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  1. [SIZE="1"]The top red one is more of an elementary school thing. If you're looking to buy one, Lawrara Shop stocks a lot of popular styles. There's one kind of like the one you posted for about $45[/SIZE]
  2. [SIZE="1"]I never read this particular manga but a lot of times they can't use real names due to copyright reasons, so they use close substitutes that people will be able to recognize.[/SIZE]
  3. [SIZE="1"]I don't really download... but I do stream certain series, as well the occasional movie and some dramas. Usually, I just watch it for the first time streaming off of Youtube, Veoh, or something else... if I like the series and think it is worth watching, I'll buy it if it's available. Otherwise, I forget about it and move on. I figure if I didn't like it on Youtube, I wouldn't like it in higher quality images ^^' If it's something that isn't available in America... usually I'm still too squeamish about downloading things and just wait patiently for it to be released. If it never is..
  4. [quote name='Knuckles' Girl'][COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I consider myself lucky, I can never tell when mine have started. I feel nothing, no pain, no cramps, nothing. I don't get bloated, I don't get tired. I just get hungry more often. And usually for salt and vinager chips. It's weird that the only way I know I'm about to start mine is I want those chips and they have to be Lays or I pout. I don't mind mine so much cause I don't get testy either. I have no side effects. All it is to me is an annoyance. [/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] [SIZE="1"]Wow I think I'm just like you~ haha >.
  5. [SIZE="1"]Ahh... if Plastic Tree were there I would die of happiness ;o; It's been my dream to see them live ever since middle school~.[/SIZE]
  6. [SIZE="1"][B]SaiyanPrincessX[/B] :D I did taekwondo too! Except I quit when I was I think 7 = =;; I was about to go for 2nd dan too before I quit.. haha sometimes I wish I kept with it.[/SIZE]
  7. [SIZE="1"][B]Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro[/B]! It's a really fun series but only a couple people I know have heard of it. ): [B]Akagi [/B]is is fun too~ kind of took me a while to get used to the style, but after I liked it :3 [B]I'll CKBC[/B] was an OAV based on the manga. It was entertaining but really short. [B]Yakumo Tatsu[/B] seemed like it could be really interesting and I've watched it a lot. But since it is also an OAV it's kind of confusing... it's really hard to fit 8 volumes of manga into a 2 episode anime :x Actually I don't watch enough anime to have much of a list but
  8. [SIZE="1"]Usually, the idea of an A- is enough to keep me alert in class... D: But if I really can't stand paying attention (like in discussions or something~) I write stuff in my planner/diary or doodle around my notes.[/SIZE]
  9. [SIZE="1"]On JBox, there is a non-hentai for-girls computer game called Yo-Jin-Bo that you might be interested in. Even though the company that makes it went out of business, the site offers a download purchase instead. I've heard good things about it. Otherwise, there are plenty of untranslated for-girls games out there like Tokimeki Memorial (DS, PS2, etc), Harukanaru Toki no Naka De (DS, PS2), and Fushigi Yuugi DS. Good luck![/SIZE]
  10. [SIZE="1"]Ever since I started middle school, summer break was not all that great anymore. But then again, I like to study.... ^^; Anyway, I'm going to be starting my second year in college and I'm just hoping for the best. There's a couple of classes that I have to take that I've heard are really difficult, so my main priority is keeping my GPA up! I didn't achieve my goal of "4.0 for one college semester" yet, so I'll have to try extra hard. (: I don't start school again until September 24, though. Good luck with your tenth grade year! I remember panicking a lot that year because "
  11. [SIZE="1"]It's really weird hearing it called "soy sauce" for me. Actually, I didn't know that it was called soy sauce until I got to middle school.... Anyway, my family uses Kikkoman... the low sodium type, because my mom is worried about blood pressure and such. I like it as a marinade, but I'm not fond of just dumping my food in it... I don't even eat sushi with soy sauce o.x;; But... it's a great ingredient for dips (: I personally like to mix soy sauce, vinegar, and chili oil together for dumplings (?) or soy sauce, sesame oil, and a bit of red chili powder for tofu~[/SIZE]
  12. [SIZE="1"]When I was in middle school, I handmade a Fushigi Yugi-themed monopoly. @_@;;[/SIZE]
  13. [SIZE="1"]I can hardly even take my hand away from the wheel to adjust the air conditioning in my car (although this is partly just due to nerves), so I think it would be quite a disaster if I tried to text. If I really need to talk to someone, I have a bluetooth earpiece~ >.
  14. [SIZE="1"]I usually like to leave my laptop in hibernate or just shut it down for the night if I'm not using it. These days, my computer doesn't like to wake up once it falls asleep -_-;[/SIZE]
  15. [SIZE="1"]As long as it still works, a car is a car in my eyes. My dad has a '77 BMW (forgot the model -_-) and my mom drives an '88 Camry that both work perfectly. They aren't exactly showy cars or anything, but they do their job. Besides, even old cars sell for a good amount of money if they're in working condition... Frankly, the kid seems really quite selfish and spoiled. :T[/SIZE]
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