for new animes to watch... wish I could find one... [/FONT][/COLOR]:animesigh
  2. Nuriko_Haruhi

    Anime Anime Crushes

    [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][I]Honestly, I admit that I'm having a crush on anime characters... lots and lots of them. Maybe, because the ideal type of the person I like is reflected in that anime character. But, it's not forever that I'm going to have a crush on several anime characters... [/I][/COLOR][/FONT]
  3. [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=Navy] In an anime, sometimes there are events that we can't forget :animestun . Sometimes that event/s are the ones which we remember in any anime that we have watched. :eek:[/COLOR] [/FONT] [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkRed]For me, there are some animes that I can't forget and one of it is Ouran High School Host Club, episode 8 where they went into a beach, the event where Tamaki found out that Haruhi [spoiler]is afraid of thunder[/spoiler] :nervous: . And another anime is R.O.D TV, the 1st episode, the 1st episode makes a thrill because this is where the three main characters first showed their abilities in using papers. :love:[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkGreen]This is just some of the animes that made a trademark in my mind. I'm sure that most of you have seen some unforgettable events in any anime. I want to read all your posts about it. :catgirl:[/COLOR][/FONT] [COLOR=orange][SIZE=2][INDENT]Next time be sure to cover potential plot spoilers with the handy spoiler tags like I just did. You can find quick and easy instructions on how to use them in the How to Post in Anime Lounge sticky at the top of the forum. ~indifference[/INDENT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  4. Nuriko_Haruhi

    Anime Gunslinger Girl

    [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=Olive][I]I really like Gunslinger Girl. :love2: I first heard this anime from my friend. She told me that Gunslinger is a cool anime. I became curious so I watch it. When I watch the first part I became amused about the creator of this anime. :wow: The scenes are very detailed and the moves of the characters are very cool. Iwish there was the second part of it because I'm not contented in episode 1-13. I want more of it![/I][/COLOR][/FONT]
  5. Nuriko_Haruhi

    Anime Ouran High School Host Club

    [COLOR=DarkRed][I][FONT=Times New Roman]Ouran is one of my fav. because the whole series is very funny. :rotflmao: Each episode has an expected event. The creator of Ouran really knows what a sense of humor is. The creator of Ouran can balance the sad :animecry: and the happy :animesmil events in Ouran. But I'm not kinda please in the ending of Ouran because, it didn't [spoiler]state which of the characters will end up with Haruhi.[/spoiler][/FONT][/I][/COLOR] :( [COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=1][INDENT]I added spoiler tags to your post [B]Nuriko_Haruhi[/B], when discussing aspects of a show that could spoil it for someone who has yet to see it please use spoiler tags. For quick and easy instructions on how to use them just check the How to post in Anime Lounge sticky at the top of this section. ~ Aaryanna[/INDENT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  6. Nuriko_Haruhi

    Anime Subtitle or Dub?

    [COLOR=Sienna][I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]For me, I prefer subtitle. Because I'm use to it. And I liked their true voice in japanese that in other foreign language.I'm not saying that I don't like dub :anime swea . I just want ot learn japanese with the help of their japanese voice and the subtitles. :catgirl: But sometimes subtitles are grammatically wrong.[/FONT][/I][/COLOR] :animesigh
  7. Nuriko_Haruhi

    Anime Chobits

    [FONT=Palatino Linotype][COLOR=Navy][I]Chobits is really one of my fav.! In fact my friends call me, "Chii" because they saw my collections and they saw so many chobits stuffs. My really fav. character is Freya a.k.a The Dark Chii. I don't really know why but her character really attracts me.[/I][/COLOR][/FONT]:love2:
  8. Nuriko_Haruhi

    Anime Kodocha is based on true story

    [FONT=Lucida Console][COLOR=Navy][I]Is Kodocha really a true story!? I've seen kodocha and I've never thought that it is based on a true story. Me and my friends really have no idea about it. [/FONT][/COLOR][/I] :wow:
  9. Nuriko_Haruhi

    Anime Ever Dream Anime?

    [COLOR=Navy][FONT=Palatino linotype][I]I dreamed about Ouran High School Host Club, Prince of Tennis and Chobits. In Chobits, I became a Chobit who knows many thing about Chii's past. In, Ouran, I'm a wealthy, girl who is Haruhi's bestfriend and likes to crossed-dress as a boy. And in Prince of Tennis, I became asst. coach of the seigaku regular players and they don't know that I'm a girl because I act like a boy and I cross-dress as a boy.[/COLOR][/FONT][/I] :sleepy: :confuse2: [COLOR=Navy][FONT=Palatino Linotype][I]I'm really confused about why some of my dream about anime, I'm always a cross-dresser as a boy? In really life I'm not like that?[/COLOR][/FONT][/I] :animestun