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  1. konske

    RPG Adventure of Space Bounty Hunters

    [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross ducked behind the bar and let out a sigh. He lit up a cigareete and then inhaled deeply. He used the shattered mirror peices to look at the stupid hunters shooting at them. "Hey, Fury, I have a question." He let the smoke flow out of his nose.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"What is it?" Fury looked at him, an eyebrow raised[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"How do you handle explosives?" Cross smiled big as he lowered his gun. He opened one end and then pulled out one of his small rockets. "Because if we are lucky, we can take them all out at the same time." Fury grinned his toothy grin and gave a nod.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"I see. Sounds interesting." Cross handed Fury the rocket and then laughed. In the blink of an eye, both men stood up, Fury threw the rocket twards the largest group as Cross raised his gun and began to fire. After shooting ten rounds, one hit the rocket, causing it to explode.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross ducked as the ball of fire roared over the top ofthe bar. He looked over to Fury as the ball of flame fadded away. Cross began to laugh as small puffs of smoke came from Fury's head. "Dude, you hair, its like on fire." Cross laughed even harder as he stood up and fired off his gun, killing the last of the men.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"What the hell?" Fury started patting the top of his head, putting the smouldering hair out. He stood up and then glared at Cross, who was still laughing while wrapping his gun back up. "You didn't say that it was gonna be that hot."[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross laughed even harder, doubling over from the entertainment. "I swear man, I have a feeling that we are gonna be a great team. Can you hold this for a second?" Cross handed Fury his gun, which is about 200 pounds, Fury grabbing it with one hand.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Well, this isnt as light as I thought it would be. I'm supprised you can use this thing as easily as you can. Your not a normal human are you?" Fury smirked as cross put his cigarette out.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"][SIZE="1"]"Your right, I'm not a normal human. The easiest way to explain it is that I'm a newman." Cross smiled at him and took his gun back with one hand. He flung it over his shoulder and looked at Fury then smiled. "Yup, good partners."[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  2. konske

    RPG Adventure of Space Bounty Hunters

    [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross walked into a local pub and sat down at the bar. He raised his hand as the bartender walked right past him and started talkin to another patron. "Hey, umm, Mister Bartender Dude, can I get a glass of whiskey?" Cross smiled as the man eyed him then turned away.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"We don't serve your kind here, Newman. Get lost." Cross let out a sigh and then stood up. He shook his head then smiled once more.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Listen, bud. I'm gonna ask one more time. Will you please pour me a glass of whiskey. I really don't want to make this complicated." Cross lit another cigarette an then exhailed twards the bartender.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Fine then. Just don't mess my bar up will ya?" The man poured Cross a glass then set it in front of him.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"See, now that was easy, wosn't it?" Cross gave the man a big toothy smile and then settled back down in his chair. He took a sip from the glass then raised an eyebrow as the doors opened.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Look what we have here. Its a hybrid, interesting." Cross watched the lion walk around and finally sit down at his own table. "I wonder what his kind is doin in a place like this." Cross took another sip of his glass then set it down. He took up quickly, trying to attract attention from both the owner an the lion.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Lets see, how to go about this. I can tell that when i begin to walk twards him, his muscles will start to contract, he will be ready to pounce." Cross smiled at the lion and then walked twards him. "Got 'em."[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"What do you want, human?" He lion closed his eyes and turned away from Cross.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Oh, nothing in particular, i suppose. I just had some questions for you, if ya don't mind.: Cross gave him a good smile and then sat down in the chair oposite of the lion. "First, might I ask what your name is?"[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"My name? Its Fury. And you are?" Fury looked at Cross and then crossed his arms over his chest. Cross smiled at him with his big toothy grin. "Well, I'm waiting."[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"So, your name is Fury, huh? What an suitable name for someone like yourself." Fury raised an eyebrow as Cross began to laugh. "I mean, come one, Fury, furry? Its practacly the same. Does this mean I can call you furrball from now on?" Cross laughed louder as Fury ckenched his hands into fists.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"What do you want, bounty hunter? I know there isn't a hit on my head. And even if there was, I doubt someone of your calibur could take me all by his lonesome." Fury smirked as Cross doubled over in laughter. "Just who the hell are you?"[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"][SIZE="1"]"Oh man, this is too good to be true. I can't stop laughin. Your a riot there Fury. Wow, never would have though you would have such a comedic tone about you." Cross wipped away a tear next to his eye. "Ok, so, you want to know my name? Sure, why the hell now. The names Nathan 'Cross' Wolfwood, at you service." Cross extended his hand twards the lion hybrid.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  3. konske

    RPG Adventure of Space Bounty Hunters

    [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross stepped off the brow of his small ship. He looked back as a computer's monotone voice echoed into his ear. "Sir, your orders?"[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross smiled as he shook his head. "Maria, listen. Your in charge. Make sure all repairs are completed upon my return. Also, check the security of this city. I want to know what details and or what jobs are open. And let me know which ones are even worth my time will you?" He gave a wave as he walked through the space port, making his way twards the city.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Understood, sir. And please be careful." With that the computer's comlink was cut off, leaving Cross to himself.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"So, lets see here. What is there to do in this hell hole of a planet?" The smile on Cross' face grew larger as he gripped the strap on his gun. He glanced back at it and then nodded, content with its wrapping.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Master Wolfwood, we weren't expecting you. I am afraid that we do not have any acomodations prepared for you at the moment. If you would, please enjoy yourself around the city while your room is prepared." An elderly man, hunched over due to age and wear stood in front of Cross, a small smile etched into his aged face.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Don't worry about it, K'liak. I understand that it was a spur of the moment thing. I don't mind the wait. Tell me, is there anything that I should know about here while i make my way around town?" The old man shook his head and let out a sigh as Cross laughed loudly.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"There should be no problems, Master Wolfwood. We had a small run in with a group of thugs, but some local bounty hunters took care of them with out delay. Other than that, nothing."[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Thats good to hear. Oh yeah, while I was coming into orbit, there was a pod that was fallowing me. Tell me, should I be worried about it?" The old man looked at Cross with a smal look of confusion on his face. He shook his head slowly. "I see. You don't know anything about it, do you?" Cross reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of smokes. He took one from the pack and then brought it to his mouth. A moment later he pulled a lighter, then lit the cigarette. He inhaled deeply then blew the smoke out, away from K'liak.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Umm, Master Wolfwood. If you would like, we can do a scanner search for the pod and its inhabitants." Cross smiled and shook his head.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Don't worry about it. I have a feeling that I will meet the owner in due time." Cross pulled on a strap that loosened the wrap on his gun. "And, I suggest, K'liak, that you move you and your men away from here as soon as possible unless you would like to be killed." Cross turned around as a metal machine stared down at him, no more that fourty feet away.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Nathan 'Cross' Wolfwood. You are my target." The machine raised its arms, which housed twin barrel machine guns. Oh its side, for quick grasp, was a beam gun. Cross smiled as the wrap on his gun fell to the ground, revealing a silver cross. The larger length of the cross housed a gatling gun, while the oposite side housed a small grade rocket launcher. The bar going across from one side to the other house small handguns, five on each in case of emergencies.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Ya don't say? Well if thats the case, before I dismantle you, will you tell me who sent you?" Cross flicked the cigarette but to the ground and then stompped on it, smuthering the cherry.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="navy"]"All you need to know Cross, is that Wolfie would like to meet you, one way or another." Within the blink of an eye, the machine began to fire upon Cross, unleashing it sentire fury of bullets.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross grunted as he whipped his gun around and began to use it as a sheild. "This isn't gonna work like you want it to, my little robotic friend." A moment later, Cross rolled to the left, bringin his gun with him. He rolled behind a metal plate to be used as a sheild as he began his counter attack.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]It was Cross' turn, he began to fire at the machine, unleashing his own barage of bullets. "Take this, ass hole." Cross let go of the trigger after two minutes. He looked up to see the machine still standing, tossing its guns to the side and reaching for its twin beam guns. "Shit, this isn't good." Cross ducked back down as beams started to pulverise the metal plate he was hiding behind.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Cross, traditional rounds will not be enough to stop me." The machine bagan to take small steps forwards tward Cross.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Ya don't say. If thats the case." Cross spun his gun around and then stood up. He claped his hands togeter, then pulled the trigger once more, sending a rocket at the machine. It hit, creating a giant cloud of smoke.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]As the smoke fadded, the machine stood, undamaged by the rocket. "I tried to warn you." The machine looked around and saw the cross standing on its end. "The end is now." The machine fired once, knocking the cross to the ground, revealing that here was nothing behind it. "What is this?"[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Your right about this being the end, my metal friend. Sorry about this." Cross looked down at the machine as he was standing on its back. He held two of his emergency pistols. He fired ten times, five rounds per gun at the back of the machines head, destroying its nervous system, causing it to fall to the ground in a lifeless hump.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross jumped off the machine and let out a sigh. He grabbed another smoke and lit it, puffing out a cloud of smoke. He looked back at the machine as a hologram of a man appeared.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Congratulations, Mr. Wolfwood. I would like it if you would come onboard my ship so we can have a nice discusion." Cross looked at the man and smiled as he exhailed another cloud of smoke.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"][SIZE="1"]"Well, if it isn't the legendary Wolfie himself. Concidering who this request is coming from, it seems like I don't have much of a choice now does it?" He smiled as he picked up his gun and put the wrapping back on it. He fastened it down and then looked from the machine to the hologram. "I guess I will see you when you get here, won't I?" The hologram nodded as Cross began to laugh.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  4. konske

    Sign Up Adventure of Space Bounty Hunters

    [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Name: Nathan "Cross" Wolfwood[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Race: Edta "Newman"[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Age: 58[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Birth planet: Edtarak[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Bio: Cross is a bounty hunter not out of want or need, but because he thinks it would be fun. He had done many things in his lifetime, which travels slower than that or normal humans. Due to the age difference, in human years he is mearly 25, but he has the knowledge of someone twice his age.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]He was introduced to bounty hunting from an old family friend that did it as a profesion. Cross decided he wanted to give it a shot, and enjoyed himself in the process. Ever since that fateful day, twenty years ago, he has played along with the bounty hunting rules, not really caring who gets in his way, but not trying to make enamies either.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]History: Edtarak is a recently discovered planet that resembles the original Earth so much it has been called "Earth II". The landscape, rivers, oceans, and even the animals and humans that inhabit the planet resemble Earthlings nearly to a tee.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]There is two races that live on the planet Edtarak. The first is the Edta, which resembles humans more than their brethren, the Korda. The Korda resemble more of reptiles or amphibians, than humans. Thus in turn has caused many disfunctions between Earth and Edtarak, mainly because of the closed minds of the Earthlings.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]The Edta on the other hand resemble Earthlings so much they have been given a new name as well, one that is normaly only used by Earthlings. The name they were given is "Newmans". The only real difference between the two races, Edta and Earthlings, are their lifespans and aging process. Earthlings age nearly three times as fast as Edtas.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Also, Edta are not quite as tall as the average Earthling, yet their strenght is nearly four times more than Earthlings. This causes Edta to be very dangerous when entering into fights with other races.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Personality: Cross is very entergetic. He likes to joke around, and won't fail to give you a smile no matter the situation. He is smart, being alive for 58 Earth years, but he still has a juvinile attitude twards things. And if he senses that you are getting annoyed at him, he will smile and try to push a few more buttons until either calling a truce or laughing his ass off.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Nathan, get in here." A burly voice calls him into the next room of the gigantic mansion. Cross makes his way into the room holding his signature gun, strapped to his back.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Yo, pop, hows it goin'?" Cross gives him a wave and smiles big as he sets the gigantic gun next to a chair then plops down, letting out a little laugh as he does so. "You called, old man?" Cross looks down at his gun then back up at his foster father.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Tell me, son. When do you plan on stopping this pathetic game of yours. Everyone knows you are a good bounty hunter, but what are you getting out of it? One of these days your going to get shot, or even worse, killed. What then?" the elderly Edta leaned back into his chair and let out a sigh.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Hmm, thats a good point there, pops." Cross rubbed his chin then let out a big smile. "I really don't know. I'm not tired of it yet, so I think I will keep doing it for a little while longer." Cross let out a big laugh as the elderly Newman sighed deeply.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"You do realize that your mother and I am very worried about your safety. That is all." The older man looked at his foster son, caring and sympathy radiating from his eyes.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross looked at him and then smiled. "I know, pop. The thing is, your still doing it, right? How is it, that the son of the infamous Harlem "Bloody Moon" Wolfwood can sit there, worry and sympathy in his eyes, and tell his own son to stop doing the work that he, himself is conducting? It's a little contradictory right?" Cross smiled weakly and then stood up. "Don't worry, old man. I've got things under control." He gave a wave and then headed twards the door.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Before leaving, his foster father called after him, getting cut off as the door shut. "Nathan, you can always call me, if you need help. Be careful son."[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Transport: As stated before, his foster father, Harlem "Bloody Moon" Wolfwood is a bounty hunter as well. He is one of the most well known on the planet Edtaka, so this means he is a wealty man. On his son's 25 birthday, he bought him a medium grade star ship built to house a crew of only 4. This of course is nothing special, and can be run with only one person, which is the way Cross likes it. He is the only crew member on board, and he seems to just fine taking care of everything that happens to come up.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"][SIZE="1"]Usual attire [attire military for cloths] (anything you want from skimpy clothing to over the top outfits but make sure you dont over do it!):[URL="http://i648.photobucket.com/albums/uu209/clanker_sin/wolfwood.jpg"]Cross[/URL] The sun glasses are a must. His gun, which is the one he is using, is normaly strapped to his back, and is wrapped up, covering it, keeping it safe from the elements.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  5. i really enjoyed playin mass effect...so yeah...count me in too
  6. konske

    RPG Scrapmetal Circus

    [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]CP took in a deep breath as he set his sword, Retribution down. He exhailed and then smiled. He was content. "That was a decent workout." He flexed his right arm as he felt a twing go throughout his right arm. He frowned as he looked down at his hand.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]He let out a humph as he picked up Retribution once more. His frown increased as he gripped the hilt tighter. "Weight is off by three pounds. Its heavier." He shook his head as he spun the blad around a couple of times. As he finished he took in another deep breath and then let it out slowly.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]He slowly slid Retribution back into its scabard and walked inside the Carnival. "This is strange. What was that?" He let out a sigh as he walked tward Burt's room. As he reached it, he knocked then walked inside. As he passed the door frame he froze. He looked at Kurai who smiled up at him.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"Oh, hey. I thought maybe Burt could use a hand fixing some of his things." She looked from CP to Bert and then smiled once more.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"Going by the look on your face, I would say that you are confused, supprised and a little angry, right?" Burt smirked as CP nodded slowly.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"I take it something is wrong, I will go and leave you guys alone." Kurai began walking twards the door but CP raised his arm, stopping her.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"Don't worry about it. You can stay." He smiled down at her and then walked over to one of Burt's stools. He sat down and then raised his right arm.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"So, is there something wrong? You might want to tell me, I can't read your mind, at least just by looking at you." CP fround as Kurai let out a little giggle.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"Retribution's weight is off by three pounds. Its taking more effort to weild it." CP glanced at Kurai as Burt let out a sigh and scratched the top of his head.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"No kidding? Well, did you run an internal systems check?" CP nodded and then frowned.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"I did, it came back negative. Going by the diagnostics, there was nothing wrong." Burt nodded and then walked over to CP.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"Alright, I'll take a look." Burt smiled as he began to work on CP's arm. CP sighed and then looked at Burt. "Explain to me why this is so important that the effort you need to weild yoursword has increased."[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]CP frowned and then glanced up at Kurai, then turned back to Burt. "Becase, when I use Retribution, it links up with my internal systems. When there is an issue with my internal systems, it is negatively transfered to Retribution. Because the effort increased, the weight of it increased. Thus in turn cuases the effort i need to increase, which causes Retribtion's weight to increase. Its a never ending cycle."[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"I see, anything else I should know?" Burt glanced at CP then continued his work.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"Well, I was built to be balanced, and if it is off, then what I am capable in battle decreases. And, if Zeke is still planning on doing what everyone here knows he will do, then I want to go in first and do recon." CP glanced up at Kurai, who had a dumbfounded look on her face.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"Oh, I've never heard you talk so much. It suites you. You should talk more." She smiled at him as he turned back to Burt.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"So, you can see why its turning into a big deal." Burt nodded and then let out a sigh.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"Ok, I figured it out. I think when you almost did yourself in, you tweaked your wrist's connectors. One of the sensory cables is being pinched. Thus in turn wouldn't appear on a system diagnostics test. I can fix it, just give me a second." He smiled and then continued on his work.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]Slowly, CP turned back to Kurai who still had the same smile on her face. As he looked at her, her smile increased. "So, you think I should talk more?" She nodded at him as CP blushed a little and then turned back to Burt who just finished his repairs.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"There you go, should be as good as new now. I think you will, hey, what are you doin?" He took as step back as CP stood up and put his hand on the hilt of his sword. "Now in here you don't. Hey, are you even listening to me anymore?"[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="1"]CP smirked as he drew his sword and swung it around a few times. When he finished he smiled and slid it back into its scabard. He turned to Burt who let out a big sigh. He nodded and then turned to the door to leave. He stopped at the door frame and then smiled. He turned back to Burt and Kurai. "Thank you, Burt. Oh, and I guess I will work on talking a little more from now on." He nodded to both of them and then walked out the door, heading back to the top deck to test out the repairs on his right arm.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  7. konske

    RPG Scrapmetal Circus

    [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]CP let out a sigh as Lyon chased Zeke arund the ship. He closed his eyes then shook his head. When he opened his eyes he noticed R-112 was looking at him. Slowly CP walked over to him and looked at him. Even while sitting down, the giant mech was nearly as tall as CP.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"The one named Axel called you CP, correct?" CP nodded and locked eyes with the giant mech. For a few moments, neither one said anything. Axel walked behind CP and had a faint nervous look on his face.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"Hey CP, wha-" Before he could finish, CP raised his hand and slowly shook his head. After a few more moments, CP smiled faintly and extended his hand.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"Its nice to meet you. My name is Chase Phillips. You can call me CP though." The big mech shook his hand with a firm grip.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"Its nice to meet you as well, CP." R-112 had a smile on his face, while Axel's jaw dropped from supprise.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"I didn't know CP stook for anything. When were you gonna tell me that?" CP turned to him and shrugged with a smile on his face.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"Chase, huh? Thats kind of a cute name." Kurai said, looking at him with a smile. Anya was giggling behind her. CP turned to them, eyebrow arched. He smirked then shook his head.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"CP, I have a question." R-112 looked down at Burt as CP faced him. "If I am correct, you all have done something so that the military is chasing you, right? I was wondering if you would mind explaining what it is that you have done for them to be chasing you."[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]CP crossed his hands over his chast and burrowed his eyebrown. He looked at R-112 and shook his head. Axel put his hand on CP to try and calm him down a little bit. "See, we aren't too sure if the military even knows that CP is still alive. Their last records has him as destroyed because he self destructed."[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]CP glared at him as as R-112 nodded in understanding. "I see, then what is it that you were built for?"[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"I was built to kill in the shaddows." CP let out a sigh of frustration. Knowing that there was no way of getting out of explaining.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"And let me guess, judging by your armorments, and your devices you have built into your system, you were made to be a repair mech, right?" Burt glanced from R-112, then to CP and finally back down to his work.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"That is correct. I am unsure of my abilities to repair you newer models unfortunately." R-112 looked down for a second and then looked at Burt.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="1"]"Don't worry about it, Doc. Just do what you can, that will help." CP turned and began to walk away, waving to everyone as he left the room.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  8. konske

    RPG Scrapmetal Circus

    [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]CP watched the entire situation unfold in front of him. He clenched his teeth and then leaned against the far wall, trying to stay out of the way. He crossed his arms over his chest and closed his eyes, disgust written on his face.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"CP, whats goin' on? I don't like the look on your face." Axel walked up next to CP, trying to get out of everyone's way as well. "Something tells me that you are going to do something stupid."[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]CP opened one eye and looked at him. His pupil began changing to a reddish hue, then CP closed his eye once more. Axel took a step back and tried to let out a laugh but couldn't quite get it all the way out.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"Your gettin' pissed. I can tell. This is not good." He turned to the others, "Hey, I think C-" before he could finish, CP pushed off the wall and left the room. He lightly closed the door behind him, never once opening his eyes to show his anger rising.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]CP leaned against a wall and took in a deep breath. "Calm down Chase. Just relax. You had no coice. It wasn't your fault you killed all of those people." He his his fist on the wall, creating a dent. He hit it again, making the dent bigger. Slowly, his breathing became normal, and his pupils went back to their normal shade.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"That image. Why, why did it spark up that stupid virus. Its still inside, it hasn't been cleaned out yet. I thought self destructing the nonessentials would destroy it. Damn." He let out another breath and then stood up straight. He closed his eyes and let it out slowly.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"In any case, I found the trigger. Now, I will just have to be careful. I can't let it take over again. The damage might kill too many." He shook his head and then walked over to the door.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]Before opening it, he paused. He shook his head once more and then walked inside, never really looking at anyone. He turned to Axel before he could ask anything. "Is he doing better?"[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="1"]Axel looked at him and slowly nodded. "I guess, it was a lot of information that was dumped on him. Are you going to be ok?" CP grunted at him and then looked down at Zeke. He clenched his fist once and then relaxed a little.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  9. konske

    Discuss Scrapmetal Circus: The backstage

    that would both be messed up at funny at the same time to see burt in a cage up there
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    RPG Scrapmetal Circus

    [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]CP looked over at Burt and then walked over to him. He sat down on a stool an then extended his leg for Burt to do his examination. He watched Burt grunt as he did a little repair job on his ankle.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"[I]89A-47BZC-83-D, your something special alright. I don't quite understand why it is you were able to walk away from your little situation, but I'm glad you did."[/I] He smiled up at CP who only grunted.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]Anya leaned into the room as she walked past and let out a whistle. [I]"I've never seen your insides, CP. Your pretty complex." [/I]She smiled as CP shrugged. [I]"I have a question, why don't you talk more? You are so quiet, its almost a little scary. We all know what happened to you, how much damage you did when you went berserk, and thats kinda why we are a little on edge when you are around." [/I][/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]CP smiled faintly and then looked up at her. [I]"I don't have anything to say."[/I] He turned back to Burt who finished up his repairs and then let out a sigh.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"] [I]"Alright, 89A-47BZC-83-D, all done. Walk around a bit and tell me how it feels."[/I] CP nodded and stood. He walked around, his small limp gone. [I]"Looks good. Make sure you take care of yourself. You know that I didn't make you, so I don't know everything about you, and I can't fix you all the way all the time."[/I] [/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]CP nodded and then looked at Anya. [I]"Would you like help?"[/I] He smiled faintly again.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="1"]"[I]I guess, sure. It would be good for you as well. Just be ready for all the people that may cause trouble."[/I] CP nodded and fallowed her out of the room.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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    RPG Scrapmetal Circus

    [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]CP opened the curtain and watched as the others laughed and joked around with each other. He closed his eyes and then walked next to Burt. He extended his left arm and then looked at the man.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"[I]What is it, 89A-47BZC-83-D? You need more repairs?" [/I]CP nodded as Burt let out a sigh. [I]"I wish i was the one that created you. At the time, I never knew what was going on behind those closed doors. But I can say this, you really did a number on yourself when you self destructed."[/I] Burt eyed CP's left arm and then let out a grunt.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]After a few moments, Burt was done repairing CP's arm. He let outa sigh and then wipped the sweat from his forhead.[I] "Can I ask you a question, and get an actual answer out of you, 89A-47BZC-83-D?" [/I][/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]CP nodded as he flexed his newly repaired arm. When he was done, he looked at Burt.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"[I]I was wondering, out of all the androids, you are the quiet one. Was your vocals damaged when you self destructed?" [/I]CP shook his head and then turned away from him. [I]"So, thats the only answer I get after fixing your arm?"[/I] Burt smiled and looked up at CP from his chair.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"] [I]"I do not like to speak is all." [/I]CP glanced back at Burt and then left the room, leaving Burt smiling at himself. [I]"You are a strange one, 89A-47BZC-83-D."[/I] [/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]As he left Burt's room he passed the others. [I]"Hey, CP, tell me this isnt funny." [/I]Axel moved the camera in front of CP, showing the picture of Lyon on it dressed in his bunny suit. [I]"Well, what do you think?" [/I][/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]CP nodded and then looked at Lyon, who had a look of rage on his face, then of pain. CP let out a sigh and shook his head.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"[I]Hey, I have a question, why don't you perform, CP? Your really agile, I'm sure you would be great." [/I]CP turned to Zeke who glanced over at him and then turned his attention back twards Lyon an the others. CP shook his head an then grunted.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]"[I]Still don't like to talk yet, huh? If thats how you wanna do it, then thats ok. I still think you should perform, but I won't push it." [/I]Zeke turned to CP, a smile on his face.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="1"]CP let out a 'humph' and then crossed his arms over his chest. A small smirk crossed his face as he watched Lyon's face controting into one of pain once more.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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    Sign Up Scrapmetal Circus

    [CENTER][COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]Military File 89A-47BZC-83-D[/B] (Chase "[I]CP[/I]" Phillips)[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER] [B][CENTER][COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]Project Dragon Torch[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER][/B] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][CENTER][B]Android Age:[/B] 25[/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR] [CENTER][COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]Classification:[/B] Prototype Model[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]Gender:[/B] Male[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]Height: [/B]5' 10"[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]Weight:[/B] 164.29 lbs[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER] [CENTER][COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]Specialty components:[/B] lightweight frame (self explanitory) X247 type arm mounted flame thrower (built into his dragon gauntlet) light sheild (built into his dragon gauntlet) hologram projector R4392 stealth emmiter (dulls sounds emmited by CP) Q879453 light refelctor (reflects light away from his body causing him to appear invisable) High speed reactor D model[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]External Weaponry:[/B] The sword strapped to his back, He also carries around charges that will go off when he wills them to. They hold the same charge as 10,000 lbs of TNT while only being the size of golden dollar.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]Original usage:[/B] covert operations[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]Android status:[/B] SELF DESTRUCTED[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER] [COLOR="red"][CENTER][SIZE="1"][B]Known history: [/B]Project Dragon Torch was a special operation designed to make the perfect killer. One that could blend into the darkness and escape without any knowlege of its presence. Things went haywire when the newest model, 83-D was created. He was the fourth, and the last one the project turned out.[/SIZE][/CENTER][/COLOR] [CENTER][COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]CP, as he was dubbed by his creators, went crazy when new updates were being added to his internal electronics. His body began acting on its own, and finally he broke free of his bindings and destroyed the lab as well as anything that might be of use to create more of his kind. In the end, it was said that he self destructed in the end, before he could be recaptured.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="red"][CENTER]In a later report, it turnted out that a virus was planted into his system via the new updates. This, in turn created the killer that became known as CP, the Dragons Fang. As of now, his where abouts are unknown. there was no indication that he self destructed at the end of the fight, but there was a few body parts sitting around the lab that could be directed at CP.[/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="red"][CENTER][B]Appearance [/B][URL="http://i648.photobucket.com/albums/uu209/clanker_sin/guy.jpg"]CP[/URL][/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="Red"][CENTER][B]Personality Sidenotes:[/B] CP is quiet. He doesnt talk much, but does a great job of listening. He can take orders and carry them out without fail. When he is relaxing, he tends to open up more, but even still, it is quite rare to hear him speak. The most you can get out of him would be a grunt or a nod.[/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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    RPG Salvation

    Feirska walked out of the room and smiled. She looked around and then started walkin twards the way out of the hideout. As she passed the medical area she froze. Her eyes began to come cloudy as she sucked in a deep breath of air. She smiled as someone walked up behind her. "Hey, Feiry, how ya' doin'?" Cael put a hand on her shoulder as his brother and Bedlam walked up behind him. "Hey, is something wrong?" He walked around and faced her, then took a step back. "Oh, shit." "What is it Cael?" Clockwork took a step back himself as she turned to him. "You have got to be fucking kidding me." "I smell it." Feirska turned to Bedlam who let out a sigh. "It covers you." She took a step forward as Cael grabbed her arm. "I want to see it. I need to see it, more, I want more of it." She extended her arm out twards Bedlam who moved out of her reach. "Get a grip, Feiry. Hey, no, don't you even, dammit!" Clockwork grabbed her other arm as it pulled out the blade that she keeps in her belt. In a flash, Cael spun her around and then slapped her hard across the face, causing her to stumble and drop the blade. "C'mon, girl. What the hell is your problem? Why is it everytime you get around here, you freak out. Last time it was after someone got shot, and this time, wait, why did you freak out this time?" Cael looked at her as the color began to return to her eyes. "Oww, that hurt. Your an asshole, you know that? You could have just told me to stop." She stood up and rubbed her red cheek. "I'm gonna' tell Trancey that your hitting me." She turned around and began to walk off as Bedlam walked in front of her, cutting her off. "Hang on a second, tell me, what did you smell? What was it that causes you to go into so much of a, oh wait, I think I get it now. You have a strong blood lust, don't you?" Feirska took a step back, running into Cael who was right behind her. "I, a what? I don't know, what is that? All I know is that whenever I get around, or can smell blood, its as if something else takes over. It really helps, ya know?" She smiled and then frowned. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she began to rub her cheek again. "You are an asshole." She slid down to the ground, sitting on her knees. "Feiry, I'm sorry, ok? Does that make you feel any better?" Cael leaned down and smiled at her. "I guess. But, I'm still gonna tell Trancey." She looked at him, frowning. "I guess it was the girl that you found. You know the one that you brought here a little bit ago." Clockwork looked at Bedlam who nodded. "It would explain the trigger. Hey, Feiry, when was the last time you fed your blood lust?" "Um, I would guess it was about a week ago. Thats the last time I killed something. It was a guard, or something like that. One of the bad guys." She looked up at Clockwork, then at Bedlam, and finaly at Cael. "Am I in trouble or something?" She began to blush a little as the three guys started laughing. "Seriously, am I gonna get in trouble for this?" "No, I think you will be ok. I will just have to remember not to come near you if oyu haven't seen blood in a while." Cael smiled and helped her stand. "But, I think you should be ok for now, right?" "I guess. I don't really know. But, I think it may be a good idea to not come around here anymore." She smiled as Cael just let out a sigh.
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    RPG Salvation

    "So, he is dead then. Well, isn't that a shame." Feirska put her hand on her chin an looked up at the flickering light hanging above her bunk. She giggled and then grabbed her brush that was sitting next to her. She started brushing her hair and then began to hum quietly to herself. "Im supprised to see that you aren't balling your eyes out, Feirska. You seem like the type that would." Trance looked over at her, a smile on her face. Feirska blinked and then tilted her head to the side. She looked up at the flickering light again and then back at Trace. She smiled and then shrugged. "I don't get it. How am I the type that would cry when someone dies? Im confused." "Your confused? Are you really that much of an airhead?" Trance's mouth was slightly ajar at the comment. "You know, because, ya know what? Nevermind." She shook her head and let out a sigh. Feirska smiled and giggled lightly as Trance shook her head. "I wonder what the weather is like. I hope its pretty outside." She finished brushing her heair and then set her brush down on her bunk. Slowly she stood up and then stretched. She smiled brightly and then sat down on Trance's bunk. She leaned over Trance and looked at Fabian. "I take it that you are in the same boat as Trancey, right? You don't care that someone died?" "People die everyday. What is one person in this world?" Fabian looked from Feirska to Trance and then looked away. "Um, I guess looking at it in that point of view, it really doesn't matter that he died, huh?" Feirska sat up straight and then looked down at Trance. "In any case, who was it? Who died? I wonder if I knew him." She smileld and then frowned as she looked at Trance's face. "What? Did I say something wrong again?" "Your really not kidding, are you?" Trance looked up at her. "It was Lazarus Cade, you know, Captain Cade's son. Wow Feiry, you really are a dimwhit." She let out another breath and then shook her head. "Hey, don't call me Feiry. Fabian, tell her not to call me Feiry." She looked at the man as a puff of smoke rose from the tip of his pipe. "Sorry, I don't have any control over her. She is one of a kind, just like you." He smiled at her as she made a scowling face. "Your mean, Trancey." She frowned and turned around, her back to Trance and Fabian.
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    Sign Up Salvation

    [CENTER]Name: Feirska Cellan Age: 20 Gender: Female Appearance: [URL="http://s136.photobucket.com/albums/q196/griff189/?action=view¤t=0000zzzz-1.jpg"]Feirska[/URL] Her Heretic tatoo is located on her right ankle. Its a deep violet with a sky blue outlline. Personality: She is ditsy, an airhead, and a little slow about realizing things, or at least thats what she lets off. In truth, she is a genious, always calculating, always watching, but never letting anyone see that. She is a cheerful girl in dark times. She likes to smile, likes to laugh, and isn't a huge fan of violence. She does like to see others laugh and smile as well, but she won't go out of her way to try and make them do it. If they don't want to, then so be it. She doesn't like to waste her time, she feels that it is too valuable in the world today. 'Cuz you never know when you are going to die for your sins, right? Short Bio: She was born in a dark ally, next to her dieing family. The only ones that actually were able to take care of her was her father, and older brother. Both of which were former Heretics. They were both murdered by the Inquisition soldiers when she was young. After their murder, she began her revenge, taking one person at a time until she was able to join the Heretics herself. Weapons: She keeps a small knice under her belt so she can use it to draw blood. When she is out to kill, however, she uses two small scyths that are attacked to chains. The other ends of the chains are attached to her wrists so she can pull them back if she misses a throw. When she doesn't use them, they normaly reside in a backpack that she carries with her everywhere she goes. It may take her a little bit to get them out, but that is no problem, her target never knew what she was to begin with. Special Skills: She is a genious, as stated before. She is a strategist. She can look at a situation and almost instantly determin multiple outcomes. Of course, they may not always be right, but they aren't far off. She can dertermin other peoples actions up to a point. If she has never seen them act before, it may be a little hard for her, but after seeing them in action, the way they go about things don't chance much. From that, she can tell whats going to happen and calculate a way to either win, or get out before she looses. Vice: Her vice is blood. It doesn't matter from who, or from what, she just craves it. She loves the texture, the warmth slowly fading to cold. The slickness when its warm, the way it becomes sticky as it cools. The deep color as it pools on the ground around her. She loves all of it[/CENTER]. [CENTER]She has gotten good at drawing blood from others to the point that they might not know it until its too late. In may situations, she gets into a blood lust or sorts, and doesn't stop until the person or animal is dead. Writing Sample: [/CENTER] "Blood." "What was that, girlie?" The soldier turned to the small girl as she stared at the ground, vacancy in her eyes. "Hey, kid, are you ok? You don't look so good." "Blood." She said again, never moving her eyes to meet the mans. "You are a strange one, aren't 'cha?" The soldier put his hand on her shoulder and she jumped enough for him to pull back. "What is it? Whats going on?" "Blood." She raised her hand and pointed twards a dark aly. The soldier looked from the girl to the aly and back to her. "I understand. Stay here, I will go and chack it out." He turned and started walking into the darkness. "I can't see a damn thing in here." He pulled out a flashlight and turned it on. As he scanned the walls he let out a sigh. "What was she talking about, there is nothing here. Maybe she was just crazy." He shook his head and then turned around. "Blood." She looked up at him, her eyes still vacant. "What? How, when did you?" Slowly, the flashlight fell to the ground. The girl smiled as the light pointed twards her face. "Damn, girl, you scared me." "Shut your fucking face, asshole. I never asked for your opinion, now did I?" She smirked as she put one of her scyths to his neck. "And besides, I never said that there was blood here. Well, truthfully, its going to be your blood. See, you have already started to bleed." She licked her lips and touched the stup that used to be his hand. "Wahts going on? Who the hell are you?" The soldier look down at the girl, fear in his eyes. "Me? Why do you care, your time is up anyway." She smiled and then spun around, severing his head. As blood started to pool around the soldier's corpse, Feirska let out a breath as shivers went through her body. Lightly, she touched it and started to giggle. "Oh, how I do love my sweet blood." She sat down, running her hands in the growing pool and then looked up a the sky. Her eyes returned to normal, leaving the vacant bloodlust behind. "And, oh how I do hate my little Inquisition soldiers." She smiled and giggled once more as the moon and stars bathed her in their glow.