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  1. Guac looked over at Sho,"Oh just looking at the clouds..." He looked back up at the storm cloud in the distance and sighed. "I really hate rain..." Suddenly his mind was on his sister, where was she... He sat there in silence for a while when he noticed Sho's confused look. "Oh... Um... You were in the shack right? So your have abilities too?"
  2. Cool. lol I could definately see me getting into a big fight with Jeremy, since he controls weather and I switch to aggressive personality when it's overcast. Our powers would clash. I can't wait for it to happen :p
  3. Guac was outside on the beach. He had gone outside after he woke up from the dream so he had missed Sigurd's announcement. He was glumly watching a storm cloud in the distance. "I hope that doesn't come this way..." He looks over at the shack and hears a lot of talking. He shakes his head, looks down and begins running his hand through the sand. "Sounds like the haven't even noticed I'm gone..." He laughes,"Of course not! I mean... why would they?..." He looks back up at the storm cloud,"Please, please don't come this way..."
  4. Guac sat down next to Brisk,"Wow! That sucks... don't worry though! I'm sure it will be fine!" He gave an awkward smile. He laughed,"But don't be afraid to ask me for anything you need! I am in debt to you!" Guac then hears a loud noise and jumps. He looks up to see a broken table and a large mess."What happened? I wasn't listening..." Guac laughs embaressed. Then goes over to help out.
  5. Guac grinned,"Thank you very much!" He continued eating ravenously for a while, then got curious. He slowly looked around the room and noticed that the people a round the room all loked different. They all had their own 'vibes' that seemed familiar for some reason. Where exactly am I? He wondered. Suddenly the thought came into his mind "Gangirock..." He mumbled.Then he looked up at the girl who had given him food "So why are all of you guys here?" Guac asks to Brisk,"It must be something bcause I could feel something ... 'special' about this place... and also, what city are we in?"
  6. Guac is roaming down a road, stumbling about randomly "Oh... man... I'm starving..." He looks about, but sees no one nearby. "I shouldn't have spent all of my money... funny... I run out of money, the day before I reach a place with food..." Guac continues walking then sees a beach up ahead "I guess that's as good a place as any." He approaches the beach and notices a shack. He quickly goes inside, seeing a few people around. "Does anyone have any food?"
  7. Name: Zander 'Guac' Kanevi Age: 17 Gender: Male Appearance: A tall skinny boy who has ragged blond hair and steely blue eyes, he wears a turquoise shirt and orange pants. Whan he is upset he becomes all and all darker, getting black hair and greyish skin Personality: Usually calm and carefree he loves nothing more than helping friends, eating, sleeping, and chasing girls(but he's very chivilrous about it) althought when ever he's in a bad mood or it's over cast he becomes depressed and agressive Gangirock: Cloud's Wrath (wind): Gives him the ability to manipulate electricity and create different objects out of clouds How did you obtain Gangirock?: Guac, a young age of 5, fell into a river and nearly drowned, but his adoptive mother,found him and sved him by giving him the Gangrirock What did you lose after obtaining Gangirock?: Guac lost control of his dark side, giving him a double personality that only appears when he's upset or the sky is overcast Bio: When Guac was 5 his parents died in an mugging, but when Guac tried to escape he fell in a river. He nearly drowned, but was saved by a young girl(She was about 13 at the time). The girl, named Kate, was an orphan as well so she 'adopted' Guac making her a mother figure. Despite that fact, though, Guac things of her more as a sister but then when he was 16 Kate went missing leaving only a note for Guac assuring him that she was fine. So Guac set out to find her and has been looking for the last year.
  8. Ah I remeber back when toonami had the coolest shows... Ah how I miss Tenchi Muyo, Outlaw Star, and the likes... Good times, good times.... but they aren't horrible now. Anyone who plays Naruto, Eureka seveN, Blood+ are fine with me! So while they may not be the best, at least they're still trying, y'know?
  9. [QUOTE=Venge] They're making sequels? DOOD! I gotta get them when they come out, that is for sure. And I'll take your advice Charles.[/QUOTE] Yep Out right now is PW: Justice for All which is #2 And coming soon is PW: Trials and Tribulations Where yes, the first person you defend is Phoenix, while you play as Mia
  10. Yeah! I can't wait for this game. I love everything about .hack so I'm sure this game will fullfill. Untill then though, I'll just keep playing Phoenix Wright! :animesmil [size=1][color=red]Lord Guac, welcome. In the future I need for you to put a little more effort into your post. Saying you love everything about the game is just not enough, and considered spam. You should also get acquainted with [b]How to post in Haywired[/b] thread. (The little sticky at the top.) ~Phenom~[/color][/size]
  11. Name: Zander 'Guac' Kanevi Age: 20 Gender: Male Side: Elite 4 Likes: Rainstorms, fantasy, scifi Dislikes: Histoy, the news Personality Quirks: He loves making everything seem make believe Appearance: Spiky blond hair with orange streaks a turquoise shirt and orange pants Pokemon Team**: Magneton(Volt): Lvl 45 Electrode(Motor): Lvl 45 Lopunny(Candy): Lvl 45 Luxray(Sphinx): Lvl 47 Manectric(Fang): Lvl 47 Biography: Guac grew up in a poor village with his parents and three sisters. His parents and two of his sisters disargreed with him when it came to pokemon, prefering to use grass types. So when they were of age Guac and his older sister moved to a big city where Guac worked at a power plant design gym. Then Guac got invited to the Elite Four where he has been for the las two years
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