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  1. Hello Panda

    Manga Fairy Tail

    Buuuuump~! Well,I might be new to here,but not to Manga or anime! As for Fairy Tail,it really is like One Piece,as many people said. I recommend it to anyone that likes Humor and Action!
  2. Yeah,my friends were talking about playing Lost Planet 2 for PC on MSN yesterday,and they got me into it. And i'm not even sure if it's for PC too. Either way! I don't think I saw any Lost Planet 2 threads. Sorry if I skimmed around too little!
  3. Hello Panda

    New Members: Introduce Yourselves Here

    Hi guys! I joined here looking for some wallpapers,and there's a AWESOME forum for me to join too! So I might aswell stay here! 8D