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  1. [QUOTE=Lady Asphyxia][font=Arial Narrow][size=2]Oh, boo frickety hoo. You guys are so spoilt, it's ridiculous. We're paying 89 cents per [color=Red]litre[color=Black] in Queensland, and I'm pretty sure that New South Wales is generally about 10 cents more expensive. England is paying 79-85 pence per litre, and has been as high as 99 pence per litre. 1 gallon=4.546 litres, and 1 quid equals about 1.87 US dollars. Using those rates, fuel prices are something close to the following: 1 gallon in England= .79x1.87x4.[/color][/color]546 = [color=Red]6.72[/color] [color=Red]US dollars[/co
  2. Well, yea. It Would be absurd to do anything extreme like that. In most cases though, the choice is maybe a block out of your way; perhaps even across a realitively busy street, in which case it wouldn't be much to go to the non-import gas station. I have already thought of the nearest gas station that does not import gas, and it is not out of my way at all. I plan on going there to buy gas for however long it takes. Thanks for your response. Regards, Ryuujin
  3. I recieved this email today, and it seemed like a note worthy email, I thought I would post it here on the boards, so it could reach a greater amount of people in a shorter ammount of time. Before I post it; we all have out thoughts and opinions and thats great. I for one am going to do what this email suggests. Hopefully you will too. Please consider the impact this may have, its not asking for much. I uploaded the email: [URL=http://members.cox.net/roninryuujin/Gasoline.htm]Imported Gasoline[/URL] And here is a quote: [QUOTE]Interesting factor--especially that today i
  4. Four years, huh? Man, it seems like only a while back I was chatting it up on AIM and in the Anime Lounge (was a different name; can't remember though...) I don't remember being there long before you, so maybe about May. Ahhh.... It feels nice. Thanks for the comment. The characters read: "Mugen" (obviously; his name). Mugen was always my favorite even since the first time I heard about it; which coincidentally was about a year ago this month. He has a Spike feel about him. Reckless, Acts on his own feelings, and somewhat selfish personality. If I remember correctly CB and Samurai Champlo
  5. Wow, I never really thought I'd be back. This place brings back a lot of memories. I joined OB... man... what has it been 4 years? Somewhere around 4 years ago. I signed on AIM for the first time in a LONG time; I kinda went anti-internet social, because of various video games (it was getting crazy trying to play and chat at the same time). I saw Adam on and sent him an IM, he passed me a link and here I am. It's prob. been almost a year since I was here last. It'll be fun catching up on all the new things. Well, before Greg (wow, I still remember Syk3's real name....) locks this threa
  6. I made some avatars for the boards, but I want to get some input on them before I submit 'em. There are 6 of 'em, so I could add them as a category. Uhh, I will try to make more as more pictures are released. So, here they are. P.S. The sixth one is my current avatar. [img]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18814[/img] [img]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18815[/img] [img]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18816[/img] [img]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18817[/img] [img]http://www.otakuboards
  7. I saw the Love Action Ver. It was Great. I downloaded it through BT. There were only like 18 eps though... I have not seen the animated ver. nor read the magna, so I can't compare them. But if you have the time and bandwidth give them a shot. It's one of my highest recomendations. PS If you need help finding them online give me a buzz.
  8. The thing that gets me is how can Naruto sustain himself? He has his own Apartment, his own food, a nice Bed, etc. If he is so young where did he get his money?
  9. [spoiler] Oh I see, I was thinking that the Hokage was just the title of the "Man in Charge," and that each country had a Hokage. I see now... I guess I can understand now, what Naruto and Shikamaru went through. I also forgot about the scenes being broke apart like that, makes since. Oh yeah, remember when Gai was explaining the Chidori. He said it gained the name "Lightning Strike" b/c it Kakashi used it to hit a lighting bolt. What is that all about. Maybe I heard wrong, and he created a lightning bolt. Hmm... I'll go watch it again. :)[/spoiler]
  10. [spoiler]His Skin? Hmm.... Kinda weird. Makes since though..... I was talking about the the Hokage of the Leaf. Is he Older than the Sand/Sound Hokage(the one at the tournament, in blue, which ever it is.) I guess I'll just wait, and see why he is. :) Oh I was wondering about why Naruto and the other guy(forgot his name, the lazy one) sat on he stairs for so long. Wouldn't they want to tell Kakashi really fast?[/spoiler] EDIT: The smilie is cool looking with the black backround. But when you highlight him he looks like a frowny face.
  11. I loved the 66-67 Special! It was awesome. Everyone should see it. [spoiler]Yeah, I was thinking the same about Sasuke's look, I'm glad they fixed it. I love the Chidori, it looks cool. Oh, I had a question about it. When Kakashi is explaining it, he says "He is my type," I know it means he can use Chidori, but what makes him his "type?" I have no idea what the summoning circle is for, I was thinking it was to like transport some more people from the other countries. I have no idea if they can even do that or not, but it was a big circle. I think it would be great to see the Hokage in actio
  12. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SasukeUchiha [/i] [B]Lol, yeah the dvds I have contain lots of mistakes lol. Where do you get yours from? I am curious just to see price differences, I normally get 9 episodes for 7 bucks plus shipping. ^^ O and I have a question that I must know, it contains spoilers about episodes of naruto up to 59 [spoiler] Ok I am not there yet, but i have to know, and be vague because I do not want to ruin the episodes im goign to watch but I am dying to know...Does Naruto bust out the uberawsome frog summon in the final chunnin fight, I am just looking for a ye
  13. I noticed when I started watching Anime that most Anime Characters do not appear to be Japanese. I just accepted it, and didn't think much of it after awhile. But one of friends, who I am trying to get to watch anime (all he watches is Naruto), asked out of curiousity why the charcters didn't look Japanese. I said I would find out, so here I am. If anyone has any insight, please help. Thanks. Jaa
  14. EVO? I don't think I have ever heard that. Is it prehaps EVA? That is from Neon Genisis [b]Eva[/b]ngelion. Maybe if you gave us some more hints on to where you heard it or something like that. Jaa...
  15. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Japan_86 [/i] [B]I love fansubs. They are cool because: 1. They are free. 2. Are in Japanese 3. Not censored I've seen a few different fansub shows. Naruto, Strawberry Eggs, Green Green, you name it. I enjoy them a lot. Since I am broke a lot of the time, the fact of these fansubs being free is really good. They are just a cheap way to enjoy anime. [/B][/QUOTE] I never really thought about the censoring. But I guess that is a big reason. I only watched anime on american tv when I was first introduced into the world of anime. After a whil
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