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    lets see, i love anime and i love playing games and i also love to talk, so if you wana chat, just send a pm my way :)

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  1. personally i loved bleach. I cant really choose one reason i love it because there are just so many :) at first i thought it was kinda boring, but once it picked up i've watched it ever since :) although i have run into a snag! i cant seem to find episode 143 anywhere! but from the above discussion, if you guys are still around 110-120, then i wont contribute to the conversation im afraid i dont trust myself to not give away the show :(
  2. I have come to realize not very many people have seen this. Which is a shame, it?s a great show. It?s about a warrior that fights with a style that uses nothing but your hands, and is regarded as one of the most deadly techniques. The show spans i think 3 or 4 generations, it shows yagumo (I think I spelled that wrong...) and then his kids, grandkid and so on. This is sort of like a samurai anime, same time period the only difference is he doesn?t fight with a weapon :) Definatly an anime I would recommend to watch. Has anyone else seen this? on a side note, is this a better way to start off a thread than my last attempt?
  3. hello! I just joined, but i'd love to make some friends to talk to :) I love to talk and i love anime, so i thought this would be a fun place to be :)
  4. I did a search to see if anyone had a thread about this already, but i couldnt seem to find one. So i decided to make one :) Are there any other fans of this show out there? If so, your thoughts on it? On a side note, this is my first post lol[COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"][INDENT]Welcome to OtakuBoards[B] XxWigglesxX[/B], next time you go to make a thread, try reading this first: [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=55649"][U]IMPORTANT: How to Post in Anime Lounge[/U][/URL] As well as actually putting some content into your opening post, like what the anime is about and why you yourself like it. Anyway, since there already is a thread on Hellsing I have merged it with the existing one. If you have any questions, simply pm myself or another member of the staff. ~indifference[/INDENT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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