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    I absolutley hate yaoi fangirls.
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  1. [quote name='Magus'][SIZE=1][COLOR=darkred]Naruto.... Just die already. Not only do you give that tired speech again (expected, but still don't make me feel any better), but you also block Kakashi from doing what he gotta do (or at the very least, attempting to do what he gotta do). Yes, Naruto you need to die here and now. I don't give a "dAMN" (been watching Gabriel Iglesias) how haxxed Sasuke gotta be/get. But apparently that's not good for main character... Pfft!!! Stupid heroism.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/quote] I can't help but agree with you more. Although I'm not okay with Naruto dying. Sasu
  2. I can't remember whether I introduced myself already, and if so, Hello again :D Call me Terra. I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. Feel free to pm for a chat. I'm a happy person, but please don't assume I'm like the 24/7. The majority of the world pisses me off. One for example are Yaoi fangirls and politics. Other absurd and ridiculous, yet interesting things you want to know about me, you can ask for yourself. Nice too meet you :D
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