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  1. hi! welcome to Otakuboards <3

    love your siggy <3

  2. I'm currently playing in 3 games. These are: - Guild Wars (starting now prophecies part, finished nightfall and factions, made 1/3 of EotN, I'm Rt with SoS build); - Touhou (still can't get through 3rd boss in Perfect Cherry Blossom ;D) - Wonderland Online - this one is probably the best 2D MMO game I ever played. I love this anime characters and also storyline is great for me. And mobs are sooo cute ^_^
  3. Hmm... I was crying on [spoiler]Asuma's death and Zabuza with Haku's[/spoiler] death in Naruto. Also I cried alot at 07-GHOST series, when [spoiler]Mikage[/spoiler] died. That was too much for me ^^"
  4. Or maybe they are both too far away from each other. I saw two short films like that. One was animated, it was called "draw with me" or something like that. Two people were at two sides of a big umm... I don't know how to say that, glass wall? I don't remember second one very good, but they were neighbors talking through window by writing messages on pieces of paper. I'm not sure about neighbors However, foreign languages are also good idea. Also maybe one of them could be deaf or mute?
  5. [b]Kafka on the Shore[/b] was my first book of Murakami's. I found it was really great, but not for younger people because of sexual themes. Also it's climate was similiar to [b]After Dark[/b] - kinda psychodelic, but pretty impressive and melancholic.
  6. Write a story about 2 people who can't speak and are trying to communicate with each other in other ways, ex. writing or dancing or something ;D
  7. Hey, welcome to the board. Hope you have fun and enjoy your stay.

  8. Hello! Welcome to OtakuBoards, Zanate! It's nice to have someone from Poland here!

  9. Sigh... I'm watching second season of Naruto right now, Shippuuden I mean. However I think first season was way better. I'm gonna catch up with last episodes soon, so I'll need something nice and short to watch I'm planning to watch Code Geass R2, because I saw first season already - what do you think about it? Also, maybe a little rewatch of Black Lagoon... That's worth of it ^^ Also about reading Air Gear I can say, that's good choice - this manga is definitely not boring
  10. Um... Hi there ^^ I'm Zanate, but everyone call me Zan. I'm almost 18 years old and... I'm otaku! :D However. I come from Poland, so please don't eat me if I make any mistakes I'm actually bored of all polish forums, so I came here, haha ^^" So um... Hello everyone and nice to meet you, I hope we can become friends and all that things I have to say to look nice XD I'm watching lots of anime, not only the newest one but also older ones. My fav still is GoldenBoy I like also Black Lagoon, Elfen Lied, Air Gear... and lots, lots of other stuff and all. Now
  11. Hmm, yeah, that's true - I don't read much manga, but I'm reading lots of books. Few months ago I discovered japanese writer, Haruki Murakami. Now I'm reading his autobiography - [b]What I talk about when I talk about running[/b]. Imo it's great, I didn't know he has such interesting life! However I like his other books more than his autobiography - I could recommend [b]Kafka on the Shore[/b] or [b]The Wind-up bird chronicle[/b] These two are my favourites. Too bad I can't read them in original - I have to read them in my language (polish titles of these books
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