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    I play the trumpet,I take privet art lessons every Friday,I love chocolate and i'm writing a manga.
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    My ultimate favorite anime is Dragon Ball Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Oh i forgot a green game boy color a fake tattoo sleeve and a $50 walmart gift card
  2. - cruz Android Tablet - Mini painting easle - Soft and oil pastels - Water color paint - Painting Paper - Paint Brushes - Megaman Xtream For the game boy (From BOTAR!) - Wii points card - DBZ 8th season - DBZ budaki for Game cube Epic Christmas!
  3. I hear they made a 3rd movie. But Jack got eaten by a cracken!
  4. Mines not about cooking but the one thing I love most is Dragonball Z! It's about a fighter who has to safe the univers from alien warlords and androids and others of the such.
  5. U guys this is about food! My favorite food is ramen noodle soup the way my daddy cooks it in MILK(it's tastier than it sounds.(â?¢~â?¢)
  6. [quote name='Nerdsy' timestamp='1295317277' post='703979'] [color=deeppink]Even in Victor's original posts Slender Man killed adults. Mostly people who have taken his picture or were in the vicinity of his image or found his organ bags. And they have sprinkled in at least one aspect of the children thing: [spoiler]Entry 9.[/spoiler] And of course, [spoiler]he may have killed people in the series anyway. There seems to be a lot of bloodstains everywhere, and it seems like Seth got his **** ruined.[/spoiler] The aura they're playing up is definitely what drew me to the series. It plays on one of my deepest fears: the idea of being watched. Nothing freaks me out more than the idea of someone being near me without me knowing about it, and Slender Man has that in spades. I'm still rewatching vids and seeing him in places I didn't the first time. Ugh. For example, Entry 7. It's one of, if not, the most predictable events in the series. [spoiler]Guy moves his head aside and Slender Man is there. I knew it was coming the entire video, but his entrance was so subtle: absolutely nothing anounced his presence. If it hadn't been a predictable plot element, I wouldn't have noticed him. He was just there. [i]Watching.[/i] That fact that he didn't do anything made it so much worse for some reason. [/spoiler] For me, though, the crowning moment of terror comes in Entry 18. [spoiler]******* Masky. Oh god **** him. J is just wandering around the house, breathing heavily (and already causing me to freak out because I can tell that he's freaking out) and bam. There's some guy that I had never seen before. Sitting there. Watching. And then, suddenly, he charges. At 2 in the morning. : ( That was a perfect video. It's night, the house is narrow, claustrophobic, it's obvious somebody lives there but his presence is never felt, the sounds J makes, the quickness with which Masky charges so that you can't quite tell what he's doing, it all comes together to make sure I can't sleep at night.[/spoiler][/color] [/quote] Wait ontil Entry 45 and the ones after that!
  7. Some one made a fake acount and put a fake entry with arms coming out of the walls,floors and what not. But it wasn't the real Marble Hornets.
  8. My parents got me a cruz Android. Tablet.I got my mom some purfume and wrapped my dads presents.
  9. I'm posting using my new cruz Android. Tablet!!!
  10. I forgot to tell botar to get back on(sorry).^_^
  11. I know ! I'm trying to get my posts up 'cause I'm sick of being a newbie!!! Sorry I posted the same thing twice.
  12. I know ! I'm trying to get my posts up 'cause I'm sick of being a newbie!!!
  13. Last time I watched it I got up to Entry 41.
  14. [quote name='CaNz' timestamp='1324647596' post='710717'] I meant when you first start learning how to play. As for the trumpet I can barely even make a sound... and when I do, it is hideous. [/quote] Aww it's ok . After playing for 6 months like me than it's easy , I'm going to start learning ska soon!
  15. [quote name='CaNz' timestamp='1324516142' post='710703'] I thought you got wiped in the OB update... Oh, yes... Ska. I have been in a Ska band before... the good thing is that the chords are really easy and almost never change. The bad news is that there are a few uncommon instruments that define the sound. I have never really gotten into brass instruments, mostly because they are pretty difficult to start playing since most of what comes out sounds like a dying buffalo. I also have a few select songs on my computer... mostly remakes of old songs. I like Real Big Fish generally... but I can't say I consistently listen to them. [/quote] that isn't nice! I play trumpet and I don't sound like a dying buffalo!!!!!!!! but reel big fish is quite nice and so is streetlight manifesto
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