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  1. [i][font="Courier New"][size="4"][color="#0000ff"]"No, Sister. I was just concerned for your well being." Rhea smiled, giving the nun a dazzling view of her pearly whites. "Tell me, what brought you here to Cross Academy? It can't just be a thirst to spread knowledge." Rhea crossed her arms, and her smile turned into a knowing smirk. "You're much too young for that." [/color][/size][/font][/i] [i][font="Courier New"][size="4"] [/size][/font][/i] [size="4"][font="Courier New"][color=&qu
  2. [font="Courier New"][size="4"][color="#0000ff"]As Takeo passed by the others could see Miriam sitting alone. She had sat with Christopher a while, though he'd left early to catch up on paperwork. Whenever he was around she acted bashfully but what he had named [b][i]spunk[/i][/b] was what hid it so well. She looked down at her plate. It was typical that she'd picked boring food. When she woke up she really wanted to eat something exciting, exotic and maybe even spicy. Cajun sounded good. However, this was the part where she tried to discipline herself. [/c
  3. [font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]Perhaps she'd missed second period already? Or maybe even more than that.. Seeing as people were coming and going as they pleased. There was a lot of talk of food. It must have been lunch time. Miriam lifted her wrist up to see her watch. It was awfully late, wasn't it? This time, though, she didn't have to blame her occasional slothfulness for this one. A very strange woman she was, to become a nun and be everything [i][b][u]but[/u][/b][/i] what she was called to be. [/color][/size][/font] [fon
  4. [ OOC: You guys are RPing a little different than what I'm used to. I'm sorry if it feels a little awkward RPing with me. ] [font="Century Gothic"][color="#0000ff"]As the classroom started filling up with students, they would have been found it surprising that she was sitting there on her wooden stool. It was one thing to find a kid there with the dunce hat, kept there during lunch but it was a completely different thing to find a [i]Nun[/i] sitting there. She sat there, with her hands clasped together in her lap and her ankles crossed politely beneath the stoo
  5. [font="Century Gothic"][color="#000080"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][b]Name: [/b]Sister Miriam Merriweather[/size][/size][/size] [size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][b] [/b][/size][/size][/size][/color][/font] [font="Century Gothic"][color="#000080"][b]Age: [/b][size="2"]22[/size][/color][/font] [font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"] [size="2"][img]http://img851.imageshack.us/img851/7263/miriamb.jpg[/img][/size] [/color][/font] [color="#000080&q
  6. It's all your fault I can't get the peanut butter off my bathroom ceiling.

    1. Inuyasha Fandom

      Inuyasha Fandom

      NO! It's yours because you're too short!

    2. Happy Heretic Hakira
    3. Inuyasha Fandom

      Inuyasha Fandom

      MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *cough gag wheeze*

  7. Hey! I'm a returning member. My very first screen name was Hakira and that was back in 2003/2004. However, since then, the name got deleted or was given to someone else(I don't know) and I came back as Hyatt Hyatt. Went on a long, long, [i]long[/i] hiatus from the forums and here I am again! I chose the name Happy Heretic Hakira because [i]Hakira[/i] is reminiscent of my very first screen name and Happy Heretic because I am [i][b]heresy[/i][/b] written all over(in a Biblical sense) and I'm very happy and proud of my choice. (: I was nudged to come back thanks to my br
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