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    I've been watching DBZ for about 3 years, and I actually got hooked watching it while making fun of someone else who watched it. "What is this CRAP you're watching! Hahahahaha." 2 days later, "Jeez, this is INCREDIBLE!"
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  1. LittleFluteSan

    Anime Question

    It's iffy... there's alot of times where Puar get's jealous of Bulma and starts acting very girly, but from context of the show, they make him out to be male...
  2. LittleFluteSan

    Anime Your favorite DBZ(Faulconer)theme....

    The fat/skinny buu merger music WAS very cool... I've thought that to myself several times... the other music that was very cool was the music when Goku was transforming to SSJ3 in front of Buu... nice score.... The original subs don't score that good... one of the very FEW instances of the dubs being better than the subs.. music... that, and being spoken in a language i can actually understand... :)
  3. LittleFluteSan

    Anime does anyone like hurcule?

    Whatever Baba is, she's the same race of being that merged with Old Kaioshin and made him look old and ugly. So she is definitly an otherworldly race. And Mr. Satan did NOT dodge all of Buu's attacks, Tien did. Satan just sat there holding the dog while Majin Buu's blasts (most likely) purposly missed Satan's ki.
  4. LittleFluteSan

    Anime does anyone like hurcule?

    Tien is the strongest Human. And Gohan has never died either.
  5. LittleFluteSan

    Anime New DBZ episodes

    The dubs are kind of butchered from the original version, yes, but I have to say that Goku's first transformation to SSJ-3 was actually better in English than in the original version. The music, the mood, the dialogue... one of the few instances where the dubs did the original some justice...
  6. LittleFluteSan

    Anime The lesser of the best.

    Wan is the dog. I don't know what they call him in english... been buying the buu saga dvd's.
  7. LittleFluteSan

    Anime The lesser of the best.

    Krillin's catch phrase in the movies (he says it in every single movie) is "Why only me??" i think he says it once or twice in the series. But every single movie, that's the moment of comedy for Krillin, when he gets pounded, he busts that out. In the Metal Cooler movie, when Piccolo and Gohan figure out to concentrate to kill the robots, Krillin tries it and gets pounded by the robot. As he's floating in mid air with a fist in his face, he says, "Why only me?" :) I'm not exactly sure of Tien's full involvement in the Buu saga because i haven't finished watching it, but he's still around after Gohan get's absorbed and Vegitto fuses together. not sure if he does anything, but at least he hasn't left. And, technically, he doesn't save Gohan's life. He saves Satan and Wan. Gohan uses the opportunity to free himself, tho.
  8. LittleFluteSan

    Anime The lesser of the best.

    Best of the Lesser Fighter's Moments? Well, Tien has always been my favorite, and i think the strongest, non saiyan fighter. Him using his Tri-Beam attack against Cell was the coolest moment in the Cell Saga. One of the few times a character had a better line in the english dub that the subtitled... "I might not be able to do anything, but I'll never find out if I just stand here." "I may just be a hole in the road to you, but it's gonna be a deep hole." "So much for the no-count." Also, his moment against Buu when he does the same thing to save Mr. Satan and Wan with his attack. Krillin's last shot at Garlic Jr, when he fired the blast at him, then turned it up at the last minuted and dropped it on him from above... that was pretty cool.... also, in the Return of Cooler movie, Krillin fighting the robots was very cool... he even got a few of them...
  9. Actually, they DO dumb it down for kids, not so much dumb it down, but they make the language more applicable to modern american society... the reason why the dialogue in english is differenet from the Japanese dialogue has NOTHING to do with the language barrier. It's not like FUNimation has a couple of half-*** stoners who don't speak fluent japanese translating the stories. If that was the case, it wouldn't be necessary anyways, because the subs have all the dialogue already translated in the captions.
  10. LittleFluteSan

    Anime Immortality: Denied!

    I remember hearing that the power of the dragon cannot exceed the power if it's creator. But I remember hearing it in enligsh, which means that it might not be true.... anything you hear in the english language may have been altered a little bit from the original story... I'm not sure what the original japanese says to describe the power of the Dballs, but I've always been skeptical about this power of the creator thing for that exact reason. How can someone get immortality from a mortal person? Also, none of the Z people were ever smart enough to try to use the dragonballs to grant wishes that might prevent any one of the countless earth-devastating tragedies that occured during the series.
  11. LittleFluteSan

    Anime King Kai's been holding out

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SS3 Majin Goku [/i] [B] there's a reason for that ^_^ it's cause goku died when he hadn't trained much but piccolo and all them had trained ALOT so they made it quicker then goku ^_^ [/B][/QUOTE] Right... so theoretically, they all should have been stronger than Goku was when HE learned the Kaio-Ken technique... they should have been able to use it... But I also agree that most likely it was because their frail human bodies couldn't handle the strain of learning the technique... But, man, think about how much stronger they would be if they had learned it... Tien vs. Cell specifically comes to mind. I know he wouldn't have been able to defeat him, but Tien, at that level, with a 4x Kaio Ken... he might have been able to hurt Cell at least a LITTLE bit more... maybe take an ear or finger or something...
  12. It's basically like watching a R-Rated movie on network television, except MORE. Sure, it's the same movie either way, but isn't it nicer to see for SURE what happens at every turn, instead of having those lazy cuts? And it sort of is a different story, because in the dubs, the language and explanation of things IS very different. I'm not saying you're a loser because you call him Hercule instead of Mr. Satan (well, I'm not doing it YET), I totally agree with your point about watching it in a language you can understand, but his name is NOT Hercule... it's Mr. Satan. Cartoons are all about the symbolism, whether it's a joke or serious symbolism... he was named Satan for a reason, and although I agree that we can't have little children running around in grade school saying, "Boy, I love that Satan," it's still pretty cool to see the original text with everyone in the Colesium screaming SATAN! SATAN!
  13. LittleFluteSan

    Anime Who wrote DBZ?

    Would you know where to get an online copy of the original Manga to read? that would be interesting...
  14. LittleFluteSan

    Anime Who wrote DBZ?

    I've been going to bookstores and looking for novelizations of the story, and I can only find books that go as far as the Namek Saga that have Toriyama's name on it. Did he write the entire DBZ series? I ask because of this: There seems to be a definite break in the themes of the story after the Namek Saga, through Garlic Jr. I guess, but once the Trunks Saga starts, there is most definitly another creative force at work there because alot of the themes that were HUGE points in the Namek Saga that were completely ignored in the later sagas. And the way the story was written, it kind of seems like everything builds up to the fight on Freiza, and once he dies, that's a very definite conclusion to the story. My theory is that DBZ was supposed to end with Freiza, but continued due the the popularity/marketability of the story and characters. I'm not as huge into all the online type stuff as some of y'all (net surfing blows at 56.6k modem speed), so does anyone know if indeed someone else joined the creative writing team of DBZ after Namek/Garlic Jr. Saga?
  15. LittleFluteSan

    Anime Races

    Very difficult to determine how many in total because of that wild card of race that they never explain. The people that Krillin, Bulma and Gohan find on the fake namek. All of Freiza's minions? Some are humanoid, but not from earth, so they might not actually be human. Then he had a bunch of other lackeys ,like the people Vegeta kills while looking for Goku, or when he gets out of the rejuvination tank on Freiza's ship, or when he goes back to Freiza's ship to change clothes after his loss to Recoom. Boy, Vegeta sure did kill alot of Freiza's people on Namek. All the people in the base watching Freiza lose to SS Goku (whose power subsequently blew up the base from a million miles away). Then there's each of the Ginyu Force members (which Vegeta also killed... I sense a theme). Each Ginyu guy was it's own race. Later on there's Babidi, who knows what he is. Pui Pui, Yakon, the guys that 'feed' Yakon. There's SOOOOOOO many different races, it's almost impossible to count.