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  1. Yes! I am finally back home from 3 weeks of TIP!
  2. At the place I am currently at each day of this week has a theme: Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was twin day, Wednesday was wacky tacky day, and today is crazy hair day/ unofficial opposite day/ unofficial cross dressing day. Many of the guys participated by borrowing clothes from girls in their group and it was funny to see the looks they got from the people who did not know about what day it was. And on leggings, I don't know, what do you mean by leggings? But the socks that I bought are the longest pair of socks I have ever owned. They go above my knee 8O.
  3. Hello people who probably don't know who I am. I bought awesome socks yesterday.
  4. I was reading a manga while I waited for my class to start, only 15-20 minutes, and I had everything I needed for the class within reach. Though, when they called for the class to start I was so into the manga (Lucky Star) that I had forgotten where I was and what I was waiting for, and stared just at the instuctor blankly while looking around stupidly, wondering what I was supposed to do and if it was really time for the class to start, even though have been taking these lessons since shortly before school started last year. Has this happened to anyone else lately?
  5. It was a requirement to take spanish in my old school, from kindergarten or 1st grade to 8th grade. We learned the same thing each year, so I quickly lost interest and didn't study at all (so when we actually started to lean new things I had no interest and barely passed all my tests and quizzes). I am now taking Japanese as of the 2009-2010 school year, partly so I can watch anime without subs or dubs, but mostly because it was the only offered language I wanted to take. I know a few words in Tagalog, though I only know some the phrases that my mom knows which is: a curse word, a noun that can apply to anything, and 'happy birthday'.
  6. Any of the villians/opponents from the Disgaea series Mid Boss/Dark Adonis Vyers and Sardia the Demonslayer (or the maybe, maybe not lady) because they were just plain cool
  7. Really? Yes! I need to go celebrate.
  8. Spring is finally here! I was really getting tired of winter, there wasn't much snow until late winter here, and by that time I wanted flowers not snow. The last winter seemed cold and lifeless. It was really warm last weekend, I didn't need a jacket at all, and though its cooling down yesterday and today, as long as winter didn't steal summers time so there are two winters and no summer.
  9. Gameboy Advance SP Gamecube PS2 PS3 Wii PSP DS ...though I don't have many games that I can play for each of them, most of the games here aren't my style.
  10. I got a new game, Cross Edge. Now all my gaming efforts shall go into this awesomeful game.
  11. The first computer game that I played would be Freddi Fish 1: The Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds (I think). These games bring back good memoriesof Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam, and Put-Put.
  12. By the time that I heard it refered to as pop, I had gotten used to calling it soda, and pop was a sound effect. I normally don't have sode but when I do; Coke, Sunkist, or Sierra Mist/Sprite.
  13. Yesterday my techer was giving out Fruits Basket and Inuyasha bookmarks as prizes, and I had gotten Kyo, but someone switched it for Yuki while I was distracted, arg! Also it snowed. It hasn't snowed much recently so when it does everyone makes a fuss and cancels/delays events.
  14. Would they even hear the broom though? Or if they did would they even pay attention to it? My school had a fire drill today, the classes were very disorganised and everyone was talking, which is strange because at my old school you got in a line with your class and silently stared at the school.
  15. One of the Kirby DS games really did not go as well as I expected. I thought it would be simialr to some of the other Kirby games I have, but it isn't.
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