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  1. I love Calvin and Hobbes. I like the one where Calvin makes the snowman torture chamber! I need only 2 more books to complete my collection of Calvin and Hobbes treasuries
  2. Yeah...because they treat me like im some kind of an idiot and that i don't know crap.
  3. Its true! I told Washu about this forum. =P"
  4. I hate my math teacher. Im in the "extra help" math group when im smarter then the kids in the "smart" group. And she gives us retartedly easy work and it pisses me off. :flaming:
  5. Math teachers....don't say that around me. they made me a freak. The other day..i tried to factor my IP address....that is scary...:nervous:
  6. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Washu [/i] 3) What size shoe do you wear? 6 1/2 u.u; [/B][/QUOTE] What???? no fair.......i'm only a 3.....:flaming:
  7. One thing i always wished you could do was use the Chrono Trigger to bring Schala back after the Ocean Palace disaster...but you can't...
  8. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Washu [/i] [B]My mom...~.~;; I'm not saying anything else because there are legal matters involved X_x [/B][/QUOTE] ...........................w...w...w00t?????????!!!!!!!!
  9. Also, he spent half his chilhood living in the woods too, so..he's a liitle...stoonada!
  10. We all do....maybe if it isn't..we can keep asking all the anime writers (akira toriyama most likely, cuz he made the designs for the CT chars) for a CT anime.
  11. I have heard rumors that there is a Chrono Trigger Anime in Japan...is this true, or did somebody think that they were making an anime beacause they saw the PSX versions cutscenes?
  12. I would wish that......Magus is my father!
  13. Well...Krillin is restored back to human from his formor stone state. Trunks broke Piccolo'sstone form. When Trunks realizes what he has done, Piccolo puts his hand on Trunks' shoulder. Everyone is shocked. Then Piccolo says he can regenerate as long as his head is not damaged.
  14. My cat licks my head dry when I get out of the shower, plays fetch, and likes dog food. What have those clone scientists done now?
  15. Does anybody like Chrono Trigger? I think that it is the best SNES game ever!
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