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  1. [SIZE="1"]I know I'm a bit late, but maybe I'll bring some renewed interest. [center]•••[/center] The ambient light dims until all that is visible is a single circle cast by a spotlight at center stage. Slowly from the side of the stage the red tip of a cigarette is seen making it's way to to the spot. It stops halfway there, rising, glowing brightly, then falling to the floor, extinguishing. A man steps into the light, dressed in a camouflage shirt and pants, a black sash over one shoulder with silver medallions emblazoned on it, military issue boots laced up to mid
  2. [size=1]I always thought of OB as an extremely large apartment complex. Each floor is a different catagory. All the rooms are the forums. And right when you enter there's a massive wall of mailboxes for PMs.[/size]
  3. [size=1]I'm asking for cash from all my relatives. Hopefully I'll get enough to cover the next two months rent. There's a lot I could do with an extra $300 in my pocket each month.[/size]
  4. [size=1]You're not even sixteen. Don't take that as an insult, you have a lot of time to refine your work. Just think how much better you could be in four years. [i]Maybe[/i] by then you'll be able to sell your work to put yourself through college.[/size]
  5. [size=1]I'm a firm believer in the right of salvage (or 'finders keepers' if you prefer). If someone is stupid enough to lose something of value, why should they have it returned? Being a good citizen is good and all, but I still think you should keep the crappy, damage prone 'Razr'.[/size]
  6. [size=1]I don't know about anyone else, but all the whole article just made me laugh my *** off. I haven't read anything this idiotic since Mein Kampf.[/size]
  7. [size=1]I used to BMX. Never really got into the street part. I was more of a dirt jump kind of guy. I stopped when my pedal snapped off resulting in a nice concussion. Now-a-days, the only extreme thing I do is climb. I like indoor walls a lot, but there's nothing like being outside on a calm day about eighty feet in the air, with nothing but a harness and some rope tethering you to the side of a cliff.[/size]
  8. [b]Chapter Three: (0750 Hours)[/b] Lab Work [size=1][b]"That building may be our best bet for the time being."[/b] He looked over Tylers shoulder with extreme interest. [b]"Don't you agree?"[/b] He glanced over at her and grinned. [b]"Phil, come here a second. Look at this."[/b] He stepped out of the way but continued to stare at Latrice. She was better than he'd expected. Especially for a hacker. [b]"What do you think?"[/b] She'd finished putting her computer back in it's bag and met his gaze cooly. [b]"I think she's right. This line is definitely a drain. And the on
  9. [size=1][b]"No... You're right. They won't join us, but we can still use them."[/b] Hyde shook his head in doubt, and shifted in his chair. [b]"They have ties to AVC. I can't trust them."[/b] Nikolai stood slowly and stepped directly in front of Hyde's line of sight. Their eyes locked. [b]"We don't have to trust them. All I have to do is infect them. Then they can be our eyes and ears, so to speak."[/b] Nikolai broke out in an unusually toothy smile, his blaze orange eyes sparking like flint. [b]"My abilities run deep, Hyde. I already have eyes in this city. I've alre
  10. [size=1][b]Name:[/b] Nikolai Zashchit [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Age:[/b] 95 years, appears in his late 30's. [b]Race:[/b] Vampire [b]Alliance:[/b] Blood Brood [b]Physical Description:[/b] Nikolai stands at about six feet, three inches. He weighs roughly 110lbs and resembles a skin covered corpse. His hair is a swatch of untidy black. His brilliantly orange eyes are sunk deep into his head. Each rib is easily counted, and his hips protrude nearly to grotesque amounts. He usually wears a simple black button up with a white tshirt underneath, and a faded, lighter pair
  11. [b]Chapter Two: (0745 Hours)[/b] Comparable Offers [center]???[/center] [size=1]Sulfur... The diner smelled of sulfur. He'd gotten there first. John second, and the rest to follow. Corey had pulled a computer out of his pack. He sat at a booth scanning the sensor reading more in depth. The rest of the team had taken up residence at the bar or watching nervously out of the windows. Phil walked in. Corey held open his hand. Phil slid a memory card out of his helmet and handed it to him. The team had already been provided with a map, but sometimes things were different. T
  12. [QUOTE=Boo][size=1]You made over-hours. You should always get paid extra for them. I wonder what would happen if you'd ask for another 33,33$ 'because [i]your[/i] over-hours are 3 times your normal wage'. :P[/size][/QUOTE] [size=1]Whoa. Where do you work where overtime is 3x? I want to move there.[/size]
  13. [size=1]The question, Sara, is if you want to anger them or placate them. If you want to take the 'lower road', as it were, send them a dollar in check form. In the memo portion, write 'refund for housesitting'. It's just ridiculous enough to be terribly insulting. This would completely negate any further employment by them, but like DeadSeraphim said, do you reallly want to work for them anymore? If you're buying into their total bull**** guilt trip, then send them $25. Explain how you believe this is fair because of the plans you were forced to cancel. A kind of collateral dam
  14. [quote name='Tical Blue']Cream of Ramen Soup: Being as how I don't like mushrooms, I decided to try this with Cream of Chicken. I gotta say, it wasn't half bad. The main thing I had a problem with was the pastiness of it, as one of the reasons I like ramen is because I don't like pasty soup, but that's just a personal opinion. It still tasted great. As a personal reccommendation, you should probably empty a little of the water befor putting in the Cream of Chicken.[/quote] [size=1]But see, when you're camping a little bit has to go a long way. So it's perfect.[/size]
  15. [size=1][b]Cream of Ramen Soup[/b] Not only is this dish extremely tasty, but it's the pinnacle of camping delights. [list]Ingredients:[/list] ?*One can of cream of mushroom soup. ? One package of your favorite ramen soup with seasonings. [list]Directions:[/list] ? Cook the ramen until it's ready to be eaten. Then dump the can of mushroom soup into it. Cook for another minute or two and enjoy. ? Add the flavor packet (seasoning) if you want, but I prefer the taste of it without.[/size]
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