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  1. [color="#FF0000"]I attempted to beat Blue last night, against my better judgment. I was actually doing pretty good and had him down to two Pokemon. He throws out Gyrados and proceed to finish off what's left of my team except for Meganium and Roserade, and a good Frenzy Plant to the face finished that off. And then he was down to one Pokemon. There was just one problem- It was his Acanine that I had nearly one hit KO'd earlier. He sends it out, uses a Full Restore, and I don't think I need to continue. Bleh -3- [/color]
  2. [color="#FF0000"]I recently bought [b]Wild Arms 1, Wild Arms 2,[/b] and [b]Suikoden[/b] off PSN a few nights ago. I had WA2 at one point a few years ago, but unfortunately it was at the point of my life where my logic consisted of "If a game frustrates you and leaves you stuck in a certain spot for months, trade it in" and I lacked internet, so I ended up getting rid of it, with every intention of getting it again- and then two weeks later they stopped selling GameStop. Geez, I didn't realize just how much I missed this game until a few nights ago @_@ WA1 and Suikoden are also good, Suikoden in particular since it somehow has a way of causing me to lose track of time when I play it (the night I downloaded it, I started playing it at around 10, and the next thing I knew it was 5 am). I've also been trying to force myself to replay [b]Pokemon FireRed[/b] and [b]Pokemon Platinum[/b], but it's not working >_>[/color]
  3. [quote name='Vivian' date='14 June 2010 - 02:11 PM' timestamp='1276549910' post='695287'] [color="#9932CC"][font="Microsoft Sans Serif"] But...wow, that's really awesome. I wonder how much we'll be able to do. Actually, I wonder how we'd be able to upload the save file to begin with. Maybe it'll come bundled with a special USB cable, like how FR/LG came with the wireless adapter and HG/SS came with the Pokewalker?[/font][/color] [/quote] [color="#FF0000"]I'm thinking Wi-Fi, but a special USB cable or something like that is possible, I guess.[/color]
  4. [quote name='Citric' date='12 June 2010 - 11:46 AM' timestamp='1276368397' post='695129'] * Black and white, good versus evil, and yin and yang are going to play a major part in the plot. However, unlike previous Pokemon games, the decisions and choices you make will "influence" the plot of the game. If you make "good" choices, you might get certain help or items, whereas "bad" choices could have negative effects. The point is that the plot will not be as cut-and-dry as previous games, changing depending on the player's actions. [/quote] [color="#FF0000"]This right here would be the only thing I would need to convince me to go out and buy the game [s]although I think I'm not the only one here who would anyway >_>;[/s] ....Also this makes me all the more anxious for the Black/White arc in Pokemon Special, once they get to it. Assuming this ends up being true, anyway.[/color]
  5. [quote name='Humaru' date='08 June 2010 - 10:26 PM' timestamp='1276061163' post='694938'] My pokewalker has been destroyed thanks to the washing machine in my house. My moms grabbed my pants before I got to empty the pockets and turns out that my pokewalker was still in the pants. Whats worse about the whole situation was that my Zapdos was in the pokewalker. I have no idea why I put it in there but now its gone forever. Man I hate this.[/quote] [color="#FF0000"]No its not. There's a code that you can use to bring your Pokemon back from the Pokewalker in case something like that happens- Nintendo was prepared for that one From Bulbapedia: [/color] [quote]A Pokémon that has been transfered onto a Pokéwalker isn't actually sent to the device, but rather copied and the data for the Pokémon is sent. The targeted Pokémon is instead put aside, and can't be used in the game, until the data has been returned to the game. Therefore, if a Pokéwalker is lost or damaged, the Pokémon is not lost. Pokémon can be restored to the game it was taken from if a Pokéwalker is lost or broken by pressing and holding Up, Select, and R at the Pokéwalker connection screen. The Pokémon will be returned to the PC box with its level or happiness unaffected. Nintendo has started selling individual Pokéwalkers, battery covers, and clip covers as replacements on their online store. These replacements can be used with any HeartGold or SoulSilver game card, regardless of the default language. [/quote]
  6. [url="http://tubedubber.com/#mPgcR8oZxH4:__4PiVKMuAQ:0:100:0:0:true"].hack//Liminality/Trinity Blood[/url] [url="http://tubedubber.com/#4gVnXAeDBA0:E0eTUQPmsj8:0:100:0:0:true"]FMA Brotherhood OP 5/.hack//Roots[/url] [url="http://tubedubber.com/#4gVnXAeDBA0:4pdqeu9LW2c:0:100:0:0:true"]FMA Brotherhood OP 5/Higashi no Eden OP[/url] [color="#FF0000"]Meh.[/color]
  7. [color="#FF0000"]I know enough Spanish to know when I'm being cussed out/insulted(kind of a must when you live in an area that is mostly populated by Hispanics). I also had to take Chinese when I was taking CP classes, so I know basic, and I mean VERY basic, Chinese. I'd really like to learn Japanese, though :x But NOOOOO, none of the schools here offer it because "there's no interest" (lolbull). [/color]
  8. [quote name='Kei' date='08 June 2010 - 12:28 PM' timestamp='1276025324' post='694881'] [font="Tahoma"][color="#000080"] Viz Media, TokyoPop [/color][/font] [/quote] [color="#FF0000"]Pffft, they're doomed anyway. Why these two are even trying, I have no idea. Anyway, I get a bit of a feeling this may do more harm than good. For one thing, with the economy being crap right now, who the heck is going to fork over $10 just to buy one book that they can read in about an hour and probably never read again? I really think this is a bad time to be doing something like this >> And then there's the unlicensed series. Without these sites that they're trying to bring down, how will they know what's popular and will do well in the U.S., aside from "Oh well it's popular in Japan, let's bring it over."? It's going to be interesting, for sure.[/color]
  9. [color="#FF0000"]Ah, North Georgia. The weather is bipolar, as usual during the summer. It can be burning up one day and then feel great the next, and then start raining without warning. And then the sun comes out while it's [i]still raining[/i] and thunder can still be heard. I love summer weather.[/sarcasm][/color]
  10. [color="#FF0000"]I recently bought [b]Final Fantasy XIII[/b], but I think I'll take it back and get something else. Nothing wrong with it- I like the game, but I simply don't think it's worth the $65 I spent on it (stupid Wal Mart B( ). I might pick up [b]Red Dead Redemption[/b] or [b]Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition[/b]. [s]Or maybe even a used copy of FFXIII, since it's only $39.99[/s][/color]
  11. [quote name='Inuyasha Fandom' date='13 May 2010 - 11:26 AM' timestamp='1273775160' post='693680'] So the battle system in this newest final fantasy is going to be like kingdom hearts? I would love to see this game, and to play it, if only because it's part of the final fantasy franchise. [/quote] [color="#FF0000"]That's FF Versus XIII, which is still in development. And I'm pretty sure it wont be [i]exactly[/i] like KH's battle system. They'll probably put some sort of FFish twist to it. Anyway, I picked up the game earlier tonight. I was kind of hesitant since GameStop was closed by the time I got there, so I had to pay $65 something (freaking taxes) for it at Wal Mart, and Wal Mart isn't exactly known to let you exchange something solely because you didn't like it (from my experience, anyway). But to my surprise, I'm liking it so far[s]I would seriously like to have that extra $5 I had to pay for it back, though :x[/s] and I'm not regretting my purchase. Yet. My only complaints are Hope ('nuff said) and there are certain points where I think Lightning's VA could have done a much better job, but meh. I'm only about three hours into the game though (my controller decided it needed to charge -3-), so my opinion might change. [/color]
  12. [url="http://tubedubber.com/#NzHe4U5c5Oc:rx9oxu-aytk:0:100:0:0:true"]Trigun/Trinity Blood[/url] [url="http://tubedubber.com/#SqFf66Jwa0U:whPpYp5bBro:0:100:0:0:true"]Jing King of Bandits/xxxHolic[/url] [url="http://tubedubber.com/#JdTwjVBP4ac:rO3kX9--0OA:0:100:0:0:true"]C wut I did thar?[/url] [url="http://tubedubber.com/#7KoL7__Bmyg:1g7khxVgx24:0:100:0:0:true"]Escaflown/Avalon Code(again, not an anime, but meh)[/url] [color="#FF0000"]Now to go do something productive.[/color]
  13. [url="http://tubedubber.com/#-ZT2KeBgmZE:q9eCqwzAjTY:0:100:0:0:true"]Initial D/Speed Racer[/url] [url="http://tubedubber.com/#ka-gnYDmiZw:I5LKs6LlsPQ:0:100:0:0:true"]Blood+/Paranoia Agent ED[/url] [url="http://tubedubber.com/#WW1ow8LNooQ:nxtTL5KP31k:0:100:0:0:true"]Code Geass R2/Bleach[/url] [url="http://tubedubber.com/#T6zDfxZ4NcE:R0N3L-pcGdc:0:100:0:0:true"]Cowboy Bebop/Outlaw Star[/url] [url="http://tubedubber.com/#4LjRvJD9tgk:Q23gOQI9eCs:0:100:0:3:true"]Trinity Blood/Chrono Crusade[/url] [color="#FF0000"]We have a replacement for TVTropes, methinks.[/color]
  14. [color="#FF0000"]I just woke up and I'm already at it again .3. [url="http://tubedubber.com/#e52PFRP4yb8:3_OCRTiUOKw:0:100:0:0:true"]Soul Eater/FMA[/url] [url="http://tubedubber.com/#tVzrWXh-dYk:7KoL7__Bmyg:0:100:0:0:true"]Tsubasa/Escaflowne[/url] [url="http://tubedubber.com/#P2QxTsNgujo:k0xt8F8Y09A:0:100:0:0:true"]Yu-Gi-Oh!/Pokemon[/url] I'll think of more once I eat/am actually awake [b]EDIT[/b]: MOAR- [url="http://www.tubedubber.com/#l6_3b2ivQxs:NEkiW7f550U:0:100:0:0:true"]FMA Brotherhood/Moribito[/url](audio from an AMV, and yes that long bit of silence IS supposed to be there. [url="http://www.tubedubber.com/#tJ3a38o16YU:W6-vS4aj-Zo:0:100:0:0:true"]Yu Gi Oh/Cardcaptors(I'm going to be mauled for this one)[/url] [url="http://www.tubedubber.com/#2ILsMmZG4VM:BSsUH6M8xBg:0:100:0:0:true"]Darker Than Black/Persona 3 opening(not an anime but meh)[/url][/color]
  15. [quote name='Citric' date='04 June 2010 - 06:48 PM' timestamp='1275702505' post='694619'] [img]http://pokebeach.com/news/0610/movie-13-scizor-download.jpg[/img] `The official site has today updated informing us of a new WiFi event. This event is to tie in with the new movie, Phantom Champion Zoroark, and features a Scizor that represents the Scizor of Goon, one of the antagonists of the film. This Scizor is Level 50 and is in a Cherish Ball. It has the Swarm ability, holds a Starf Berry, and the attacks; X-Scissor, Swords Dance, Iron Defence and Agility. It will be given over WiFi on all current Japanese DS games in from June 18th 2010 to July 14th 2010.` I hope it comes to America! [/quote] [color="#FF0000"]...I feel REALLY sorry for anyone unfortunate enough to be named Goon, antagonist or not.[/color]
  16. [color="#FF0000"]Well, it's not perfect (the video is longer than the audio), but- [url="http://tubedubber.com/#35PKjeldNxc:p8NmV9KEYRQ:0:100:0:0:true"]TOTA/FMA Brotherhood[/url] ALSO- [url="http://www.tubedubber.com/#CvQyJKBfLro:SPB54YaZu5I:0:100:0:0:true"]Eureka Seven/Gandamu-Imean, Mobile Suit Gundam 0079[/url] I have no idea if this is even from an anime or not, but I saw a TTGL AMV with this song and [url="http://www.tubedubber.com/#9gw1OSmduNQ:33d8Jf3GlMQ:0:100:0:0:true"]THIS[/url] happened. Edit: It's apparently the opening to Ultraman Nexus, therefore making it even more epic. Because I'm evil- [url="http://www.tubedubber.com/#F2mE5FqI5WY:3ufVQIUEiYc:0:100:0:0:true"]Sonic X/Megaman cartoon [/url] [url="http://tubedubber.com/#WMK_xzkYM8s:L_4Z6tNnHVQ:0:100:0:0:true"]Soul Eater/Sengoku Basara[/url] And I just wasted an hour of my life. I blame you, Shin.[/color]
  17. [color="#FF0000"]Oh, I'm going to have a ball with this. Anyway, inspired by Funimation's failure to credit the new FMA Brotherhood opening correctly, I [url="http://www.tubedubber.com/#vNxN6HKrgks:xn8S0TwQvD4:0:100:0:0:true"]mixed the first two openings together[/url], and to my surprise, they -somewhat- fit. [/color]
  18. [color="#FF0000"]Like I said before: -Tsutaja: Otacon -Pokabu: Hamlet/Bacon/Wilbur/I'm trying hard to come up with something that's a bit more clever/less obvious -Mujimaru: Edokun Also, I keep reading Pokabu as Pikablu :x[/color]
  19. [u][b]Watching[/b][/u] -[b]FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood[/b]: I've been watching is subbed since it premiered last year, and I've also been watching the dub. Took me awhile to get used to the English voices again after a year of Japanese!FMA, but I got around it eventually [s]I'm still not a big fan of Al's new voice though :x[/s]. I kind of miss the feel that the original series had, but I'm enjoying Brotherhood just as much [s]I just wish they'd stop torturing me with cliffhangers at the end of every episode AHHHHHHH[/s] -[b]Jyuushin Enbu- Hero Tales[/b]: Created by Hiromu Arakawa, yes, the same who created FMA, I'm enjoying it so far. -[b]Mobile Suit Gundam: 0083[/b]: Yet another rushed Gundam OVA. This series has a lot of potential, but because its an OVA and limited to 13 episodes, most of the story feels rushed, like most Gundam OVAs. -[b]Moribito[/b]: I remember a friend of mine could never shut up about this when it originally aired on Adult Swim. I lost cable around the time it started, but I still managed to catch a few episodes occasionally when I was in a place where cable was available. I finally sat down to watch it today, and it seems like it'll be pretty good. Kind of makes me want to read the books it based on [s]but apparently only 2 have been translated, boooo[/s] [u][b]Reading[/b][/u] -[b]+Anima[/b]: Not the best series I've read, but it's entertaining. -[b]Bakuman[/b]: After reading the 3-chapter preview that Shonen Jump had for this series, I decided I'd keep reading it online [s]because Viz is stupid and thinks that having only Naruto and One Piece in SJ and raising prices on every other series will keep them from going under[/s]. It's fairly interesting. -[b]Ultimo[/b]: Stan Lee meets Hiroyuki Takei (creator of Shaman King). Need I say more? -[b]Kingdom Hearts[/b]: Ya know how everybody has that series that they really don't know why they continue to watch/read it, but they still do anyway? This is mine. Good lord, this series is so rushed its not funny. But that's usually what happens when a video game is adapted into a manga. -[b]One Piece[/b]: Must...catch...up....*is about 400 something chapters behind* I blame Viz for it's previously slow distribution when it came to this series. -[b]Tales of Eternia[/b]: Because I'll never be able to fork over $100+ for the actual game, this is the next best thing. And it's not really rushed like most Game-To-Manga adaptations and is a good 9 volumes long.
  20. [quote name='Piano Parade' date='02 June 2010 - 04:33 PM' timestamp='1275521629' post='694320'] [b]What is an LG? Also, I thought you only get Charizard after you beat Red? O.o[/b] [/quote] [color="#FF0000"]LG = LeafGreen, and you can transfer your Pokemon from GBA games via the PalPark in Fuschia (unless you have a DSi, in which case you wont be able to do it) Also, I need to get back to playing this game, but the fact that I'm still destroying Trainers/Wild Pokemon in Kanto, yet the strongest Pokemon I have is at level 62, the motivation just isn't there :x Grinding tends to do that.[/color]
  21. Wet Paint, for the same reasons already listed :x
  22. [color="#FF0000"]I recently went on a raid in GameStop (lol graduation money) and I bought a huge pile of games. I've been bouncing back and forth between all of them since then. I've mostly been focusing on [b]Avalon Code[/b] and the [b]Fallout Trilogy[/b] (particularly the first Fallout- 2 and Tactics can wait for now). Avalon Code is an Action RPG for the DS with an interesting concept- the world is going to be destroyed soon, but you have been chosen by the Book of Prophecy to record things in said book that will be carried over when the world is recreated. And I also have to say, for a DS game, it has an AMAZING soundtrack, especially the opening song(and the opening sequence itself is amazing on its own). [b]Fallout Trilogy[/b]is basically exactly what it sounds like- the first 3 Fallout games (1, 2 and Tactics) all in one PC game. I've been playing Fallout 1 (played 2 and Tactics long enough to make sure they work on my PC, since my PC is usually anti-game), and so far my one issue with it is how slow combat is compared to [b]Fallout 3[/b], this being because it's more turn based(you have to use AP for EVERYTHING in combat, even looking at your inventory to reload your weapon or get a stimpack), where as FO3 is basically OMG SOMETHING MOVED PUMP IT FULL OF LEAD RIGHT NOW*holds down R1*Something I'll just have to get used to, I guess. And as for the rest of the games I bought: -[b]Dragon Ball Z: Budokai(PS2)[/b]it was $3, I needed a game in which you could beat the crap out of people, I had data on my memory card for this game that hadn't been updated since 06, don't judge me -[b]Evolution Worlds(GC)[/b]I played it once before a few years ago, it was about $4, so I thought "Why not?" -[b]Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty(PS2)[/b] *inb4SNAKE?SNAKE?!SNAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!111!!1 -[b]Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater(PS2)[/b] Because I could. -[b]Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis(PS2)[/b] An RPG that someone recommended to me a long time ago and I just got around to buying it. From what little of it I've played, it seems like a good game. I just wish you could turn off the voices in this game, because I don't really care for the English or Japanese voice acting in this game x_x -[b]Ratchet and Clank(PS2)[/b]Played it before, but unlike the other Ratchet and Clank games, I never owned it until now. -[b]Xenosaga Episode 1(PS2)[/b] Hopefully it actually WORKS this time D< -[b]Unlimited Saga(PS2)[/b] played it for about five minutes, got bored. I'll probably return it.[/color]
  23. [quote name='Ace'][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Yaay the Xing cast have arrived! Also the opening this week was Hologram, but they credited it as "Again", which was the previous opening theme. EDIT: Oh, by the way, Ling is Death the Kid. That rocks.[/FONT][/QUOTE] [COLOR="Red"]...great, now I'll be expecting Ling to go on about how Wrath's eyes are unsymmetrical or something.[/COLOR]
  24. [quote name='chibi-master']Is anyone else slightly frightened when they have something big like a Gyarados in the Pokewalker and the record thing that says how the walk went tells you "...it seems as if it will jump on your back!" I would not like one of the really heavy pokemon to jump on my back...:animedepr[/QUOTE] [COLOR="Red"]Oh come on now. A Snorlax isn't all that heavy. *is shot and arrested* On another note, I finally beat Blaine. I think I'm going to stop and do some level griding/filling up my PokeDex now, because I know Level 50ish and one level 60 Pokemon will barely get me through the battle with Blue, and Red....ugh x_x[/COLOR]
  25. [COLOR="Red"]I started playing the original [B]Shin Megami Tensei[/B] last night. It's a lot better than I was expecting to to be. Also this game wins the Game with the Best Mother Award (Can you go pick up some coffee? Oh, did I mention someone was recently murdered? I'm refusing to go out on my own....why haven't you brought the coffee back yet?) And I also started playing I game that I once despised- [B]Megaman Battle Network[/B]. I tried playing it and it's sequels several times before but just couldn't get into them.Then I randomly picked it up again the other day and...I couldn't put it down :x [/COLOR]
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