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  1. i acutally like the show alot, and i have to admit it is addicting. i originally thought i would hate the manga, but my friend forced me to read it...and the guys are so hot!!!!!! as for sakuno, i think her a ryoma make a cute couple, but i agree that i don't particularly like her. and it does bug me that most anime girls are like that. that's whye HAWKEYE kicks ***! sorry, had to put that in there. *ahem* where was i? o yah, POT is acutally fairly long (coming from the japanese version, and the manga) there is a time where it seems there are fillers (like naruto) from wat i remember. but u have to admit, the characters are colorful and each have their own way of making u like them. :catgirl: so i like it! twink out!
  2. Okay...here i go! 1) yu yu hakusho! i love it! i started watching it four years ago and i'm still hooked. the characters are real enough to connect w/(especially yusuke) and even tho yusuke is the main character, the show, well, shows that it's not always just about one person. 2)fma-this speaks for itself, not really much to say because everyone's already said it. but i will say i love how human all the characters are (excluding the homunculi) and i'm just a big alphonse fan. i love him. 3)naruto-this show is just wonderful; it has everything packed into a great big anime sandwhich. i love the art, and i love the originality of the show. 4) Ouran High School Host Club- a new fav of mine, but i can't stop getting enough of it. the characters are hot, and it's just so funny! 5) (i can't believe i didn't see more of this one) DB, and DBZ- i say this especially because it was my first anime, and it's just plain funny at times. it's everything an action lover wanted, no strings attached. other animes that are worth mentioning trigun fruits basket ruroni kenshin kurogane (not from tsubasa, and not peace maker) card captor sakura angelic layer and that's about all i can think of at this time!
  3. i love yyh! it's like so awesome! it is my fav anime ( if it wasn't, then i wouldn't have a giant poster on my wall, and a hiei keychain, and a boxset of dvds, and almost the whole manga collection released in america...). the plot is really great in the show; i mean, each time the plot builds on each other, but yet it isn't like the same bad guy keeps coming back! and it definitley has humor to it so that it isn't to serious. hiei's short, lovable lines are enough to keep me going back (along w/chuck huber's excellent voice acting! i'm a huge fan of his, i think it does a wonderful job on all the jobs he takes on; shou tucker, android 17...). so i give it a 20/10! (yes, i know that isn't possible, but it's so good i have to give it bonus points!)
  4. i'm aquarius, and what's really funny is u'know like the "date w/destiny" sorta thing? well my b-friend is a libra, which is exactly what an aquarius "date w/destiny" is. i thought that was pretty funny. well, i'm pretty okay w/my sign, sometimes it's right on the money about me, and sometimes its not, so who knows?
  5. this is one from church about revenge/fighting that i kinda changed up: preacher: there was once a chinese proverb that said "the one who kindles the fire to burn his enemy, will only burn himself" i reply w/a quote that i frequently use from alabama "fighting doesn't solve anything, but it sure as he** makes one person feel great"
  6. i've cried on so many anime, if it weren't for tissues, my room would be flooded. FMA-at [spoiler]hughes's funeral. especially because my dad is in the military, and i kept seeing someone i know in the military in the casket instead of hughes, and when his little girl alyisia was tugging gracia's skirt saying "why are they buring daddy? if they bury daddy, then he won't be able to go to work anymore..."[/spoiler] i teared up so bad. and also the whole "nina" incident. i wanted to cry for days on that one...i mean she was so cute...and she just like...*waaaaah*! YYH-okay, i know this is lame, but u'll have to excuse me, i almost cried when i thought (can't believe i'm actually saying this) [spoiler]kuwabara died.[/spoiler] i mean, it was so sad! pokemon- okay, i was like seven, so no one laugh! it was the episode when ash [spoiler]thought he was going to give up pikachu...[/spoiler]i started to bawl. Naruto-(here's a long list) garra's past is so sad, i mean, it was just all so sad....naruto's was as well, and sasuke's (but he can burn in heck, sasuke fangirls don't attack!) and neji's....and hinata's...and haku's...i mean that whole darn show is just sad!!!! Black Cat-when [spoiler]saya died in train's arms.[/spoiler] that was just a plain tear jerker. spirited away-when chihiro couldn't be[spoiler] w/haiku..[/spoiler].i thought it was very sad indeed. yah...i'm sure there's more, but i can't think right now. [COLOR=Teal][SIZE=1][INDENT][B]hieiluver92[/B], I added spoiler tags to your post. When discussing aspects of an anime show that would spoil it for someone who has yet to see it, always use spoiler tags. For quick and easy instructions on how to use them just check the How to Post in Anime Lounge sticky. Also, my previous warning about improving your posts stands. Proper spelling and grammar is a must. ~Aaryanna[/INDENT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  7. i love ccs! it's so awesomeful! *squeals* tho i hate the fact that everyone thinks that tomoyo and sakura are gay (along w/toya and yukito). they're not gay! not! not! u love ur sister right? u love ur brother, right? well that's the same kind of love that ccs illustrates. and i think u have to realize that. the world today simply thinks everytime someone says "i love u" means that they mean it that they. so that just makes me kinda mad. i really liked the second movie, it's so adorable! i love the whole sakuraxli relationship, it's so cute! i mean, doesn't it make u feel fuzzy inside when u read the last page of the series when they say "we'll be together forever"? it's so cute!!![INDENT][SIZE=1][COLOR=Teal][B]hieiluver92[/B] please improve your posts. Here at OtakuBoards, we greatly emphasize the concept of having clear, easy to read posts. This includes correct use of spelling, grammar and punctuation. Abbreviations like u instead of you are a definitely no no. An easy way to improve your posts is to type them up in a program like word, which has a spell check feature. If you don't have word, you can use hotmail, which has a spell check feature and is free. If you have any questions feel free to pm myself or another member of the staff. ~Aaryanna[/COLOR][/SIZE][/INDENT]
  8. the show is flippin hilarious! i love it! it's a great comedy relief for people like me who love to watch serious anime, and need soemthing to make them laugh!
  9. Full Metal is awesome! (i'm doing a fan manga as we speak) the plot is way awesome, but be forwarned, it will make you cry! (be prepared w/tissues!) alphonse is way cool (my fav character!) and roy is just hot...so it has decent eye candy for bishi lovers. twink out ------------------ oky doky, there's a question i have for everyone! i am currently reading/watching fma. i've seen the ending, and watched the movie, (i'm currently at the part when greed first enters the scene in the manga) but the middle is still a mystery. there's a guy named pride, now i was under the impression [spoiler]that was the fuher,[/spoiler] or wat not. but i've seen these pics of a homoculous looking version of ed and they say that's pride. so i'm confused. can someone help me? hiei luver
  10. ouran is so funny! i just started to watch it, and i've already bought two of the manga...i mean, it's just so funny!
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