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    well i am a begining mangaka i have been to plenty of websites, read books, and im serious about getting my story out there, i may be a beginer, but i know quite a bit so dont mind asking me questions illl try me best to anwser ^_^
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  1. Manga

    Well I'm gonna have to warn you about Animebooks now, I know I referred them, they was good last i ordered but recently I ordered around eight things (around 43 bucks with 15 for shipping) and it took forever! Looked at its status and my order changed to only two of my items, I sent a email complaining and the day after they charged me and then shipped it. So yeah....don't go there, but now I'm wondering: Does anybody know of a good online manga store that I could buy these items at?: Tachikawa Manga Pen School-G (I.C.) Tachikawa's New Manga Pen- Sepia Refill for Tachikawa's New Manga Pen, A4 Manga Manuscript Paper, and: How to Draw: Occult and Horror (english version). Arigatou :)
  2. Manga

    [quote name='Konata']I personally prefer "how to draw" manga books by the Japanese, lol... Nothing racist, but none of the American-made books look like they have traditional manga style to me. A lot of it seems like the stereotype of it. I'd recommend those "How-to-Draw-Manga" books.... The ones that are Japanese (lol wow I'm redundant). But if you don't want to use your $500+ for 20 books or something, then... I'd recommend "Draw Your Own Manga: All the Basics" by Haruno Nagatomo, recommended by Tokyo Animation College. Or any of the other books in that series. Not only do they teach you the basics and more, they also have interviews in every(?) volume from famous manga-ka. For example, "All the Basics" has interviews with Takao Yaguchi (Tsuri Kichi Sanpei) and Touru Fujisawa (Great Teacher Onizuka).[/QUOTE] I agree with you totally. The first how to draw manga book (and the only one until my other two get here) I got was "Draw Your Own Manga: All The Basics", I love the way it explains things to you, telling you how to do it, but while showing you in manga from. That book has helped me and I recommend it to others. I just pick up that book, read the interviews when I'm not inspired and then, reading the interview makes me inspired once more. I highly recommend that book, or any other books in the series, for anybody.
  3. Manga

    [quote name='Chikara Kokoro']The order, to be perfectly honest, doesn't really matter. I choose characters and develop them first, and then I create a plot about those characters (e.g. What if a priest from 14th century France met one of Queen Elizabeth I's ladies in waiting) and go from there. I create a script, then draw it (in the order of characters, panels, words), but once again the order of those steps can be moved around to accommodate how you work best creatively. As far as the left to right or right to left issue goes, it may be up to you, but it annoys me when people who use the Romance languages choose the right to left format. English is read from left to right, so the comic should be formatted in that way. The only reason that manga is read right to left is because Japanese is written/read that way and it's the way that their eyes naturally read books. Viz and other manga companies used to flip the artwork so that it was read more naturally by American audiences, but this often distorted the original artistic intent of the mangaka. What I'm getting at is please please please if your "manga" is going to be in English have it so it can be read from left to right.[/QUOTE] Well I am an American mangaka, but I can only read manga right-to-left, so I don't see how I would go about making it left-to-right. I think deciding to go authentic manga style (Right-to-left) or American manga style (Left-to-right) is all about personal preference, or however you prefer to draw. I personally can't draw manga left-to-right, so i will do right-to-left and go to a publisher that won't flip/mirror image my manga. Thats in my opinion anyway.
  4. Manga

    I usually listen to any kind of music, I listen to sadder songs when I'm drawing something sad, like screamo when its action, and some happier emo/alternative rock, when drawing happier manga. I always need music, even when I'm not drawing or else I'll get lonely and paranoid, I listen to music always when I draw Manga. It helps me concentrate. I like White Prayer for J-rock, but can't get no songs cause I'm from the US :(
  5. Manga

    [quote name='damatte']I'm not freakin' old enough to get a credit card, thus, I can't buy like...half of the supplies I need for my manga I plan to send to Tokyopop. So the only way I can buy the stuff, is using my bro's credit card...and he'd kill me if I spent wayyyy too much on one little thing (he doesn't understand manga supplies are hecka expensive). So which online manga supplies store is cheap? I know a lot of the places would try and rip off aspiring manga-ka's in the US so need a little help...I tried looking at a few...their prices almost gave me a heart attack.... :animestun[/QUOTE] well I usually go to [url]http://www.animebooks.com/[/url] for supplies, their tone is only 2.70 and books around 2.99 as for the credit card, you can ask your parents if you can get a visa bucks card, it's like a debit card (you have to put money in the account for you to buy things (don't go buying stuff when you don't have the money or they'll charge you extra)) it can be used anywhere that visa is used, but your parents gotta sign you up or your legal guardian ^_^ also check out this site: [url]http://www.mangatutorials.com/[/url] Manga Tutorials helped me sharpen my skills a lot hope i helped