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  1. WTF happened in the last episode of the Gantz Anime, no happy ending or nothing? [spoiler]Did Kay live?[/spoiler] I need a good description of what the final resolution was. Is the Manga worth a read? [FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"][SIZE="1"][B]Zapcannon[/B], I have merged your thread with the official Gantz thread, and added spoiler tags to hide possible spoilers. If you're unsure if an anime you wish to discuss has a thread, check the [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=38208"][U]Anime Central Thread Directory[/U][/URL] in the future. ^^ [B]~Sangome[/B][/SIZE][/FON
  2. I say S-cry-Ed is my favorite. It's a hard anime to love because the setting is slow and nothing gets heated until episode 6 or so.
  3. 1) Big O Most complete anime ever made in almost every aspect but the fact that it is really incomplete LMAO 2) s-CRY-ed action packed 3) Dragon Ball Z over 400 episodes for a reason! 4) Yu Yu Hakusho nice atmosphere in setting and steady plot pace 5) Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket nice atmosphere in plot 6) Eureka Seven nice atmosphere, cool music, love story, action, cool effects. 7) Fooly Cooly Unique 8) Inuyasha no lie, repetitive plot that never got old! 9) Bleach 10) Blood + will edit later
  4. Hello I want to mention that I am new and like zelda, nintendo, scryed, big o, digimon, DBZ, all the good stuff. right? I am also a closet weeaboo
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    The lack of hyphy in here sickens me. Lets prescribe some e40, mac dre, the pack, young squad etc...
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