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  1. Trying to stop procrastinating on my digital drawing. *^*

  2. Kiki

    Netflix DareDevil

    You know the look you get when you hear the name "Daredevil" because you think of the crappy movie that was made many years ago with Ben Affleck? Well this exclusive Netflix series basically pooped all over it and gave Daredevil it's true glory it deserved in less than ten minutes of the first episode. The cast is awesome and even the main bad guy that I off so far. Even has the baby vamp, Jessica from True blood! It is dark and grimy; just how anyone would like it (Comic fans). Certainly give it a go and you will enjoy it!
  3. Oh oh oh! I got this one; I enjoy a lot of mecha genres and especially the old school ones. I am a fan of Macross/Robotech series and Captian Harlock series as well. Sailor Moon My sister got me into this and I really love it! I am a member of like a few dedicated Sailor Moon forums. Cowboy Bebop Classic space meets western. Love the characters, concept and love affiars. Dragon Quest: Dai's Great Adventure I mean come onnnn! Awesomeness. The Vision of Escaflowne WHo can forget this awesome mecha anime series and gorgeous movie?? Neon Genesis Evangelion This...everyone shoul
  4. *Looks at her Crunchyroll queue* MY love STORY!! I felt a bit shallow when I first say the image of the buff guy; since I love sexy ink men. But gave it a go and truly enjoyed the sweetness and humor this anime has to offer. It is based of the manga of course, but I have not read it and prefer to keep it that way. When you read the manga first or whatever; you start to look for things and changes in the anime. The big guy is actually pretty funny and very strong minded in the sense of always being the hero. Plus the sense of obliviousness is strong with those two and it is funny.It is c
  5. There are two aspects of learning new things for me; one would be just in general. When I want to learn something new or being taught; I am a hands on and visual learner. When people decide to give lectures; honestly only a few things have been absorbed into my learning. Verbal is rather useless when it comes to language barriers; accent; a way of speaking and only giving certain information. When it comes to a new job; I always get nervous and say "What if I miss up?!?!?". But I learn best when it is hands-on, with someone showing me the ropes first day only. I begin to have a set mind o
  6. My penny for a thought; If one looks back into our possibly fabricated history; ships, horses, camels, elephants and what not were the main source of travel. Then the air balloons and airships came into play; you can see where the downfall begins. Man trying to find methods to imitate the ability to fly (Much like the Icarus story) and finding ways to control flight to one's destination; has always and will forever be a flawed yet useful method to getting around. Things such as the horrific events from 1919 and present; will always have the risk of deaths and misfortune. Unfortunately, we
  7. Hm, I'm always munching on something, but when the laziness gets real; I just grab sunflower seeds and a bottle of water. The only work is the mouth exercise while I type away! Although I do enjoy looking at Pinterest and feeding my mind with delicious recipes and making myself so hungry. Then in my head I promise myself, I will make these; yet opt for yogurt to ease my denial. When I feel somewhat lazy, I pop in some meltable chips and dip the strawberries; dries in seconds and bam! One of my favorite sugar/junk food quick fix is making a drink called "Morir SoƱando", which in English transla
  8. Kiki's Delivery Service *Fangirl scream* I'm a huge fanatic of both Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata {Studio Ghibli}. The art style, homey feel and magical storylines are always right on the spot! I have a top five, but Kiki is my numba one, bby! I enjoy watching anime in general (from classic to new); enjoying the feel of how anime has evolved is awesomecones (made up word.. I like ice cream cones.). I do read manga, but once in a blue moon and I enjoy video games. I am all about the art and how the universe works. I enjoy the outdoors a lot, but jeebus why creepy crawlies!
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