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  1. Everyone's doing it, doing it, doing it. Picking their nose and chewing it, chewing it. They think its candy but its snot. Yeah.....randomness between friends that made me laugh so hard... Of course I'm easily amused ^^
  2. Name: Kirin Aurell Age: 17 Gender: Female Occupation: Kirin is an illusionist-She has the power to give a spirit or soul a form-These forms she creates can hold spirits that are stuck on earth or she can go into the spirit world through dreams and collect souls for forms. They do not necessarily have to use a human form. It is very dangerous to go to the spirit world to collect souls and Kirin does not often do it. Her illusions will only disappear if someone tries to kill them. Or they harm themselves in any way. (any kind of nick will cause them to dissolve. Which is why she
  3. Yeah I have two pretty weird cats. When I first got my cat Joey he hopped sideways. He would also run and flip. Like just do a frontflip roll thing. It was extremely funny. His one and only love to is paper balls. Crumple up piece of paper and he comes running. And if you throw it he runs and goes gets it oputs it in his mouth and brings it back. A cat playing fetch? He also drinks from the toilet. And for some reason he seemed to stick to my golden retriever like his brother. When my other dog would fight with him Joey would get on his hind legs and attack him. What kind of cat defends a do
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