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  1. this an awesome story. cant wait till next part.
  2. Major Gryphon Birdroar always had a bit of a tendency of being late. he thought to himself man get accepted into rouge squadron and then get kicked out man this sucks. as he runs down the corridor he ran in to general (whatever the new generals name is) general: aw you must be major Birdroar Gryphon: thats me sir general: your fellow rouges are in the sims huryy up and you can make the next one. Gryphon yes sir he thinks to himself well at least im not kicked out as he runs towards the sims
  3. another hit and your a gonner gryphon. i know just wait. the enemy zoid was about to administer its finisher on the flame cat when gryphon fired his flamethrowers and his fire cannon. the zoid fell short and collapsed. the winner is the dragon teaml *later* this zoid show off thing might be cool he thinks as he reads the expo invite. maybe ill meet someone interesting there
  4. Gryphon was sitting high on the sky scraper watching the jedi meet. he remebers when he trained there. suddenly he saw two people who he figured to be bounty hunters. this ought to be fun as he jumps into his speeder and goes towards them.
  5. Gryphon saw the newspaper aricle and wonders if he should join this "super team". But he remebered the threat of the goblins so he flew towards central park
  6. name:Gryphon Birdroar age:21 side:neutral jedi (may turn good or bad during game) bio:all black including a black cloak weapon of choice lightsaber personality:keeps much to him self and youll find out the rest
  7. gryphon saw the ordeal playing out in the apartment and was wondering if he should go up there or not. Then he saw a chase happening gryphon:better take care of this he shoots out lightning to stop the car and flew towards the apartment. ill let the police handle it now he thought
  8. gryphon slowly creeps up the stairs hearing both screams. He creates his favorite weapon a long powerful sword and opened the door. all he saw was to figures lying unconcientsus on the floor
  9. namegryphon birdroar x-namedarksaber mutant powers enhanced strength,speed and agility and can make weapons simply by thinking of it
  10. name:Gryphon Birdroar mutant alias:darksaber mutant abilities:enhanced speed,strength,andagility and can make weapons simply by thinking bio:was involved in a lab explosion was the only survivor but was turned into a mutant description: regular:loose blue jeans and a dragon shirt mutant alias.all black with cape age:17
  11. by the way my digimon forms are razorwingmon-gryphonmon-steelgryphonmon-omegagryphonmon
  12. There is a new evil sweeping over the digital world. 8 new digidestined must destroy it for the sake of the universe. info i need name age bio sex digimons appearance and abilities and name for rookie " "champion " "ultimate " "mega once we get 8 well start
  13. name:Gryphon Birdroar race:human class: paladin weapon:magical great sword armor:full plate spells:a range of healing and offensive spells
  14. Darksaber zoomed across the streets of Chicago on his motorcycle. Sensing trouble he stopped jumped off and made his weapon of choice,a long powerful sword made out of light energy. robot: resistance is useless come with me gryphon:dont think so as he dodges the laser blasts and cuts the robot in two.
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