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    I like most anime but Cardcaptors and Tenchi are my favorites.
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  1. Ryo_Ohki_16

    Anime Behind every good man, there's a women...or 6!

    My fav is Sasami. Here's the rest: 2. Kiyone 3. Ryoko 4. Washu 5. Mihoshi 6. Ayeka
  2. Ryo_Ohki_16

    Gaming Favorite Legendary?

    I voted for Celebi. Why? I like the Psychic/Grass type.
  3. Ryo_Ohki_16

    what grade you in???

    I'm going into 7th. I hate school, but I get good grades!:D
  4. Ryo_Ohki_16

    Gaming Code for Pokemon G/S

    I got this from a mag so some might know it. [SIZE=3]Pokemon and Item Cloning[/SIZE] First go to a PC in a Pokemon Center, stand in front of it and save. Then start the PC, go to Bill's PC, and deposit the Pokemon and Item (it must be hloding it) into a box (example: Lugia holding a Master Ball) then go to change box and choose an EMPTY box. Say that you will save and as soon as the word SAVING appears turn off your Game Boy. Turn it back on and the Pokemon that you chose is still in your party and it's in the box!! You can clone 5 Pokemon and Items at one time using this code. And if you're trading and it messes up, a Pokemon might be cloned. It happened to me once but I don't know how. :)
  5. Ryo_Ohki_16

    Anime Fave Tenchi Series??

    I like Tenchi in Tokyo. I have to like that one cause it's the only one that I've seen!:D