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  1. [color=scarlet][b]oh hi whats up?[/b] Japan was understandably startled. Madhat had entered her room without any warning, and without a sound. She regained her composure quickly, and turned swiftly to greet her intruder. [b]Er? hi. Is there something you want? LOL no i just wanted to hang and talk and stfuf Uh... okay. About what? jus stuff. whyd you defect?[/b] Japan was visibly surprised by this. Madhat?s question was unexpectedly to the point, and it seemed that she had no grasp on the concepts of tact and subtlety. [b]They... um... wrongly accused me of being the mole. They clearly didn?t trust me... they thought I was Charlie?s little puppet, ready to betray them at a moment?s notice. I can?t work with people who don?t trust or respect me. Also, they insulted my cooking.[/b] Japan was shaking with rage; Madhat put her hand on Japan?s shoulder, and Japan calmed down. [b]Sorry. It just ticks me off what they said about me. well, they wre rite, werent they? you betrayed them pretty quickly. im sure there not too happy about that. they may even try to punish you.[/b] Japan?s eyes narrowed, and she lowered her hand to her knife. [b]What do you mean ? OW![/b] Something had pricked her shoulder. She quickly twirled away from Madhat and drew her knife, ready to lunge . WHAT WAS THAT? WHAT Have... you.... done... She colapsed before she could even finish the sentence. Madhat moved quickly to ensure that the terrorist scum did not fall on her own knife; this was a mission of humiliation, not an assassination. Madhat held up her left hand, and the tip of her finger opened up to reveal a marker of some sort. It started secreting some kind of murky substance, she rhythmically smeared it on Japan?s forehead. A few quick strokes, and she was finished. She admired her handy work. Within the hour, Japan?s face would break out in the worst acne imaginable. To drive the point home, the acne would clearly mark her as the betrayer she is; for weeks, every time she will look in the mirror she will see the word JUDAS spelled out in horrible acne. The acne was not permanent, and would disappear in roughly three weeks, assuming the terrorist would wash properly. Unfortunately for Japan, the side effects of the sedative would be; for the rest of her life, she would secrete two hormones. One would make her irresistible to dogs; the other, intolerable to cats. She would never pet another cat again. Madhat stood up. It was time for her true mission, the one she was created for. Almost immediately upon exiting her room, she ran into Nomura. He appeared sullen and lost in his thoughts; he was mumbling something about his father. [b]oh hay nomrau where you going? Huh? Oh. I was heading to the security room. Something seems wrong with the system, I thought I?d check it out. And it?s Nomura, by the way. LMAO sorry. where have you bean. i havent seen you at around the past few days. Nomura puffed out his chest, and his face became awash with smugness. I was infiltrating the CTU. I disguised myself as some n00b, and I even fooled the Grape Ape for a while. I don?t know how they caught on; my disguise was flawless. cool! but you were caught? Uh... yeah...[/b][/color] [color=deeppink][b]I guess it?s true what they say, then. Fathers are always more skilled than their children.[/b][/color] [color=scarlet]Nomura was dumbstruck; one of his teammates was speaking with the voice of his father!! He eventually attempted to reach for his gun, but it was too late. The knock-out gas emitting from Madhat had already taken effect. He collapsed into her arms. She easily dragged his limp body into Japan?s room, placed a tracking beacon on him. She could not stay and guard the traitor; she had no time for the failed progeny of her master. Her target awaited. She ran through the camp at lightning speed. She had no fear of being caught; she had disabled the pitiful excuse for a security system the terrorists had in place hours ago. She arrived at her target quickly and without trouble. She entered the hastily erected temple to Sephiroth. Inside was the one-winged Angel himself, accompanied by the evil mastermind Charlie Bin Laden and Sephiroth?s most devout worshipper, Rai Al Hawsiri. Sephiroth was busy writing something, undoubtedly the forthcoming event. Charlie Bin Laden was looking over his shoulder and smiling. Rai was taking pictures of herself worshipping in revealing outfits. Madhat moved towards the support beam. She had gone unnoticed by the trio, but now she needed their attention. [b]OMG you gusy should get out of here.[/b] They all stopped and stared at her as if she were crazy. [b]im warning you! self-desruct sequence activated LOL![/b] Horror contorted their faces as they realized what was happening. Sephiroth grabbed the other two, and quickly escaped from the building. Madhat was alone, seconds from exploding and taking the terrorist?s precious temple with them. She grinned. Her mission was accomplished. [b]OMG transmitttiing data[/b] ___________________ Outside, Sephiroth watched in stunned disbelief as his temple collapsed. He had managed to save both his colleagues and his work, but the damage was done. His home was in ruins.[/color]
  2. [color=scarlet]uh, you know that one that adult swims been playig with the deoderant or something? the one with the random words. thats so irritating. also, the stuff that your supposed to apply directly to the forhead.[/color]
  3. [quote name='Charles']White? Are you out there? Haven't heard from you in a while. Madhat? Simplicity? Mitch?[/quote] [color=scarlet]sorry boss, life got in the way. had to go a while without the web. hmm... for the next mission, how about a poetry and art contest? like, people draw a picture and then make a poem based on it.[/color]
  4. [color=scarlet]doing drugs is just silly. why would anyone want to do that. its not like there arent any other ways of having a good time. drinking is different, if the people are over 21.[/color]
  5. [color=scarlet]um... nothing? shoppings never been a hasle for me. i always go in, and but what i want. i usually try to know what it is before i do. if hte people dont know anythinhg, so what?[/color]
  6. [quote name='DeadSeraphim][COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial] It'll put hair under your foreskin and give you eighty foot wide demon wings if you're not careful). FONT][/SIZE'][/COLOR][/quote] [color=scarlet]what if we dont have forsekin? although i like the sound of demon wings. :D [/color]
  7. [color=scarlet]we weren't being serious? but i want a hentai forum![/color]
  8. [color=scarlet]with borat and his chram, we are sure to win! yay![/color]
  9. [color=scarlet]oh i agree. theres nowhere to post my extensive collection of yaoi pics. this is a travesty. we need to bring more mature cultre to these boards! and it is certainly far too little. i had to cut out scarlets dress, and thats her best feature! i suggest we triple the size limit of the banner (up and down), and double the size for avatars. its only fair.[/color]
  10. [color=scarlet] 1. WHat is your element of power? I always get my way. :angel: 2. Who taught you how to ride a bike? i never learned how to ride a bike. Ive never really wantd too. 3. WHen do the fish fry? not in the kitchen, Ill tell you that much![/color]
  11. [color=scarlet]ive seen the japanese sailer moon opening. its not much better LMAO[/color]
  12. [color=scarlet]oh man, that's some awful stuff. i cant believe someone would do that. i didnt even know about theotaku.com when i signed up here. someone said this place was cool and i thought itd be fun. if it werent for tis thread i probably wouldnt ever have learned about theotaku.com LOL.[/color]
  13. [color=scarlet]Name: ANNA Age: 17 Gender: Female Appearance: She is unusually short for a girl her age, and her raven hair flows freely down her back. Her hair is always unkempt; while she does wash it, she does little else. She appears to always be sad, even when she claims to be happy. SHe wears dark eyeliner and black lipstick. Race: Contractor Weapon: Emotion Personality: Sad. She has a difficult time feeling anything else, due to her being a contractor. SHe is full of angst, and will lash out at those who show even the slightest dislike of her. Bio: THe scientists in the lab were always nice to her, yet she was not to truly appreciate it. Her emotional isolation just made her become more and more moody. Contractors only: Ability: EMotional control. She can control the emotions of others she has direct line of sight with; however, they must be emotions she feels as well. Due to her having a hard time with her feelings, this can be difficult. Contract: Must genuinely smile. Again, this is difficutl due to her poor emotional abilities.[/color]
  14. MadHat

    Sign Up Calypso M(LVS)

    [color=scarlet]Name: Scarlet Magellen Age: 26 Gender: Female THe Pretty Princess docked quickly. THe men were desperate to leave the confines of the infamous ship with pink sails; specifically, they wanted to avoid the dreaded Scarlet Magellen. The men of the Pretty Princess hate working under her. Not only because of the humiliation they recieved when telling the other pirates the name of their ship, but because she was so insufferablie spoiled. Being the daughter of the legendary ship captain Magellen, she had always gotten her way, even among the ruthless pirates she commanded. THis was due in no small part to her three hulking brothers, who would smash the face of any man who questioned her orders. She stepped off the boat, resplendant and out of place in her frilly dress and flowing golden locks. She decided she was in need of a drink; perhaps the local tavern could quench her thirst... Appearance: Well dressed, with long golden locks. Perssonality: She always has an air of superiority around her, and will whine an complaign when things don't go her way. LOL. [/color]
  15. [color=scarlet]who here likes steamboy? i love it. first, there's all the steampunk tech, which i absolutely can't give enough of. that flying castle thing was awesome, LOL! also, there's the scarlet, who i idollize in everyway. the whole thing was just fun to watch; very action packed, and c razy grandpa (voiced by my ultimate crush, patty stewart) just sweetened the deal![/color]
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