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  1. Dooane

    Tim&Eric Awesome Show, Great Job

    [quote name='Drizzt Do'urden'] Those shows like Tom and Eric, and Tom goes to the Mayor should be taken off if you ask me, once again I realize this is MY opinion not universal.[/QUOTE] yeah your right about that. they should take them off...but... i dont know about you guys but i find those shows to be funny at time:animeswea but thats just me
  2. Dooane

    Gaming Street Fighter IV

    BIG day tomorrow! as SF4 is coming out! woot woot!:animesmil who is getting the game? i know i am :animesmil
  3. Dooane

    Time to end Black History Month?

    [quote name='Lunox'][font=trebuchet ms] It's a not a big deal. It's a month set aside to honor and commemorate the achievements of a minority group that has had the greatest impact on US history. It's not saying trying to say "black history is better than white history". Also I will smack anyone who asks why there isn't a white history month. Get over it.[/font][/QUOTE] Lol yeah how about someone ask me that today in my class ...smh....
  4. Dooane

    Time to end Black History Month?

    [quote name='Rachmaninoff'] Would keeping it make people any more aware or would dropping it and focusing on simply teaching history, all of it, be better?[/QUOTE] well to me they shouldn't drop it. and what for? people of all races today are becoming more and more aware and its about time:animesmil we have a new head chief and you know thats going to be black history. as you can tell im black woot woot lol. and i cant see America dropping this
  5. Dooane

    Tim&Eric Awesome Show, Great Job

    [quote name='Petie'][COLOR=Blue] (though I can't stand King of the Hill). .[/COLOR][/QUOTE] WHAT! lol king of the hill is a good show:animesmil
  6. Dooane

    Anime What are You Watching/Reading Now?

    Watching: Family Guy Reading: The Samurai by Shusaku Endo Its a really good book
  7. Dooane

    The Valentine's Day Thread!

    [quote name='Ace'][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I've always claimed that Friday the 13th was my lucky day. This year, it has no choice but to be. I have two options: 1: find a special girl and have something to do for Valentines, 2: not find a special girl, therefore keeping my money that much longer. Win-win.[/FONT][/QUOTE] :animesmil NICE! you just give me an idea
  8. Dooane

    Tim&Eric Awesome Show, Great Job

    i agree Ace, most of the shows are hit and miss. but what i dont understand is why they started putting of the PJs:confused: the show wasn't that good to me. and im sure that a lot of people would of loved more family guy.:animesmil or Harvey Birdman:laugh:
  9. Dooane

    The Valentine's Day Thread!

    [quote name='NinjaGirlSango']"Singles Awareness Day". I've never been a fan of the holiday. People have always only used it to show off their SOs or just how many friends they have measured by how much they give or receive. This year will be even worse than previous ones though, having been recently dumped by my gf of two years. Still got her on the mind and don't want to even think about relationships yet, let alone watch everyone else flaunt theirs. *bitter* D< I may just see if one of my single friends is free and maybe go out to lunch or dinner or something. Because I'm that ****en exciting.[/QUOTE] :o wow im sorry to hear about the GF thing...but im gonna do the same thing. im taking one of my good friends from high school out to dinner..who knows it might even go better then i think :animeswea
  10. Dooane

    Tim&Eric Awesome Show, Great Job

    thanks Petie for the welcome! your gonna be seeing a lot more of me on this site :animesmil. but yeah i feel the same way. this show has its times when its funny but for 15mins, i will say that i can sometimes go a good 5mins watching then change:animesmil as far a show i cant really watch wel... SuperJail i just cant get into that one:animesigh
  11. Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone here watches this show? I think its funny but it can get alil dumb. I guess that's what they were going for huh....sooo do you watch this show? What do you like about it? What don't you like about it
  12. Dooane

    New Members: Introduce Yourselves Here

    Hello all! I'm Dooane and I'm new to the boards. I'm looking to make friends and stuff! Soooo with that said...hi new friends!
  13. The game I beat so many times was zelda on Nes..oh how I love that game! Lol I play it on my nes emulator now :)