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  1. Yay, first post! I like your username. ^^

  2. Hum.... this is interesting. I just joined this board and i'm new to it all. What should i do!?!?

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    2. Lilt


      Make friends! It's always fun. ^^

    3. James


      Welcome to OB! :-)

    4. CaNz


      Continue to post status updates.

  3. This is my introduction! I'm 23, a dude, i live in knoxville/nashville, TN and i'm about to graduate with a mechanical engineering degree. I consider myself a "skeptic" which just means i'm not quite as gullible as you are. Really it entails more than that, but whatever. I like a bunch of stuff and i'm pretty awesome. So do try to get to know me. ;D
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