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  1. [quote name='Miss Anonymous']lolol I wonder why? ;)[/QUOTE] [COLOR="Red"]Just look at it. It has the o^o face. Therefore, Edokun. [STRIKE]Therefore I certainly wont be picking it B([/STRIKE] As for when we get the game, since it's coming out Winter 2010, I'd say it'll be here in Spring 2011(March-Aprilish), since that's usually when they release a new game here.[/COLOR]
  2. [COLOR="Red"]I want this game. NOW. Even if the Grass starter is a little weird-looking. And the fact that the characters are a bit older this time and not "lol we look like teenagers but we're actually ten lololol" is great. I'm kind of hoping this means there will be a bit deeper plot than the usual Become-Champion-and-defeat-an-evil-organization-along-the-way route. Not that I want a HUGEOMFGGAMEOFTHEYEAR plot, but something a bit deeper than usual would be nice. Also, Pokemon Special Black/White, plz. Edit: I shall now be referring to the Grass starter as Otacon, the Fire starter as Fire Pig/Hamlet/Peony, and the Water Starter as Edokun. No on can change my mind on this, even when the official names have been announced.[/COLOR]
  3. [quote name='Sangome'][FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"][SIZE="1"]Aw, come on, now. We all know we all secretly want [I]these[/I] as the starters: [CENTER] [IMG]http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u273/wintersidhe/500x_bw8.jpg[/IMG][/CENTER] *runs and hides*[/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE] [COLOR="Red"]If that were to be real, I don't think I'd ever play another Pokemon game. But I know it wont be the ca-ARRRRGH NOW I'M GOING TO BE DREADING THE REVEAL >_>;;[/COLOR]
  4. [COLOR="Red"]I'm just hoping the top one isn't the Grass starter, because if so, then it seems like it's just a redesigned Turtwig >>;[/COLOR]
  5. [COLOR="Red"]I bought [B]Dragon Quest IV[/B] back when I went to pick up my copy of Pokemon SoulSilver, but never really got into it(I tend to have a disliking for games that have "chapters, focus on one character per chapter, and then suddenly want to throw in the main character at the VERY END OF THE GAME). But that changed after I started playing it on the bus one afternoon and started seeing a few similarities to Dragon Quest V(which is an amazing game). I still don't play it much(lack of real plot is lacking, which tends to happen when, again, you don't get the main character until the VERY END OF THE GAME -_-), but I play it a lot more than I did before. I've also managed to get my hands on a copy of [B]Persona 3 FES[/B]. The game is extremely frustrating, and thanks to the totally NOT spoilerific opening I already know how it ends, but I just CAN'T stop playing it for some reason @_@ Oh, and my friend let me borrow his copy of [B]Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2[/B]. It's really fun when I'm not getting killed every five seconds :D(shooters really aren't my cup of tea >_>; ) And I've been playing [B]Final Fantasy IX[/B], because I stopped playing it for just ONE DAY and ended up not playing it for two whole months :x Whoops.[/COLOR]
  6. [quote name='Ace'][FONT="Comic Sans MS"] If that's really the final design, maybe the older look is an indicator that the Player Character this time around is a college student.[/FONT][/QUOTE] ...Ash, have an adult that might possibly have an idea of what they're doing following him around? MADNESS. *inb4THISISPOKEMON* But anyway, that might happen. We wont know until we get more info, but there's nothing -yet- saying that there actually wont be an adult player character option this time around, amirite? [QUOTE]You know, what with how these fakes keep looking better and better with each one somebody pumps out, I'm worried the official Sugimori art is destined to be a disappointment.[/QUOTE] [url=http://media.photobucket.com/image/pokemon%20generation%205/adyniz/NewGeneration5PokemonAdyniz.png?o=16][B]SAMURAI FARFETCH'D[/B] [STRIKE]and a "Delibird evolution", but nobody cares about Delibird[/STRIKE][/url]
  7. [COLOR="Red"]*dances* I BEAT THE ELITE FOUR~ Now to conquer Kanto 8D ...Oh wait, now I have to deal with Red. Buuut at least I'll have access to the Pal Park by that point >_>; Also the Kanto battle theme is amazing.[/COLOR]
  8. [COLOR="Red"]As of today, I HAVE WI-FI 8D My friend code is 1978 2619 3496. Ace, let me know when you're ready for that Chikorita. Just know that I -might- be at church from about 6:30-8:30-ish EST. And as a side note, I still hate the Elite Four.[/COLOR]
  9. [quote name='chibi-master']So I must admit that having Arsenal follow me around is pretty awesome. Though shouldn't some of these trainers be too scared out of their minds to challenge me now, what with my gargantuan pal following me around?:confused:[/QUOTE] [COLOR="Red"]This is a world where parents send their ten-year old children out on their own to teach creatures how to kill each other, underage gambling is legal, and has non-suspicious souvenir shops that should not alarm you at all. Why in the world would someone be afraid to challenge someone who has a fracking huge bird following them and is ready to strike when given the command to do so? Also, I think I'll be ready to take on the Elite Four again tonight. And it better work this time, too...although I suppose I could go get the money from Mom, as much as I would miss the constant "OMGHAIIBOUGHTYOUABERRYLOLOLOL".[/COLOR]
  10. [COLOR="Red"]So while I'm training my Pokemon to destroy the Elite [STRIKE]Five[/STRIKE]Four, I'm working on getting Wi-Fi. Got yet another wireless router today, but no cords since I already had the ones from my last one. But the power cord thingy was too big :x So now I have to wait until tomorrow. So, Ace, I should be able to get that Chikorita to you some time this week, assuming you haven't got one already. Also, I'm starting to realize that Golem is made of fail and my long-time team of 6 is about to become a team of 5 o_e[/COLOR]
  11. [quote name='Ace'][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Alright, if I want to spend Spring Break with access to my DS, I need to defeat Seven Evil History Tests. Eat your heart out, Scott Pilgrim. I'm 18 years old and my mother is still grounding me largely because she doesn't understand how hard I'm already busting my own chops over schoolwork. Hooray.[/FONT][/QUOTE] [COLOR="Red"]Oh good, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who's facing this issue as well >>; Only in my case it's actually completing a crapload of Physical Science classwork I never finished and turned in/labs/ten extra credit online tests. Although I have the weekend, along with all this coming week to do the labs since I can't exactly do them at home. Give me that 9th grade algebra plzkthnx [STRIKE]You know it's bad when I'm ASKING to do any sort of Math[/STRIKE][/COLOR]
  12. [quote name='Ace'][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Fun fact: Red's level 88 Pikachu can OHKO a level 61 Tyranitar with Volt Tackle. [/FONT][/QUOTE] [COLOR="Red"]...I totally thought you were talking about me for half a second >>; Also, dear lord, I forgot about all the newer moves his Pokemon could know now o_o The possibilities scare me...although I haven't even beat the Elite Four yet, so.[/COLOR]
  13. [COLOR="Red"]This made my entire week. Seriously, it's about freaking time. Now, time to go spazz.[/COLOR]
  14. [quote name='Clurr'][SIZE="1"]Koga. WTF. His strategy is the most infuriating thing I've experienced since Whitney. It's going to take me hours upon hours of training to get all my pokemon up to a decent level, and I don't have any money left after losing to him to buy the necessary health items. I think my character is going to give up pokemon and pick up a nice meth addiction.[/SIZE][/QUOTE] [COLOR="Red"]His Muk is what annoyed me the most. Everything else was easily dealt with (this likely due to me having a Houndoom that I totally didn't trade over as a level 1 Houndour from my Platinum when I first got them game >_>; ). Gunk Shot kept KOing my Pokemon in one hit, likely due to them being a bit under-leveled, and then he has that ability to recover a bit of HP each turn. The only way I managed to beat that thing was by having Lapras eventually freeze it. Also, apparently Bruno is a Marine. Or whatever military branch that does the HOO-AH thing. Unless I read it wrong, which is possible considering I wasn't in the mood for another "So you think you have what it takes to be Champion? VERY WELL, I, *Elite Four Member's name*, SHALL KNOCK ALL YOUR POKEMON DOWN WITH MY *insert Pokemon type*" speech and was speeding through it.[/COLOR]
  15. [COLOR="Red"][B]Pre-K[/B]: Just because you turn into a miniature Hulk when angry/ decide to be a jerk for the lulz, this does not mean that every kid on the playground will not drop what they are doing and tackle you and stop you in your tracks, and yes, it will hold you down until the teacher arrives to deal with you. And no, your mother is not afraid to take you off school grounds and bust your tail end if necessary. [B]Kindergarten[/B]: You are apparently a freak if you're ambidextrous. Also ice cream is delicious, but you can no haz if you are bad. [B]First grade[/B]: Fifty percent of all bus drivers are insane and will not hesitate to attempt to run you over if you don't get off the road in a timely fashion. It is also apparently dangerous to go into a ditch to retrieve a frisbee because a car could hit you. [B]Second grade[/B]: Just because you've been in a new school for two weeks does not mean you know who's who just yet. Always make sure you know that that woman you're about to tell is not your boss is actually your principal. [B]Third grade[/B]: School systems can be very evil sometimes when a new school is being built and move you. Also reading is good, and so is Pokemon. [B]Fourth grade[/B]: Don't say that you are a good athlete when returning to a former school unless you really are one. In fact, don't bluff, period. [B]Fifth grade[/B]: Teachers are not always srs biz. However, they will follow the rules when told to do so, and are therefore not afraid to take up everyone's Yu-Gi-Oh cards and toss them around the playground. Also, do not run on tile floor when you are about to throw up- your back will be screaming in pain for weeks. [B]Sixth grade[/B]: Lockers suck. 'Nuff said. [B]Seventh grade:[/B] There are people who can in fact read your Poker Face. Acting like an idiot will make you look just that- like an idiot. [B]Eighth grade[/B]: When someone gets in your face for no apparent reason, and you decide to push them in order to get them out of your face, duck. Otherwise you will receive a fist to the face. [B]Ninth grade[/B]: Just as some teachers are not always srs biz, there are teachers who are complete douchebags and will go completely out of their way screw up any chance you and other students may have at obtaining a scholarship for lulz. Being a douchebag right back will not help he situation, but it can often provide amusing results. Also, just because you've been friends with someone for years, it does not mean that they aren't going to stab you in the back. [B]Tenth grade[/B]: Throwing a bottle at a friend will get you ISS. Oh, and despite what others have told you before, you may not roam around the school during lunch...but don't let the rules stop you. Also, while watching movies in class, your jacket works as a great cover for your DS. [B]Eleventh grade[/B]: Do not type simple things like 'anime pictures' into Photobucket on a school computer. This can often have bad results and land you in a ton of unwanted trouble, and earn you a year long title of 'pervert/sicko' from others. Although this CAN cause some lulzy effects on the tech guy. And contrary to popular belief, you can pass all your classes with at least a B and spend every day asleep in said classes. [B]Twelfth grade[/B]: There is no hope remaining for humanity, or at least humanity within a one hundred mile radius. Also, you will spend more for graduation related items, including cap and gown, than you have on school supplies during your thirteen years of schooling combined. [/COLOR]
  16. [COLOR="Red"]I'm somewhat starting to wonder if I made the wrong decision when I decided not to buy this when I had the chance. After FFXII, I'm wary of any FF game that comes out now, especially when it gets mixed reviews like this one, and after looking at the guidebook and seeing how short the game appeared to be, I decided not to get it- not for $60, at least. But now , all I keep hearing is how good this game is or how horrible it is, and how it's nowhere near as short as I'm thinking. I just...I don't know what to think anymore @_@[/COLOR]
  17. [COLOR="Red"]I'm going to attempt the Elite [STRIKE]Five[/STRIKE] Four today, assuming I can get through Victory Road. And even then, I have a feeling the Elite Four will destroy me :x And after wasting many Ultra Balls, Great Balls, Poke Balls, and a few Love Balls and Friend Balls I just so happened to have, I ended up using my Master Ball on Lugia. It didn't matter how many times I tried or how low I got it's HP, Lugia simply refuse to stay in anything else I threw at it. But I still have my Master Ball on Platinum, so no real loss. As for the Ice Pokemon thing, Lapras is an amazing thing to have when dealing with Clair. In fact, Lapras is amazing period and I highly recommend using it...assuming you want to wait until Friday to catch one if you haven't already >>;[/COLOR]
  18. [COLOR="Red"]I'm still trying to FIND Lugia. Between the lack of Flash and the constant being attacked by Pokemon (I'm pretty sure they increased the encounter rate in HG/SS, because I don't even remember the Wild Pokemon being so fracking annoying)...blah. But I guess it's a good reason to stop and level up before tackling the Elite Four.[/COLOR]
  19. [COLOR="Red"]..... I what What is this, I don't...even... So, bets on how long it'll take them to make a Naruto live action movie, anyone? [/COLOR] [SPOILER]Although that might be rather hilarious to see.[/SPOILER]
  20. [quote name='Miss Anonymous'] ... even though red already has his game and a Bayleef (Meganium?) by now.[/QUOTE] [COLOR="Red"]Yeah, it's a Meganium now- it evolved Friday night, if I remember correctly. Also, Blackthorn Gym is really getting on my nerves =3= I want to know what happened to just pushing boulders into the lava to make a path to Clair .-. [/COLOR]
  21. [COLOR="Red"]Yeah, I was under the impression this was already being done. So...I have no issue with it, considering the anime and the many different Pokemon manga do this for the exact same reasons, unlike the games which don't need to use up much-needed memory for buildings that will serve no real purpose.[/COLOR]
  22. [COLOR="Red"]I had an interesting experience while doing some much needed leveling up/attempting to hatch the Chikorita egg. Raikou decided to show up. Naturally I was unprepared for this and had used all my PokeBalls to catch Lapras earlier today, so I let it get away the first time. About an hour later, while in the same spot, it showed up again, but I at least had 15 PokeBalls this time. I threw one- It rolled 3 times, and I got excited. Which is where I screwed up. Yeah, it escaped. So now, I'm on the hunt for both it AND Entei, forget leveling up. Oh, and the egg hatched, so Chikorita is being stored in my PC for now.[/COLOR]
  23. [COLOR="Red"]Mkay, so it wont be happening this weekend due to certain events, plus the egg is being stubborn(typical Chikorita -3-) and not wanting to hatch. Next week is a possibility though, and I plan to begin negotiations for Wi-Fi over the weekend. Also, Larvitar is a besnitch to find .-.[/COLOR]
  24. [quote name='Ace'][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Sweet, let me know if there's anything in particular you want in return. I should probably be getting myself a Ditto anyway, so breeding's not out of the question. I have breeding stock in both my current Typhlosion and my Feraligatr(s) on Pearl. Also, trades with me now come with free Pokérus. Because I'm nice like that.[/FONT][/QUOTE] [COLOR="Red"]A Cyndaquil would be awesome. Oh, and I just found out that I -might- have access to Wi-Fi over the weekend, so yeah. Also, don't forget that Lapras appears in Union Cave on Fridays (which is tomorrow, for those who didn't know). Keep in mind that Surf and I think Strength will be needed to get to Lapras, unless they changed that in HG/SS.[/COLOR]
  25. [COLOR="Red"]I picked up SoulSilver on Monday and it has since succeeded in preventing me from doing things that are really more important and basically consuming my soul (no pun intended). The PokeWalker really impressed me, despite thinking I wouldn't use it much, if at all. I randomly tossed it in my bookbag and left it there for a day, came back to it after school, and apparently had a Pidgey. I've been using it every day since then, mostly with Pokemon that require a high happiness/tameness level to evolv-O hay, Togepi just evolved 8o Also, Ace, I'm working on getting Wi-Fi. If I manage to get it, I'll see about that spare Chikorita. Now onto the Bug Catching Contest. Edit: First attempt at the Contest, a Pinsir KO'd my Pidgeotto. I reset, originally caught a Paras with Pidgeotto getting poisoned in the process, then caught a level 17 Metapod because I could. I quit then because thanks to the no-item rule (which I still don't get why they don't just take away your PokeBalls instead of YOUR WHOLE BAG), Pidgeotto was dangerously close to fainting. And in the end, I didn't win (wasn't expecting to, but meh). Better luck next time, I guess.[/COLOR]
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