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  1. [COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="3"]PS2[/SIZE][/COLOR] ---------- [SIZE="1"][COLOR="Yellow"]Persona 4[/COLOR]-I have to say its my favorite persona thus far really expanded I've got only 50 hrs now so I still got to work on that but also there are more games im playin at the moment though:animestun [COLOR="Yellow"]Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[/COLOR]-I have played the original for the gamboy yrs ago but to be one the PS2 were there are voices I was like no freaking way good & fluent like the other two the only thing bothering me was Sora's voice that's his older voice shouldn't they used his
  2. This game is pwnage my favorite Persona thus far right now im steadly lvling Yukiko & Kanji also I want my rank up with her but for certain things to say or do I need more courage & diligence, diligence im workin on can some1 tell me whats the best way to get more courage
  3. OMG I checked on my computer now its fixed this was the 1st problem I ever had with myotaku *& I been using it for nearly 10 yrs now*thank you though seriously for a moment I though there was no solution for this problem:smirk:
  4. Ty if it doesnt work at all you can delete it I dont mind [COLOR=Blue][b]Edit:[/b][/COLOR] Did my eyes decive? it think it good im on a library comp so I cant be sure I cheak @ home later tonight & hope this isnt a trick [COLOR=Blue]I merged your two posts. Please use the edit button (or delete and re-post) if you need to post again. -Petie[/COLOR]
  5. I know its super late to reply but it has not got any better its still the same im sooo sad this was sooo depressing I can deal with this is there any way I can delete myotaku & make a new one this is the worst problem I ever had & im sick of dealing with it so can sum1 plz tell me how to delete my old Otaku
  6. [quote name='Desbreko'][color=#4B0082]That's weird, I wouldn't think custom HTML would be able to affect the backroom pages. I'd send a PM to Panda about this, either here on OB or on theOtaku. She's an admin on theO/myO and I think she should be able to reset your post styles for you.[/color][/QUOTE] Thanks alot I hope this can be fixed
  7. [quote name='Desbreko'][color=#4B0082]Can you get to the [url=http://www.myotaku.com/account/life/styles/][u]Post Styles[/u][/url] page? If you can remove the code from there it should fix the problem.[/color][/QUOTE] Im sorry but thats the problem I cant take out anything a certain code in the html prevente cause its not the same I cant toch anything I thin I may have to delete my pro if possible
  8. Sorry but I do have a problem with myO, my post styles has a serious problem my friend put a myspace code to make it cooler instead I cant see my page & I cant edited it at all it make me mad I ask an admin or someone but no one replyed or said anything I wonder can any1 help me please?
  9. Well I have 2 Mustang is one of them but I love Al [IMG]http://img225.imageshack.us/my.php?image=alsp2.jpg[/IMG] me & him are so much alike were like the voices or reason I like everyone in the series (except Lyra)
  10. I know its a lil off I guess but in the episode 'Death' of Fullmetal Alchemist when [spoiler]Ed was killed by Envy cause of that one moment...he saw Envy's real face once that he was stabbed in the chest[/spoiler] I was sad but I was sadder in the last episode when [spoiler]Al transmuted himself to save Ed[/spoiler] to me I the I soooo close to cry I just teared & the one time in Yu Yu Hakusho when [spoiler]Kuwabara was shotin the chest by Togoro[/spoiler] Im a huge Kuwabara fan I puched my knuckles to the floor hard once I saw that *& seeing Yukina cry made it work* but it panned in the en
  11. Hmmmm thats a toughie....let's see...... 1.Well I 1st would want Kenshin's super speed from Rurouni Kenshin Im already fast but with his speed...woot I been in sonic speed 2.An angel egg from Ah. My Goddess hey who said you have to be a goddess you can be a male goddess person to lol 3.I though hard on this one but I finally knew what I wanted...Air Treks just like from Air gear a Pair of Ikki's or Agito would do fine XD
  12. I go on an emotional rollarcoster & get estaticed or pissed on certain out comes on this also I can't stand still so I ruslle upside down or side to side like Ed from Cowboy Bebop she could never stand still & so can't I thanks Ed
  13. I sorta want to make this short as possible (by rank of course) [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]1.Ah! my Goddess-Ah my Goddess is definatly a hearttaker for me the story is a tradinal love story of Keiichi Morisato a man thats always taken advantage of until he meets Belldandy the scenes of confessiong his love to her always got me & the final episode was greatly inspering to me as you can get the love you want I am a boy falling for a romance anime but it really unique in everyway possible plus beliving to have the most beatiful girl in anime *Belldandy* well that's just me anyway so that series
  14. [CENTER][COLOR="DarkOrange"][FONT="Fixedsys"]I don't know if there's a threrad of this put it never hurts to try I have been watching one of the new anime's that caught my eye, BECK a Musical anime not like singing & junk during the show it's about Rock & stuff main character's name is Yukio (Koyuki) Tanaka who come's across a dude (& a wierd looking dog) that changes his 14 year old like I just picked up the 2nd Dvd & love it alot evan more Im a guitarist & this anime motavates me evan more on my work I have to ask "What do you think of BECK?"[/FONT][/COLOR][/CENTER]
  15. I recently been watchin this at 1st the impression didn't get mebut the dance intrest me when the Dvd came out I was like (0_o OMFG!!?) Kyon was sooo owned by Haruhi but she's soo kewl nitice for wacky games, & perversion T_T poor Mikurur I can't wait for the 3rd dvd
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