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    I'm a Drummer, Dancer, and in Drama. See "Interests", lol
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    carpenter/tech support for the SVU theatre dept.
  1. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by JCBaggee [/i] [B][color=red][size=1]Hey now, my cousin went to GA Tech and she turned out okay! I'm going to Northwestern Technical in Rock Springs, GA. Yes, Tech college. And it [b]is not[/b] college for stupid people. However, I will say that easy classes and pretty girls is very nice ^_^ --Chris[/color][/size] [/B][/QUOTE] Yes, I'm sure your cousin is a very nice person. >_> I'm j/k. ^_^ Shoot, I never said GA Tech was an easy school...... but Georgia is just,..... better. :whoops: Ha, beat that argument. **DISCLAIMER** I say all I say in good humor, and not in any intentionally offensive way. I have friends at both Tech and Georgia, and I'm going to school in Virginia so what does it matter anyway, huh? SO yeah, just thought I'd clear that up, so people don't get mad at me. And hey, if you DO get mad at me, screw you! Like I care what you think anyway! I know what I'm talking about,..... you just don't understand... people like me.... I'm sensitive. And opinionated. But I'm a happy person. I love you guys! Please understand that I'm a peaceful individual; confrontations make me nervous..... okay I'm going now.
  2. Yikes! DON'T GO TO GA TECH! UGA..... forever. Alright, now that THAT is taken care of, I'm sorry you're pretty much going to Tech anyway. And of course I'm biased; psh, as if it's not obvious. :rolleyes: I admit ...... half-heartedly, that Tech is not a [i]bad[/i] school, persay. But come on, in your heart of hearts you know that red and black far surpass blue and yellow, or whatever the heck the Jackets' colors are. And you're a football player, right? Have you *watched* ESPN the past two months? Georgia is FAR better, my friend! Tell me you saw the Auburn game where Georgia scored that 99-yard touch down. That was awesome. So awesome. And how can you resist that Bulldog spirit??! Can team spirit be any stronger? I submit that it canNOT! Well, I've said my two-cents. Good luck to you, my friend. BTW, where are you from anyway?
  3. I know I'm late in finding/replying to this, but regardless, I'm truly sorry about all that has happened. Tori filled me in on it since I haven't been on the boards for so long, and sympathy is so inadequate, but is all I can give right now. I'm truly sorry for your trials, but I do know that you are a strong person. I know this because you're still around; from what I know about you it takes a wonderfully strong person to endure what you have. I know you'll keep enduring, because that's the type of woman you are. I hope you find peace and comfort, and I hope you find it soon. Love always.
  4. ::rubs hands together, and cackles manically:: Ahhhh yes, this is a topic I can go for... [u]boys[/u] [b]Coby Eli[/b]- Daniel came up with Coby, and the more I thought about it, the more it grew on me. I get this picture of a little boy with blond hair and big blue/green eyes when the name "Coby" comes to mind. The name "Eli" comes from two sources; one is this adorable little boy with the same name and the other is this 20-year-old friend or sorts with an interesting story of a past who's name is also Eli. [b]Ammon Joseph[/b]- The name "Ammon" is the name of a great Book of Mormon prophet, and Joseph also has a lot of religious links that make me want to name a future son after it. [u]girls[/u] [b]Zoë Victoria[/b]- I've always liked the name Zoë, even though most people are like, 'that's a weird name, why do ya like that name?'. Well I just do, I read a neat-o book when I was in fifth grade and the main character's name was Zoey, but I like the "ë". I guess it's kinda stuck with me through the years. Victoria is for Tori; yes if I have a daughter in the future I am going to name it after my beloved friend Tori, aka Queen Asuka. [b]Lacey Gwen[/b]- Lacey is also another friend of mine that I've known for over a decade, but sadly haven't gotten to speak to much. After I moved to Georgia from Utah in third grade we wrote and kept in touch throughout the years. The last time I saw her in person was when I was in fifth grade. Nevertheless, we have a unique bond and I've liked then name "Lacey" (and the spelling) since then anyway. "Gwen" is truthfully from Gwen Stefani. I've always thought she's was a pretty interesting individaul, and her name isn't too common. That alone made me like it. So, I just decided the two names would sound good together, thus the origin of "Lacey Gwen"! lol
  5. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by James [/i] [B][color=#707875]Oh, phew. You scared me for a moment there, Anna. ~_^ It's strange that I noticed your post more than when another member posts something similar. Maybe I just hold you in higher regard than I think. ~_^[/color] [/B][/QUOTE] Wow, I'm regarded here. :D Golly. Don't know what to say to that one! Yes well, I'm feeling rather spammy now, so I'll be leaving, lol.
  6. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by James [/i] [B][color=#707875]Wow, that was really surprising and scary. I don't even know you, but I always thought you were nice. Phew! Hehe. :wigout: :eek: [/color] [/B][/QUOTE] :rotflmao: Oh my dear James, that was the intent! Just some smart-alecky-ness for the heart; I need to get it out every now and then. :whoops: lol
  7. Lizzy has a flippin' attitude--she KNOWS she's the cutest wittle doggie in da whole world! Yesh she does! Yesh she knowsh shesh da cutest wittle.... I mean, my dog is nice. I like my dog, and my dog likes me. But she is a 'princess' and is the laziest creature since amibasuki was born. :D BWEE I'm j/k! lol
  8. There are people that I *like* on the boards.... like Piro, Semjaza (don't talk to him much but he seems cool), wrist cutter, and of course QA and amibasuki,...... but no one has "changed" me. Good heavens, the thought is so ridiculous--I'm hardly on the computer in the first place. TeeHEE! ^_^ Oh yeah, and I like James. no wait, j/k. lol.
  9. .... O.o Well um, you wouldn't happen to be relating first-hand or something, would you? ANYways, I have a lot of friends. I like them, and they like me. I don't visit YAOI sites, so my life is hassle-free. ^_^ lol
  10. Love requires TWO people reciprocating the same thing, not just one pining away for the other. That's real love anyway. And love requires time; for every relationship there's differences, but they all still have to stand the test of time. A couple of weeks doesn't count, and that's all that middle school children can manage 9 times out of 10. The purpose of love (and for specific's sake I'm talking about the kind you get married for) is to keep two people together for the rest of their lives. Does this sound like something a 12-year-old is ready for? Absolutely not. And if you're looking for love but not looking for it to last, then why the heck are you even bothering? Sure, get relationships to learn from and enjoy, but even those need to come at a time when you could make the most of them, since that sort of issue takes a GREAT deal of maturity to some degree: understanding, patience, admitting you're wrong, getting along, putting the other above yourself, amongst many other things. Just find friends to hang out with, and later down the road you could date some of these friends... you'll learn a lot if you go about it the right way.
  11. Geez Fall, and Dark Cell, that's a lot of kids. Yeah, Ste (*ahem* um, "Ami") and I thought we had reason to boohoo about 5 kids...... therefore anything over 5 is always like "whooooaa!" to me. I feel sorry for your mothers; I personally can't imagine having so many children. :worried:
  12. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by amibasuki [/i] [B][FONT=arial]well, considering my almost 19-year old sister can't even spell 'sweetie' right, it just about proves it. :p[/FONT] [/B][/QUOTE] I did that on purpose; not that I NEED to clarify that! It's obvious! I tell ya! Don't EVEN get me started on my household: I have a sister who's... um, ? kind of like a Ste, and then I have a sister who thinks she's an elf, and a sister who's going through a phase (and not a growth one, ooooooooooooh!), and brother who....... is different, in his own way. :rolleyes:
  13. Oh dear. Listen don't even WORRY about all of that. Gawwwwwlee! What are you gonna do at 12?! Enjoy not caring about that stuff until you're in high school...... when you can drive yourself places.... and have your own money for dates..... there [i]is[/i] logic to waiting 'til you're older to date.
  14. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by amibasuki [/i] [B][FONT=arial]I have and sisters who actually [i]are[/i] stupid. does that count?[/FONT] [/B][/QUOTE] Same goes for YOU, schweetie! Hoo!
  15. ::laughs joyously:: Aaaaaaaaaah I'm SO glad that I don't have to even ponder upon the words "cliques in high school" anymore! ::does a cartwheel:: It's all silliness, stupidness, superficial dum-dum, get-over-yourself-ness. I really didn't ever pay attention/care. I mean, if you are "defined" by what you do or what you look like, then you couldn't slap much of a label on me anyway--so why should I care?! I was in band and played snare drum 4 years and was section leader my senior year, I was on the competition dance line, and I did plays/got 4th in Region for Girls' Dramatic Interp. I was also a B+ student, in NHS but never got close to being in BETA club, had a lot of friends but never went to the parties, ..... do you see what I mean? I just lived my life and didn't care THAT for what anyone else thought of it. It's too bad that so many teenagers don't think like that; I was quite happy during high school, carefree if you would. I think some of the emotional crap teenagers get comes from that nagging worry of 'what'll they think of me?!!!?'