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  1. that doesn't make sense... air is visible if sucked into a void.

    also the presence of air is seen, but the air is not 'always seen, especially if it is in a place without air like looking underwater.

    that was the worst answer to a riddle ever i'm afraid.

  2. has not set their status and doesn't plan to anyway

  3. I'm listing to Seven Nations army by The White Stripes. I enjoy Jack Whites exploding guitar riffs that are constantly backed up with a simple yet strong rhythm from Meg. Shows that blues and hard rock are not on life-support but still out there kicking butt and crying about lost loves.
  4. what do never see but always see?

    i am guessing you meant "what do you never see but always see?"

    perhaps your own point of view?

  5. A small list of my favarites....hhhhmmmm... To save you some time here's about half... Led Zeppelin U2 The White stripes (BTW it might get loud kicked butt) The Raconteurs Steely Dan Green Day Aerosmith Evoka Gerry Rafferty Smash Mouth Stevie Ray Vaughan Black Sabbath System of a down Eric Clapton Queen the Verve Queens of the stone age Coldplay Foo Fighters Jack Johnson Ok Go The Bravery Sweet Water The Dandy Warhols Stealers Wheel Soundgarden Bush Stone Temple Pilots Everclear John Mayer CCR Wilco Johnny Cash Jerry lee Lewis Cold War Kids Bloc Party Pet Genius Thousand Foot Krutch Cake (I really have to be in a odd mood though.) Arctic monkeys Caging the Elephant Owl City Snowden The Hives Nirvana them Crooked Vultures Wavorly Three Days Grace She's your sister Weezer Santana Incubus Sum 41 Metallica The Black Keys Jethro Tull Steve Miller Band ZZ Top Rush Ozzy The Who Muse The Guess Who Beck The Dead Weather Red Hot Chili Peppers The Greenholmes Lenny Kravitz Gorillaz Tool High Flight Society Kansas Bowling for Soup Hollywood Undead Ray Charles P.O.D. Otis Redding Family Force 5 Reliant K Metro Station Plumb Allman Brothers Band Jimi Hendrix Nickelback Wolfmother Garbage Pink Floyd Yellow Card Franz Ferdinand Flyleaf Paramore Interface Boston Switchfoot Blink-182 The Beatles The Cars Decyfer Down Dire Straits I basicly don't hate anything I listen to....
  6. Kashmir- Led Zeppelin Thats right, I'm a hard rock nut. Like to see you try and crack that.
  7. I'm simplebeast, most call me Joe, I'm a riddler and music lover. Been around the otaku for a spell, saw this and came over. ----- what do never see but always see?
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