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  1. Gundam Seed: I figured it to be just another generic mecha on mecha combat. Which don't get me wrong. I love good fight scenes and just the general energy of the combat, but at the time; I wanted a good storyline and a great love interest. The series surprised me how in depth the world was even on a psychological level. The love interests varied, but the conflict between them was great. Princess Lover: I thought it would be a generic shojo/harem. Highschool student falls in love with girl and many other girls come into his life and fall in love as well. This one generally surprised me by how instead of it being the average student, it was a kid who came into his grandfather's massive organization. It brought people out of the normal life and into the life of the rich and glamerous. It was a double surprise at the main character wasn't a weak simpleton. He actually had social intelligents as well as being an amazing swordsman. I highly recommend this series.
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    Currently I'm watching Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Great Shojo thus far with an interesting cast. Needed me a new shojo after watching Ef: Tales of Memories. I'm also watching Tales of the Abyss, which is proving to be very entertaining, though it seems to have some pretty out there twists that just pop out of nowhere. A little cliche, but still really good. Um, I just finished reading Beast master, which is a great shojo manga. Highly advised but very short. Other than that, I'm kind of lagging behind on my anime since my....new job.
  3. Feeling good, checking out a new Shojo...god I'm such a sucker for these lol