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    I like reading, watching anime, drawing and writing stories.
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    hgh school student
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    Fullmetal alchemist
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  1. :O Fist time on the site on my laptop!!! I signed up via my phone... Nyaaa~!

    1. Boo


      *high five*

    2. James


      It's cool that OB finally has a mobile version! I've always wanted that, haha.

  2. *has seen almost everything to do with fma* Can't wait for the new film the sacred star of milos to be dubbed or subbed!! Has anyone checked the fullmetal battle card viewer on facebook?
  3. My dad does the shopping, but if it were up to me, I'd just get loads of instant noodles. They cost about 20p a pack xD Oh and I'd get ham (sandwich meat) for protein. Also, I couldn't live without chocolate. Lucky me they sell it for 30p in asda xD
  4. I'd put one portal inside my house before going out so that when I got back I could just put one on the door so I don't have to knock to get someone to open it for me because you can't open it from the outside without a key and I don't have one.
  5. Hi! I found this site due to the portal competition, I'm also on theotaku.com My name is Suteishi, but you can call me Rin, because it's shorter. Check out my portfolio on theotaku, my name is Full Metal Luka on there ;P Hope I make some good friends!
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