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  1. Blue

    Flu Shots

    I wouldn't go so far as to calling myself immune from the flu but I never get any form of flu. I get more severe sickness to make up for it. >__> When swine flu was going rampant in my area, everyone had gotten it in class and I didn't catch that. Never got the flu before in my life, I skipped out on taking shots this year and last year.
  2. Blue

    Writing Fallen

    [center]Some more lyrics from me. This time it's satanic in theme. I'm quite sure by reading it you can get the gist of the message. No I'm not a devil worshiper, it's actually more about sins and repulsive desires and feelings. Majesty Pray for me Pour yourself into me Wield your power Most prideful Stare me down To the ground Fixation grows this sinner Sleeping with thirst For eternal wealth Heathen around my neck This poetry of blasphemy Knows the sound of infamy This contract sealed with crimson blood With this conjuration I shall bind Legions of blasphemers I will lead This sword in my mouth decrees for domination The kingdom of retribution belongs to me From my cauldron I bring forth unholy indignation Tell me why Love subsides In the night Whisper my name Soothe the pain Clear the mist In my head Unforgivable sin Hatred in this vein Release thy burden Ascend to the fallen [/center]
  3. Blue

    Music What Are You Listening To?

    I've been listening to Opeth a lot recently. I'm growing more and more attached to them. I'm not really a fan of death metal but opeth is also progressive so it's quite different. Also their vocalist Mikael switches from a satanic voice to a clean melodic voice so easily that it's just awesome. He can sound like satan when he wants to and then an angel the next moment. [media][url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmByeB7y5aw"]http://www.youtube.c...h?v=HmByeB7y5aw[/url][/media]
  4. Two days into the new semester and I've already been assigned two papers. Great. *Goes off to turn the rusting gears in my brain*
  5. is trying to find a way out of the maze made from lifes confusing haze

  6. Oh, I see. Well at least it's not desu or nya. That drives me into the deep end.
  7. What is this... Quarping? (so lost)
  8. Why are women so confusing?
  9. Blue

    Anime So Much Hate!!!!!!111!1!!!!!!1!1!1!1

    I am surprised no one has mentioned this guy yet. [center][u][b]Ito, Makoto [/b][/u][/center] [center][img]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_f-viBbVOAVw/RqEzBlZ6vkI/AAAAAAAAAAk/_QvR81CvfaE/s320/vlcsnap-5755546.png[/img][/center] Warning: Contains spoilers [spoiler]This guy is the very definition of "asshole *****". Girls if you think your boyfriend treats you bad, you have no idea how good you actually have it compared to what this guy does to girls. He first starts off with an innocent crush on a quiet decent girl, Kotonoha. However, he is too wimpy to take any initiative. So one of his good friends Sekai decides to help him out. Together they practice going on dates, and Sekai tries to shape Makoto into the ideal guy (oh how this fails). Eventually Sekai manages to give Makoto some back bone and he goes and asks out Kotonoha. The two hit it off but eventually it develops into a love triangle. Sekai realizes she likes Makoto and using the "help him with girls" guys she gets more intimate to teach him things. Eventually the two have sex. When Makoto realizes the world of sex he feels that things are going too slow with Kotonoha so he starts ignoring her. Eventually Sekai and Makoto are going at it like bunnies until whoops, she gets pregnant. Instantly Makoto ditches all responsibility. He acts out, hits Sekai and ignores her because getting her pregnant is totally not his fault. He then proceeds to **** other girls, even in threesomes because rumors went around that Makoto was good at sex. He ignores Kotonoha and the pregnant Sekai until Sekai seems to convince him to take some responsibility. Once again Makoto goes into rage and tries to run away from his responsibility by ******* around. Biggest ***** in anime history ever. I won't go any further because this is already spoiler full.[/spoiler]
  10. Blue

    Writing Breakdown Refusal

    [center] Side note: I'm not sure if you would call this a poem. In my mind it's something that is supposed to be sung. I feel that it is more suited to the blues, classic metal or symphonic folk metal. About the work: I came up with this last night. The theme and ideas presented in this are about inner conflict. It's about losing to depression and overwhelming negativity but at the same time finding a way to resist it all. It's a battle between overbearing emotions and the human logic, the human fighting spirit to not cave in. What motivated me to write is was a recent event in my personal life. Things we're going so well, life was looking to look up for me. I was getting closer to the woman I love but events beyond my control shattered most of my hopes and aspirations. I start this with "We start again at the same place as back then" because it seems like the exact same situation as before. There are so many strikingly similar circumstance from back then and now and I can't help but feel it's reoccurring. But in the end it's not about moving on, but it's about not giving up and facing adversity even in your time of weakness. Regardless. I hope you will take the time to read it and possibly enjoy it. I would love to hear some feed back and criticism, perhaps your own feelings if you can connect to it. Thanks for reading. [/center] [center]We start again at the same place as back then The air begins to grip you tight And your chest begins to implode It's an onslaught of melancholic invasion You must resist and fight this vile scene Take hold of reality Don't give into insanity Be the breakdown refusal Fear will immobilize you Loneliness will enslave you Despair will tantalize you Misery will creep And you it will make you weep A massive heart attack A critical situation A coma inducing dream Destruction is what lies ahead But you must fight hard to break out of your shell A wandering spirit Will meet ill omens The journey will cover the depth of your seven seas But an indomitable will Is your only salvation Never say die Be the breakdown refusal [/center]
  11. Finished lugging furniture around and cleaning up after the carpet replacement. Still working on my never ending problem with women. But hey, I managed to make a pit stop here. Woohoo!
  12. James

    Well that still sounds pretty good to me. :P

  13. [quote name='Magus' date='21 July 2010 - 10:08 PM' timestamp='1279764509' post='697630'] Ah.. Then yes I'm a moe hater, but I wouldn't say they piss me off. I just stay away from them. [/quote] I wouldn't be pissed off if it wasn't ruining most anime and manga these days.
  14. Anything glittery, cute or childish. Like pokemon or lolis or hamtaro. You know, that kind of stuff that pisses you off.