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    i recently got into this Japan fashion phase. I like drawing clothing with a lot of frills-- like gothic ish stuff, and decora fashion.
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  1. blurred-out

    Art Which style should I focus on?

    to tell you the truth, i think it's important to be able to do a bit of both. Just because you pick one style, don't drop the other one O; continue on with it too! since you said you're already good at the cute style, if i were you, i'd work more on the serious style-- or even just change the medium you're working with for a change. if you want to keep to the cute style, try using different mediums-- pens, pastels, paint --acrylic/watercolour :) it's fun to mix things up once in a while
  2. blurred-out

    Art Anime Art- Critique please?

    they're both really nice :D the only thing i'd change is in the first one, the eye placement as Jeremy said earlier.. and eye work in general. Maybe it's just me, but her eyes look a little too big (the iris part) i love the way you did the background in the second one! the sparkle and shine makes it good awesomee
  3. blurred-out

    Anime Black Cat

    i haven't seen the anime yet-- i'm all about the manga so far. i like the art a lot :)
  4. blurred-out

    Anime Any sugjestions?

    mmm as for action types.. i really like Black Cat. Although, i only read the manga-- never actually seen the anime [if it's bad don't blame me haha]. The manga though was for sure amazing :D if you like a more shojo-y type anime.. i loved Lovely Complex or LoveCom. It's a manga, anime and Live action now :D i watched the anime, have yet to read/see the other two keke