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  1. sorivile was getting axious, he wanted to be the first to rip someone in half, the bloodlust was killing him. "sly? when are we there?! i want to kill someone!" "[I]as soon as the hyena says we can! don't worry i'm anxious as well![/I]" said the huge weasel sly, it shook a little and sorivile had to tighten his restraints a little so he wouldn't fall off his seat. "nng! go quicker! go ahead!" said sorivile pressing a button or two. "[I]patience boy! we'll get there! use the invisbilty when you see the camp, we'll be able to get one of them![/I]" "good thinking!^^ i luffs ya sly! ow! sirt no biting!" he hit a little bulge on his shirt that is his hampster, it squeaked. "i luffs you too sirt, you were first so that's makes it special!^^" the hampster squeaked happily after he said that. sorivile went back to scouring the horizon, and there, he saw it, the enemy, the meat, his favorite meal, blood. a wry smile went on him and sly. he pressed the button and his bot melted seamlessly into the scenery. "t[I]i[/I]m[I]e[/I] f[I]o[/I]r s[I]o[/I]m[I]e[/I] f[I]u[/I]n!!!" both him and his bot said in unison.
  2. OOC : is this post dead? or are waiting for someone to post so they can get inspiration?
  3. sorivile dashing ahead of everyone, instinct of a weasel taken over his thoughts, he could smell the target, he didn't need a radar, both sly and sorivile got more excited every step that sly took, light on his feet he was dashing, skidding ontop if water and almost flying. " [I]When are we going to get there?! [/I]" said his bot sly anxious. " by scent a couple minutes! i can already taste or the meat sack's blood!" said sorivile in reply happily, he laughed throwing his head back and sly did the same thing in it's own weasel laugh.
  4. Sorivile walked up to the weasel still scratching himself, this time it was the arm. [I]what's wrong?[/I] Sly cocked his head at him. "This new suit! it's so itchy!!!" [I]You'll get used to it right?Ii don't want someone squirming around.It's uncomfortable.[/I] "i'll get used to it! don't worry! you're just like sirt! worrying about me!...oh come on yes you do!" he said the last bit to the hampster on his shoulder.it just shook his head and wiggled his way back into his shirt. [I]When are we going to have fun? i'm so very anxious![/I] Said sly jumping up and down. "If you stop moving so i can get in we'll be ready as soon as everyone else is here!" He said smiling his one fang showing up obviously. Sly stood still as Sorivile hopped back in his seat and strapped in(Saftey first!) He started walking the weasel around, climbing walls and hanging above everyone waiting and watching the large doors so he and sly could go "have fun"
  5. OOC: i'm sorry guys, with my scheduale i can't do this anymore, anyone can pick up where i left off so there isn't a hole anymore. i hope you're not mad at me, and please keep kailo going! she needs to finish this story too you know! p.s. I'M SORRY!:animecry:
  6. "I never wear anything but this!" Sorivile said as he walked out of his mech.He saw the stern glare stalled. "But everything else is so itchy!" The glare kept going. "Fine fine, have it your way boss man, I'll be uncomfortable the whole trip." he walked out, little sirt on his shoulder still, giving the evil eye to the CO as Sorivile left. They got the their dorm and found the suit. "Gah, so ugly." little sirt looked at him. "What? blue and red go together!.....Oh what do you know you're a hampster!" He changed and him room again scratching his side. "This, will not help my fighting skills!" his big eyes flashed a tint of red.
  7. " Tch, how rude! ah well, back in I sup-OW! sirt!" he pulled a hampster from his shirt and scoweled at it. " No biting! Don't make me put you in the dresser again!" He let the hampster scamper up his arm and sit on his shoudler as he went back in and sat down, strapped in and took over the weasel's vision again. " So weasel bot, what can you do?" [I]press a button any button![/I] the voice popped up in his head. "Nifty keen! you can talk to me! so, do you like to have fun?" [I]Loads.[/I] "Great! now lets see...." he pressed a button and the weasel jumped.Amazed he pressed another and nothing seemed to happen. "what happened?" [I]stealth button[/I] The bot said happily [I]you learn very quickly![/I] "well thank you! you need a name.....Sly! you're Sly now!" [I]yay![/I] "Now lets see....I know!" he controls the weasel to walk around the wing, annoying the others and pretending to act like an actual weasel, sneaky, curious, mischevious, and playful.
  8. Sorivile, seeing how everyone is ignoring him, decides to hop into the cockpit that he couldn't close, the door closes and he looks around, simple buttons labeled but he couldn't read it all it's all faded out. He looks at the controls, it looked like a game control without the buttons, just the analog sticks. he grabbed hold of them and then a new vision popped up in his head, it looked as though he was looking through the eyes of his bot. he smirked to him self as he brought one stick forward making the weasel walk forward. " Cool! But now do i get out?" He looked around then almost immediately the same door on the side of the bot opened up. he got out and went to the front where the bot was looking at him head tilted to one side, sorivile though he was confused. "Don't worry." He smiled petting the large wet nose "We'll have loads of bloody good fun!" He turned to Gar. "Hey Gar?" no response" RUDE BOY! when's the fun? i want rip someone in half!" his smile was curled and wicked, eager to have his brand of "fun" (ooc: sorivile gave you all nicknames so ya....bear with it. good guys, your name is meat sack sorry to say.)
  9. (ooc: hey! you never told me it started! since i have just a bad guy i'm just gonna use him) Sorivile walks into the room. "sorry i'm late, one of the meat sacks out there got me mad." he smiles mischeviously. "Am i too late?" Something moves and catches his eye, it was a huge weasel. he walked straight up to it touched the nose, it was wet, he smiled. "weasel bot...." The giant bot pushed it's nose against him making him laugh, he notices a opening and looks at it, it was the cockpit, large and not full of buttons or levers, simple and had a comfy looking chair, he wanted to go inside but it could've been a trap seeing as the bot had a mind of it own. he hopped up top of it feeling the softness, thinking it was going to be hard and cold but no, it was soft and warm, like an actual weasel. He looks at the others. "So these are ours?" he said excitedly like a little five year old, that's all he was, an extremly smart five year old with an insane homicide's personality.
  10. Watching them she sighs." Guess i have to go too. this is not a good time to wear a dress." She walks to the edge and hops down ledge after ledge making sure no one at the bottom is looking up. (ooc: sorry it's so short, you guess can use me or w/e in your replies, my mind is in a blank right now)
  11. After gaining courage slightly and noticing someone else walk there she comes from hiding and walks over. "H-Hello." She said smiling nervously. Nie looks over. "Oh hello there!" He said getting up and looking at her. "You're a cute one! who do you think you're the reincarnation of?" " Hmmm...." She thinks playfully. " You?" " Bingo!" he said and she just laughs. "Aw! too bad your so much older and dead now, I could've dated you." She said playfully winking. " I like this girl!" he said smiling. Kailo laughs (ooc: i cant to write more but i can't think of anything.i also thought nie would of been like a charmer since he is fire, he'd be firey and flirtasious!(sp?):catgirl:)
  12. "What the?" Kailo sat there, hearing a voice in her head. Thinking it was important since all the voices in her head has never steered her wrong set out for the mountains." Mountains? well, it's not that far, i could make it in a couple hours." She made a friend along the way,it was a stray cat that followed her all the way to the mountains. She decided to keep it and name it Kira. it was black and sleek, it liked running around chasing little fireballs she controlled like a toy mouse. She got to the top after an exhausting climb and saw eight people, confused and dazed think it was an illusion scrambled the rest of the way up and kind of hid away.[I]Who are these people?[/I] She thought hard, she started thinking. (ooc: ya, i'm not so good in the begining, don't worry! i'll get more ideas as we go on!^^')
  13. (this is gonna be a challenge! i like challenges!) Name: Kailo Lisathera Age: 18 Gender: female Personality: Kailo is very sweet most of the time but does get violent when mad just like a fire. When she gets free time she enjoys reading and sketching, sometimes making fires start in a fireplace with a snap of her fingers. Many see her as a gentle kind girl, but her last three boyfriends will tell her discipline techniques are quiet harsh.(he uses a sword) Not most people know her anyways and just know her by,"That girl with the purple hair" The ones that dop know her always will say "Nice, but don't get her mad, she burned down the neighbor's house one time" So don't get her mad. Appearance: [url]http://fanart.theotaku.com/view.php?id=244105[/url] Rencarnation of: Nie- of the fire Power: controls fire(obviously), can concentrate the fire into a very intense small ball that can burn nthrough almost anything and cause holes in people sides, very good hand-to-hand skills, a few little surprises that will come up in the story later.(not that big, just like "oh i didn't know you can do that!" kind of thing) Weapon: a staff with a point on the bottom.(helps her control the fire) made of wood, straight and smooth the top looks like a lioness's head and a large black heart charm off it. Bio: She was met by a strange man who told her she was a reincarnation, at first she didn't believe him but sooner or later she had to once she accidently set her neighbor's house on fire.:animeswea
  14. Name: James Holran Age: 21 Personality: Smart, kind, and loves a good challenge, he'll join any game, he's also very easy to get along with Apperance: [url]http://s211.photobucket.com/albums/bb64/animexisxmyxlife/anime%20boys/?action=view¤t=blondblueangelguy.jpg[/url] Origins: He was a prince till his father was overthrown by his own uncle. He now lives with his best friend in a small but busy town. Crest: [url]http://s225.photobucket.com/albums/dd112/retromirrorart/?action=view¤t=Design17.jpg[/url]
  15. Name: Sorivile Ton Age:18 Personality: Completly insane, he likes to kill, he doesn't do it often though knowing if he does it too much he'll be sent back to the asylum, he has a thing for sharp objects and fire. If you befriend him he's very sweet and funny. You can always find something about him that makes you laugh like his poofy pants, or the hampster that lives in his shirt. Apperance(image if you can please): [url]http://fanart.theotaku.com/view.php?id=241012[/url] (He has a fang yes, only one, he's human, just with a fang) Good/Bad: He's good, he just seems like a baddy. Mech: Dragon Other: A hampster lives in his shirt, he named it Sirt.He has a thing for calling people "meat sacks" when he doesn't know them, he also likes eating raw meat. (kinda crazy for a good guy huh?) He may seem crazy but he has moral and rules, he only kills the bad guys. ---- P.S.If you think he's not a good guy you can put him in the bad catagory and give him the weasel.I don't mind.:catgirl:
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