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    RPG OB Relaunch: Fistful of Credits - The Big Black

    It should be noted that the image of metropolitan Nico was very mush inspired by science fiction constructions throughout the universe. Being a human settlement, the genre of what was defined as cyberpunk came to mind. Giant black O-towers that housed thousands lined the residential streets, behemoths to some, demigods to many. Within Chiba II there existed a hole of a district that represented some of the first intergalactic travel of humans. It was here that Faustina made her quiet living. Today started off hectic, but at least things would being to get better with time.   Right now, she was stuck traversing fifteen stories of stairs, the elevator having been jammed again.   I guess I'm getting my exercise in early today.   The wobbly nature of the hangover was starting to fade, but her head was still giving her trouble. Descending the northwest staircase tower was compounding pain upon pain as her head split with every step. Luckily, Faustina wasn't running into anyone, and within minutes, she had made her way to the lobby. Only to realize what day it was.   Ahhh. Rent's due in three days. If I run into Mrs. Richond, she'll have me over it. Yeesh.   Mrs. Richond was not, by any means, a bad person. She just wanted to be paid. An immigrant Legatian who used her life savings to purchase certain apartments in the O-tower, the rest of her life was devoted to accumulating enough to send money back for her children, take one last vacation outside the Central Cluster, and retire to Whitefall with her husband who worked in Chiba's II industrial sector. Simply put, she had sob story ammo, which in Chiba II was almost as bad as a gun to your back.   Faustina scoped out the apartment entrance. It was large in size, but the low hanging ceiling gave off a claustrophobic vibe that always made her uneasy. The furnishings were scant, but with Mrs. Richond's impeccable taste, they filled up the room nicely. Instead of being a grey and washed out mess like so many other lobbies, it appeared to take cues from the luxury Russia One trams that Faustina used to ride on with her father as a child. One of the reasons why she stayed after some many months.   Faustine checked her watch. 703. Her Chinese was most likely done by now and getting cold.    Hopefully Zhang will let me use his microwave.   Slowly creeping her way through the lobby, Faustina only caught sight of a sleeping human (most likely a chem addict) who spent the night on a couch, and a Vul'Orcha resident who was leaving for work. Darting from the corner she lay in, she dove and slid into cover and surveyed the scene again. No sign of Richond. Standing up confidently, she only then realized her maneuver probably looked stupid should anyone awake had been there. Striding from the lobby, she walked out into the streets of Chiba II and felt the heat of the rising sun as it crept up the block.   Outside, the street was populated with a few denizens out for walks. The revs of the ground taxis and the hum of the flying motorway above gave birth to a droning soundtrack. Around her, she could see the boulevard dotted with rare trees that survived the atmosphere. The signs humming with complex neon compounds advertising various establishments began to turn off as their solar receptors noticed shreds of light. To an Earth city dweller, this settlement seemed right at home, if only more ominous and vast.   Taking a left, Faustina made her way down the boulevard to the New Asian Market.   --------   "Order for LaMarche. One beef lo mien, one Asian Potluck."â?¨   "Thanks again, Zhang. You're the best."â?¨   "Take care, my little sparrow. Remember, you come any time you have hangover."   How the meal was still hot, Faustina didn't know. All she knew was she was starving for sobriety. Exiting through the curtain that served as the door to Zhang's Cuisine, Faustina entered onto the streets and sat down on a park bench.   Space, though large and infinite, cannot stop the eternal wisdom of culture. When Chiba II was first founded, a sector of the city was given to Harold Dai, one of the moguls who funded the mission. Immediately, he was deemed a hero by his native Hong Kong. He then made a grave mistake in promising a better life for all who joined him. Word spread and the Asian populations began an exodus to the stars, their lives on their back and their savings all but liquidated. However, an unstable economy and a housing market bubble soon turned the dream into an unsettling reality of bankruptcy. Those who could afford better moved into the Lapresh District. The remaining denizens slunk into the shadows of the New Asian Market. They turned on Dai, and his approval rating as Nico's first mayor fell incredibly. His assassination by a Lapresh officer who left his family behind, only to have them killed by thieves, led to turmoil, and the city was about to be torn asunder in civil war. Luckily, one of Dai's partners in the project, Hiroku Arasawa, stepped in and ordered the construction of the first O-towers to deal with the housing crisis. With his guidance, the town was back on its feet and eventually, donations from other moguls stabilized the economy.   Presently, the New Asian Market still served as a residency for the lower class population. There was the nice parkway and the image of Bai-lian Square, with a statue of a lotus and patches of imported grass that were rarities in the city. This, of course, sat not six blocks away from Khunkiln Street, a notorious red light district and the seedy underbelly of crime in Chiba II. All of these people living together meant many things, but for Faustina, this meant good food, good mechanics, good weapons, good bars, and the occasional street beatdown. All within walking distance.   Eh, you take what you get.   Slurping down the lo mien, she contemplated her plan to get to ICARUS and be prepared for what could take place.   I'll need to stop by Kentaro's for ship maintenance. Maybe hit up Lamprey's and see his stock. Then there's the matter of exerciseâ?¦on second thought, the elevator was broken, I had to walk fifteen floors, and I'm still eating. That can wait.    Finishing her lo mien, she moved onto her soup and headed towards Little Tokyo.
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    RPG OB Relaunch: Fistful of Credits - The Big Black

    She woke up.   The clock read 600, Nico Planetary Time. She was getting better at waking up later, but even after two years following her discharge from the Space Force, Faustina was still very much on military time. In her dark and shuttered one room apartment, she could see everything. From the still, she could see the cig stained tiling that she had only darkened further from irregular use. Most of the burned-in crap came from the last tenant, which could explain the cheap prices. There was the solar powered everything (fridge, stove, dishwasher, etc.) that she rarely used, given her tendency to order supplement packs and takeout. There was the window she dared not open given her current height, cheap Venetian blinds and all. Outside the glass, were the sounds of personal aircraft perusing the skies. This cube had been her home for the past Terran year.   From the still, she realized the one thing she always came back to. A realization known as the human condition. Its physical reaction went something along the lines of understanding that you currently exist, but don't know why you exist. Often seen in those experiencing isolation, it was a reminder to Faustina that she was not only alone, but she was alone in one of the most populous cities in the Central Cluster.   She could also feel everything from last night's escapades. The throbbing nearly caused her to double over. Ugh. I keep telling Johun to not shake my order, but that punk never listens. That is the last time I get the night special at The Millions. It was almost guaranteed she would return. The drinks were cheap, and so was the company. She quickly took stock of her wallet by her bed, current physical state, and seeing it was adequate sighed with relief.   Her roused sleep had not gone unnoticed. From the black, a blue screen lit up the room. From the screen that dominated the kitchen counter, a linear face appeared. The AI that came with the room, and the face she saw every day. It spoke in a sunshiny voice.   "Good morning, Faustina! Today is the 245th day of the Niconite year. The time is 604. You vitals say you have fully arisen from slumber, of which-"   "Computer, skip vitals scan. I know I need moreâ?¦ugh... sleep. You've told me the same thing over and over again. Not going to change any time soon."   The virtual being smiled. "Vitals scan complete. Overall health: acceptable!"   Faustina arose from the bed and on to the cold linoleum floor. She still wore the navy green baggy jeans and black tube top emblazoned with a band logo that had long faded that donned her last night. She was so tired last night, even her untied shoes remained on her feet. Slowly, her body readjusted to her sudden sobriety and shambled her way to the kitchen. She made sure to take the small step that separated the bedroom and kitchen slowly and without incident. Planting her foot firmly, she balanced her way to the refrigerator. Opening the door, she knew what sight of disappointment she would behold. A box of a dozen protein-laden supplements packs stared back, bathed in the cold and unfeeling light of the appliance.   She grabbed the first one she saw and tore open it with aplomb. With a tilt of the head, the rush of nutrients came surging through her system. She felt better, no doubt, but she would better with something to wash it all down with. Reaching for the cupboards above her, she opened the vinyl panelling with a squawking of the well-worn hinges. The noise made her double over.   With concern, the AI faced a hunched over being. "Faustina, it appears you are hurt in some way. Do you require assistance?"   "Computer, I'm fine. Do me a favor and search for hangover cures, preferably strong and cheap."   The face was replaced with a loading icon. â??"Scanningâ?¦scanningâ?¦scanningâ?¦" With a ping, the face returned. "Cures for hangover, 54061 results found. Read top suggestion?"   "Yes, computer."   "Gerthin Brex of the Niconite Online Journal says: We've all been there. After a night of parties, merry-making, and booze, you wake up one morning and realize your memories are gone, and maybe even your pants."   Faustina had to crack a smile at Brex's lame jokes. Or maybe it was the alcohol.   "The magic bullet comes in many forms for this tricky little problem known as hangover. Fight back with one of three suggested, and tested, cure-alls. 1) The breakfast plate at an all-you-eat diner, designed to absorb toxins in alcohol with fat molecules. 2) Chinese food, full of carbohydrates, to get you moving, followed by light exercise, to burn off both carbs and toxins. 3) The prairie oyster, a non-alcoholic cocktail designed to awaken the spirits. This is an Earth product, and it shows in the brutal nature of downing one. It'll waken the spiritsâ?¦and raise the dead."   She scanned her options, glass of water now in hand.   "Well, I'm still watching my figure, so as much as a king's breakfast sounds great, I'mma pass. And the prairie oyster isâ?¦well, gross. Computer, bring up the order screen for Zhang's Cuisine of Chiba II."   Good ol' Zhang. Been serving some of Earth's finest meals for twenty years on this rock after packing everything up. Good to know Chinese food would still be here, even if Earth was just a speck on the horizon.   "Computer, place an order for one beef lo mien bowl and one Asian Potluck soup, to be ready for pickup."   "Transaction set. Total stands at 105 credits. How will you be paying for this meal?"   "â?¦personal account."   "Transaction complete. Your current balance stands at 45 credits."   Hanging her head in shame, she didn't know what hurt worse. The crippling debt, or the still-yet-to-be-dealt-with hangover.   Turning back to the bedroom portion of the apartment, Faustina began to shed the exoskeleton of clothing that clung to her with city grime and sweat. The articles fell to the floor, and she stood tall, trouncing back to her dresser in her underwear. Opening the dresser, she saw that not much in the way of clean clothes existed. This isn't exactly my high point. She threw on a grey tank top and black jeans, only to be blinded by the Venetians opening. She nearly tripped on the step in-between the bedroom and kitchen.   "Ghag-AH! What the hell, computer?"   "I apologize, Faustina, if this inconvenienced you. Last night, you requested a 637 wakeup, which I executed by opening the blinds, given the apartment is not equipped with a alarm clock."   Drunk me, you can get ******.   "I would like to also make known the 12 messages left to you, addressed Yuri LaMarche of Hovus. Specifically, it concerns your current lifestyle and the possible acceptance of a lump sum loan in his name."   Faustina held her head in hands. This life she had carved out for herself after the Space Force was slowly being ripped to shreds, and it was her own fault for not picking up the slack regarding the bounties. She promised herself a hypergate trip to the Burst Nebula tonight.   "Computer, tell Yuri LaMarche, as nicely as possible, that I must refuse his current offer given my status of employment. I am, at this present juncture, expecting a new bounty, and will determine my acceptance of said offer based on my success or failure of the bounty. Additionally, all further inquiries into my want to own more company stock must cease, as I am not in a position to purchase any. Thank you, and have a pleasant day."   Despite not being daddy's little girl, Faustina could turn a legalese phrasing with the best of them, hangover or not.   "Faustina, analysis of your speech notes reveals you are 'expecting a new bounty'. Should I make note of this for later?"   "Yes, computer. Make note that I need to make an appointment with ICARUS today regarding easy bounties. I will be out for most of the day, beginning now."   Much more confident in he own decisions (and with less hangover), she grabbed a backpack from the front door and opened it to see the hallway. "Computer, lock the door when I leave. Also, use your media link before I go to set me up some music for walking."   The computer smiled back. "Of course, Faustina. What songs do you prefer?"   She always hated this question because she was one of those freaks who tended to like "anything good", as she eloquently put it to anyone who asked. Today, she was in a vaporwave mood. Lifting these spirits would be a jumpstart she needed.   "Computer, execute "Vaporwave Playlist."   With that, she left the apartment that she saw as a prison of hope. She plugged in the headphones to her media player, the sounds of a 21st century Mexican DJ named MACROSS 82-99 in her mind. This was not going to end in tears. She was better than this. If you're going through hell - keep going.   I can do this. I can live with no chips upon shoulder. I've been through worse.   Right now, though, I need me some Chinese food.
  3. Hisaishi

    Sign Up OB Relaunch: Fistful of Credits

    Name: Spec. Faustina Omani "Brutus" LaMarche Age: 27 Height: 5'11' Weight: 160 lbs Gender: Female   Species: 3/4 Human, 1/4 Machari, a sentient cat like species of the ancient planet Sparasso. Most members of the society have increased agility, increased focus, and night vision. Depending on the strength of the genetic makeup, some even possess triangulated ears and razor teeth. Their society is based in the tenets of agriculture, mercantilism, religion, and they have enjoyed a peace agreement with the human settlements. Appearance: [attachment=15457:Metal_Gear_Solid_1_The_Twin_Snakes_Meryl_Silverburgh_1.jpg] meets [attachment=15459:Short-brown-red-hair.jpg]   Faustina's body maintains the trimmed and tone nature she earned during her time in the military. Her hair is a rich color that the old lady at the salon down the street describes as "bistre", combined with red hair dye she bought at the drugstore. All this is presented in a ear length pixie cut. Her face is human, with a slim nose. Her eyes are normal save for their color, a cobalt blue that indicates her Machari lineage. These eyes turn a fiery yellow during night or in short bursts of focus. Her left ear is a adorned with a solid steel ear cuff, which she bought to celebrate her time in the Space Forces. Her clothing choice can change with the location, but she prefers some combination of her old fatigues and graphic tees.   Home Planet: Faustina was born in the city of Pardu, on the planet Sparasso. She was born to Yuri LaMarche, an intergalactic travel mogul from Sakhalin Oblast, Russia, and Kahari LaMarche née Olina, the Machari heiress to The Raega Corp. Though Machari tradition dictates all children must be born on he home planet, the family soon moved to Hovus, one of the technological capitals of the Central Cluster. After joining the military, Faustina traveled the Big Black as a member of the United Central Ground Forces and Space Forces. Upon her retirement four years ago, she continued working in Central Cluster as a mercenary, taking jobs from the oasis of the human mind Whitefall to the eternal and agonizing dunes of Lagato. Eventually, she settled in the city of Chiba II, located on the planet Nico in the Southern Quadrant of the Central Cluster.   Equipment: Her close combat has served her well, but Faustina would be nowhere without a few tricks of trade. When dealing with close quarters, she uses the Naga, a taser-like weapon that also unravels in a rope for fleeing criminals. For firearms she possesses the L3 Flechette pistol, a needle gun with optional explosive rounds, and the Mikado Rifle, a audio based weapon that uses collected air and compounded noise to produce weaponized sound waves. For reconnaissance, she relies on two drones, Jamieson and Blaustein, that she built herself using various kits. In a pinch, she often peruses the wares of black market weaponry, depending on the job. However, the pièce de résistance is the Harrison-Levin Tech sniper rifle, the model she used to become one of the best specialists in the United Central Ground Forces.   [attachment=15461:OSA.jpg][attachment=15464:CNCR_Falcon_automatic_pistol.png][attachment=15462:1024px-Sam's_Gauss_Rifle.png][attachment=15463:Clyde-53_thumb.jpg][attachment=15460:IMG_6799.jpg]   Special Skills: (what makes your character a good Bounty Hunter? Are they a tracker, a fighter, a tactician?) Vehicle: The Sabre Chikara, Yacht Class "Winsor Spectrum" Known Allies: (who does your character rely on in a pinch? Fences, former partners, family members all go here) Reputation: (how is your Hunter perceived by those around them? Are they a charming rogue, a treacherous backstabber, a fearsome psychopath?)   (IF YOU ARE READING THIS, I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED MY POST. I WILL RETURN EVERYTHING TO THE WAY IT FORMERLY WAS TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY)