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  1. [SG]Bo|

    Gaming SomEOnE rAte yM TeAm!!!!

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Char-Char,Mander-Char! [/i] [B][SIZE=1][B]COULDN'T BEAT MY TEAM... OH WAIT, IT COULD:D[/B][/SIZE] [/B][/QUOTE] LOL, yap, but you cannot beat mine.... maybe or maybe not.... See whether mine is good, forget it, i admit, you can win me!!! Laughing Out Loud!!! :D Rate: 8/10
  2. [QUOTE]Originally Posted By SuperSayian I believe they already made a Zelda Movie in Japan. I heard it at school.. But it wasn't exactly the same story. Hell, rocket-launchers? I think not........:rolleyes: -Nuff Said-[/QUOTE] Really? If it is real, i think there should be an english version soon. Maybe i should really look out for it. Anyway, i really wish that the plot of story will be almost the same too.. Just like Pokemon!!:p
  3. [SG]Bo|

    Gaming Do you think Lugia is cool?

    [QUOTE]Originally Posted by Mina Karusala Lugia seems calmer and organized than ho-oh, ho-oh looks to fired up and.......fiery.:D[/QUOTE] Well, But i caught ho-oh in both silver and gold version. i kind of thinking that lugia's attacks are not good, and besides, i think fire pokemon are hard to find in Gold/Silver version than ice/flying. Don't you think so?
  4. [SG]Bo|

    Gaming I Need Help On Zelda Links Awakening!

    Hmm... i think you have the same probelm when i first started to play Link's Awakening. Alright after you defeat the four "cards" monsters, oyu need to go to the place where you will find that it lead no where, it is at the top left hand corner of the dugeon. You need to push one of the slab to open the hidden door at the corner, defeat the monster there and there appear a stair leading down. Climb down the stairs and then you will find that it lead you to the first secret item - Roc's Feather. Wish you good luck in your game!!! For more informations, you may go print the walkthrough at [url]www.gamefaqs.com.[/url] And also apologise to the moderators of theOtaku Board, i did not mean to spam, just trying to guide the person. Anyway i did not get any gain though.
  5. [SG]Bo|

    Gaming Who is the father of Links

    Hmmm.... Nobody know about his father though but it is sure that the king and zelda are not related to him, except that zelda and link are actually in love with each other. Link was summoned to help island that were invaded by the evil forces, and also that his father did that long before him too.
  6. [SG]Bo|

    Gaming What do you think of Jigglypuff?

    Hmm... People seldom talk about JigglyPuff but this Pokemon is rather cute, but seems autie irritating in the show. Sometimes it may be useful to Ash and company, but sometimes they spoil their plan.