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  1. I finished the anime series like 3 times that's how good it is! I love Konata too she's so awesome! She's so otaku she's basically the best Otaku example :)
  2. Hello! I'm a young anime artist. I've been drawing for a long time but I've only been drawing anime since 2 years ago. I might not be able to create the best manga because I still need to learn how to draw gestures and stuff. I'll be better to draw the title page cover. Check out my PaigeeWorld account or DeviantArt (less art on it). I'm more into the black and white type of artwork instead of colour. PaigeeWorld: KonaKona DeviantArt: IzumiKonaKona If your interested for me to draw your front cover than contact me at my email Izumikonakona@hotmail.com Thanks
  3. Name: Eliscythe von Einzbern  Age: 13  Gender: Female  Appearance: She stands at about 4'9, Shes skinny and has abnormal pale skin. She has long black hair. She wears a light Gothic Lolita Dress (Easy to fight in), high black sock on her left leg and a black sock a little bit under her knee on her right leg with a strap on her thigh. She has black boots. A Black headband and a strap on her neck. Demon Claw on her right hand. Scythe in left hand. Personality: She doesn't really have a personality. Usually emotionless. Only opens up to people she cares about . She's rather lonely  Species: Half-Soul Eater  Species Description: A Soul Eater is a type of demon from hell that feeds on human souls to restore energy.  Abilities: Able to create a black barrier the size of the town to take souls from humans. Able to shoot a flares of dark power at enemies or use an omni directional attack to get rid of large groups of enemies. Has the ability to draw magic circles to summon demons under them. Able to teleport  Supplies: A Scythe, Demon Claw and a Rapier sword.  Background: Family died from horrible disaster. She then meet up with 2 humans named Alice and Kurohime. But, a group of humans killed them and she decided never to trust humans again and that's how she ended up living in a dark forest alone. 
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